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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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CREME EGGS by risible-phyll on 6 January 2004 9:15pm
I was out shopping today and noticed the Easter Eggs already being displayed in many shapes , sizes and forms.........can't these guys not let us finnish our selection boxes first???????????????

Phyll (bert) xoxooxooxoxox
Re: CREME EGGS by *Amy* on 7 January 2004 1:18am
I know, it really takes the... easter egg. Sorry. Bad at puns, me. Though, if you're handing out creme eggs... wouldn't say no.
Re: CREME EGGS by *Amy* on 7 January 2004 1:19am
Oh dear... really sorry, i haven't got off to a very good start, double posting! Sorry! Amy.
Re: CREME EGGS by fattcslim on 7 January 2004 1:30am
Re: CREME EGGS by *Amy* on 7 January 2004 10:10am
Well, i'll eat yours then.
Re: CREME EGGS by Martin99 on 7 January 2004 11:09am
Surely People must have had enough chocolate over Christmas!! It's pure greed. Anyone who buys these eggs now are sad. Does anyone notice the different sizes in People around the World? Britain has some real emerging problems with overweight people, in regards to health etc. I saw a documentary on Texas(USA of course) the other day on the Beeb, and it highlighted that Texas was the 'Fattest' state in America. Any comments?
Re: CREME EGGS by *Amy* on 7 January 2004 11:25am
Heh, the way you wrote that made us sound like mad delinquents. It's all a big contradiction... one hand, the country are moaning because people are becoming more over weight and suffering health trouble consequently. One the other hand (... watch out, this poor person could end up with about five hands), they're worrying about dieting trends in young people. I'm 17 years old, i'm in no way thin and *am* trying to right myself to be a healthier weight. But if i was younger, i think i would be frankly confused by the signals given out by the government these days. There's so much emphasis on being thin, is it any wonder a load of kids are confused? I know this isn't what your point was.... it was about chocolate. So, something about chocolate... OH! Creme Eggs are available all year round in most places.

Re: CREME EGGS by fattcslim on 7 January 2004 2:19pm
yeah ive got 2 comments, 1st it was channel 4 and theres another usa based doco this weekend, and 2nd comment bring on the chocci and lard burgers
Re: CREME EGGS by Martin99 on 7 January 2004 3:01pm
Oh sorry, it was on channel 4 not the Beeb. Thanks Amy for your thoughtful comments. I think the media has a lot to do with all this. In the west we are pretty screwed up when it comes to weight. Look at the comments the latest 'Pop Idol' has generated. To have a fat 'Pop Idol' has gone against the grain. Why should someone not be a 'Pop Idol' because she does not fit in with the conventional body image of one? And who has set the rules here?
I think the bigger issue is why the West continues to get bigger, as it gets richer. Why have food portions grown nearly 80% in 15 years,and do we eat to make ourselves happy? I wonder if our happiness level is upped all the time, and People in the West eat more to reach their contentment level. Are we rich but unhappy? Or is it like those Texans they interviewed,who feel like it's their right and priviledge to consume what they want and when they want? I know some Countries have a different schedule to their eating.In France and Italy they will have a proper long lunch break, with a proper meal, whilst in Britain we tend to grab a sarnie, and have a big meal in the evening. Maybe it's our eating habits which are the problem..
My biggest weakness is Curry!!and lager...but not all the time!!

Re: CREME EGGS by peripatetically on 7 January 2004 3:21pm
HAHAHA> Everything in Texas is BIG!!!
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