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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Wish me luck!... by canaveralgumby on 13 March 2004 7:43am
9:00 am EST (or is it EDT?) Saturday, I am doing a 5K walkathon for a cure for MS. I raised $130! I've earned a t-shirt!

Yes, THAT many people trusted me with their cash. %:^)
Re: Wish me luck!... by Izot on 13 March 2004 12:51pm
Good luck, Cori =D do you know anyone with MS? My estranged auntie has it, but 'cos she's not really immediate family (she's an ex-wife of my uncle) it doesn't hit as hard. What's your shirt look like?

**psst: I don't think people gave her money, she more likely stole it...*** lol just kidding Cori. ;D
Re: Wish me luck!... by tominator_49 on 13 March 2004 1:44pm
what's MS? I'm sorry but I don't know. Anyway GOOD LUCK!
Re: Wish me luck!... by peripatetically on 13 March 2004 1:56pm
Multiple Sclerosis.

Good luck Cori. A wonderful cause indeed.
Re: Wish me luck!... by tominator_49 on 13 March 2004 11:23pm
what are the effects of multiple sclerosis? I've never heard of this illness before.
Re: Wish me luck!... by *Amy* on 13 March 2004 11:44pm
I work in the chemists and one of our regulars has MS, and she suffers from strokes and that means she has no speech alot of the time. It comes out in a series of clicks which to her is perfect english. But i know that's only one person so... i'd be interested to know more, too.
Re: Wish me luck!... by peripatetically on 14 March 2004 1:29am
A friend of mine goes into a coma at times. With each successive attack, she gets worse. The doctors are considering her survival at this time, a matter of a miracle.
Re: Wish me luck!... by canaveralgumby on 15 March 2004 12:01am
Oh, god, another long-winded post from Cori. Here we go... Thank you for asking about it. I know this is blatantly off topic.

MS is a neurological (nerve) disease. It is in a "family" of nerve diseases like Parkinson's (what Muhammed Ali & Michael J. Fox have).

Your appliances have insulating around the wire that conducts the electricity to them. If the insulation is damaged, the electrical signal can be interrupted, or it can escape and shock or burn whatever's touching it.

Your nerves conduct electricity. They have insulation around them called myelin. So with MS the myelin around the nerves is damaged. What causes this is unknown. Messages may not get from the brain to the body or visa versa. The affected nerve and the tissue around it can be damaged.

I guess depending upon which and how many nerves are damaged, different things happen to different people. GENERALLY, MS affects vision, coordination, and control of muscles, which could be the sphincter, or the diaphram, or the heart (you don't control it, but the brain does...)

Sunday, August 3, 2002, I was watching TV and thought I had a smudge on my glasses. I just couldn't get rid of it. I asked my husband to look at my glasses and he said there was nothing there. By Wednesday, August 6, I lost 75% of the vision in my left eye. It lasted about 6 wks before it came back. I tested negative for MS and various other stuff. My optic nerve is inflamed.

The vision in my left eye still goes white when I excercise or get overheated. It happened yesterday when I did the walkathon! At times I also feel like I'm falling, even just sitting still. I often drop things or can't pick things up with my left hand. Most of the time I'm not affected.

Ultimately my diagnosis is "non-specific demyelinating disease." Which could turn into something or turn into nothing. So even if I don't have MS, I want them to figure it out anyway.

This concludes my lecture for today.

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