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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Monty Pythonesque by palinesque on 7 May 2004 6:12pm
something i wrote, well the monty python in me did, thought i'd share it with everyone :-)

Quiz Show

Quiz Show Host : Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to tonights episode of "Who wants to walk the walk?", here we have our 3 billion contestants for tonight, would you please care to introduce yourselves to our audience...

Contestant 1 : Hi, My name is Proteaus Pork, im a healthy specimen, if you know what i mean (grins)

Contestant 2 : Hello everyone, my name is not certain, but i'll find out and inform you as soon as my brain returns from a night out..

Contestant 3: Woof!

..and so on, you get the picture..after 13 years and 8 months...and 2,999,999,997 introductions later...

QSH (proudly): Aha, quite a collective we got here eh?..And now we move on to our first question...before we do that, we'd like to inform our audience that we are now offically the longest running game show in the History of Televison!That'll teach a lesson to the BBC(delighted)....anyways to more serious issues, first question..."Who is the Minister of Poking who was sent to jail for refusing to poke a common man on the street?"


The silence is 3 billion strong and growing..

Finally, a young child not more than 5 years raises his hand ..born in the 78793rd Row Seat 56 of the studios apparently..

QSH: Yes, the young man in the white t-shirt..u seem to know this one!

Young Child : Is that meant to be a rhetoric statement?

QSH : No, No, most not certainly

Young Child : Ah I see..a metaphor then?

Announcer : Thats it!!This kid knows!

Cheers all around!!

Announcer : Till our next episode, in 2020, its goodbye from our studios and it couldnt be possible without our other 3 billion people who work behind the scenes at our studios to make this program possible. Thank you and goodnight!!

Credit Starts Rolling..3 billion names across the screen in 0.229 seconds.
Re: Monty Pythonesque by tominator_49 on 7 May 2004 7:28pm
Dear Palinesque

As a spokesman of BBC television I thought that I should inform you of some BBC quiz shows that have been running for over 13 years: Mastermind, University challenge and so on. The BBC is dedicated to making our programs the highest quality for you, the viewers. P.S. the simpsons has moved to channel 4.
Tim Janes
Re: Monty Pythonesque by palinesque on 8 May 2004 4:33am
Dear Tim

I am quite aware about the BBC and its quality of programming, and it really is an outstanding channel, as it has brought us programs like Mastermind and Hardtalk and of course Pythons.

If you do read through what I have written, its actually a metaphor for networks trying to get back at BBC because they come up with the best in quality programming, but they unfortunately cant match them, so thats a sigh of relief for the Quiz Show Host, when their network ,finally does something to rival the BBC.13 years is just a number :-)

thanks for your response, its been great to communicate with someone from BBC and see the dry english wit in action!


Re: Monty Pythonesque by Izot on 8 May 2004 8:15am
[John Cleese voice]

Dear Sir;

It has come to my attention that the last skit played was quite crass and rude. I wish to clarify to all the viewers involved that the BBC is in fact *the* most crass broadcasting cooperation in the world, and would also like to make it absolutely clear that the problem of canabalism within the Queen's Navy has been rectified.

Someone trying to be funny.

[/John Cleese voice]
Re: Monty Pythonesque by palinesque on 8 May 2004 8:36am
ahh, in that case all is well, i didnt want to upset the BBC in any case :-)
they are all big and powerful
Re: Monty Pythonesque by tominator_49 on 8 May 2004 1:26pm
Well they haven't got the simpsons anymore, they're off to channel 4!
Re: Monty Pythonesque by irishmanufan on 2 August 2004 12:06am
poor simpsons all channell 4 have is big brother :0)
Re: Monty Pythonesque by SupremeBeing on 3 August 2004 9:53pm
Dear mortals,

I am a spy working for Tony Blair. You people are as crazy as Terry Gilliam. He asked me to judge the living, except in South Africa. Being South African myself, I think that we should rule Earth.

The Late James Egbert Bloodbath

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