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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Cor! Whodathunkit? by Izot on 28 June 2004 10:44am
Gather round, and I shall tell you a story...

... one day, a teacher and I had an argument and we went our separate ways. I was bitter about it; he forgot it ever happened.

One day I exploded again at him. Not the wisest thing to do, I know, but it happened and I can't change the past. He called my mother - first blow. It hurt me that he felt he couldn't talk to me about anything.

So, I apologise and start making it up to him for being such a moron (I would put a nasty word starting with d and ending in k there, but remember the censors). We start to get along better, which is fantastic - I live in a sheltered school environment, so I'm over the moon at this.

Jump forward to this afternoon, actually an hour or so ago - he's drumming like Buddy Rich (his hero, check him out of you haven't), drumming away like a mad thing. I quietly slip into the room (it's after rehearsals). He stops and says "Funny you should walk in."


"Yeah. I was wonderin' if you'd like do play on a couple of charts for me for Winter Concert (annual school music concert, the BIG one at GGHS)."

I'm chuffed. Me? After all we've been through?

Couldn't believe it. Just thought I'd post it cos I have to tell someone, and if I told my mother she'd just go "told ya so!" and smirk off.

I'm so happy..........!!!! Now all I need is Michael to come to Adelaide on his tour and sign my breastI mean book! =D

Hope you're all well, and just for the record my finger still hurts (see thread entitled "Oowwee...")....
Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by Helen on 28 June 2004 2:04pm
That's great!
Woohoo, creative juices flowing... by Izot on 19 July 2004 10:46am
Bump this thread 'cos it's relevant. I just had a rehearsal with said teacher for the pieces he gave me the day I wrote that post... it's such a beautiful song, I reckon it's my favourite of his compositions. And now I have a music tech assignment where we get to record a song on an 4 track analog & 8 track digital system... guess who my drummer will be! All I have to do is write a piece for it...

And my fingers are fine, thankyou. =D
Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by Helen on 19 July 2004 1:55pm
your drummer will be...um... Animal? Alex Van Halen? A spot of green liquid?
don't keep us in suspense!
Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by peripatetically on 19 July 2004 1:57pm
Ringo?????? lol
Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by irishmanufan on 19 July 2004 8:19pm
nice one izot . e-mail me soon .
Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by Izot on 20 July 2004 9:20am

ANIMAL! rofl, I wish. =D I gave him a birthday card on his 55th with Animal on it (he was drumming, I thought it was apt :)


Call him Ringo and he gets cheezed off. Suitably so =D
Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by Diamond on 28 July 2004 2:12am
Ringo's album Goodnight Vienna was in my collection on vinyl but i cant find it anywhere on cd!! loved the Goodnight Vienna track that was a single on it too

Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by Diamond on 28 July 2004 2:28am
Just to add a note to my last post - i got thinking about where to search for ringo's cds etc on the net and found that the GOodnight Vienna album is available on cd and can be bought from HMV i think it is - great stuff - thanks for sort of sending me on the trail of it by mentioning ringo on this thread - surprising what you think of when posting to palins and what comes of it too!! sort of spooky really!!

Re: Cor! Whodathunkit? by Izot on 28 July 2004 2:40am
Aahh! MC Hammer!

"Can't Touch This" is playing on LAUNCHcast, I reckon it's one of my favourite One-HIt Wonders. =D

I think my favourite Ringo tune (from the Beatles era, I'm not familiar with any solo stuff) is "With a Little Help From My Friends", 'cos I'm always singing outta tune. =D
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