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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Broadband by Diamond on 27 July 2004 1:23am
well I am really lucky to have the privilige of being able to use the internet and over the past two years or so the technology has changed so much - at first i could make a pot of tea and let it brew while my old computer connected to the WWW ! HONEST!! now i dont have time to get the water in the kettle as broadband is SOOOOOOO quick - and the luxury of being able to be on the net and leave the phone line free - well there is no going back now

how many palinites have dial up or broadband and is the latter available world wide now??

Re: Broadband by Izot on 27 July 2004 9:35am
Broadband's here in Aus, though it's a bit expensive for my mother's budget. I don't mind waiting for the 'net, it gives me a chance to sing along to whatever's playing on LAUNCHcast (I can't multi-task...) lol
Re: Broadband by Godfather on 27 July 2004 6:39pm
Broadband is quite new in our area of England. We've had it about half a year now. It's certainly better than Dial Up. But nowhere near as quick as they always advertize it is. I dont know about the rest of the world, but here in UK it's common for the claims they make on their connection speed, to be nowhere near that in reality. It's always a deceptive advert of 'UP TO" 10 times faster' (which means in reality,that it could just mean twice as fast as dial up). Our connection is faster than dial up but not as fast as Broadband should be really.

We also occasionally get disconnections for no reason whatsoever,and the contact facilities of our provider (Tiscali) is lame beyond belief. There is no clear way to contact them apart from a premium rate phone number. We used Freeserve (now,some other name i believ) and were always having problems. The we used AOL on dialup,but left them because they were always disconnecting us for no reason,and their internet program literally occupies your PC and makes things difficult. Then we moved to something else,and that let us down over time. We went back to AOL and ended up with more problems, and chucked it in to go onto Broadband with Tiscali. So in short, we're always dissapointed with the providers more than anything. They say things,and dont live up to their promises. Apparently, the connections slow down as more customers subscribe. Then they'll start pressure selling you upgrades to recover your previous speeds.

It's all commercial nonsense really,and bad service in return. The main bad thing i find with Broadband,is that it lures you into a false sense of speed. Whenever you get back onto Dialup (which is the norm everywhere apart from the developed world) then it seems agonizingly slow. So when i make webpages,i tend to use text more than anything,because a fancy page you make on broadband,will take 50 seconds to load on a dial up connection,where on broadband it will take 1-2.
Re: Broadband by Diamond on 28 July 2004 1:56am
try bt openworld - godfather - its just got £3 a month cheaper YAY!!!
Re: Broadband by JK on 28 July 2004 7:28pm
I`ve been connected to a private Broadband service for nigh on six months now and I have no qualms with the service. As Godfather rightly said though, the claims of lightning speed connection on all programs is a bit of a ruse and should you happen to find yourself in dire straights technically, remedying Broadband is a far harder task than it is for Dial-up.

Should you have the funds though, go the Broadband route as it saves endless dithering and regular disconnection woes.
Re: Broadband by Godfather on 28 July 2004 8:58pm

The way many of these companies work, is that for the first month or two, your connection is superb. Then all of a sudden your problems begin. The conspiracy theorist in me would think that they're allocating you much more power, until they feel it's time to start withdrawing it. Diamond, yes BT does sound like the best option. We 've always heard that, but been put off by the price before now. I guess it comes down to the old thing of "You get what you pay for".
Re: Broadband by Diamond on 5 August 2004 4:04pm
my broadband is now £3 a month cheaper than normal - it was bt that volunteered it!! nice one

i get real one player now and can watch my hero ralph mctell on the cambridge folk festival site on video too - great stuff!!

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