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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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A Former Vocational Counselor by Helen on 7 September 2004 3:16pm
I quit my job.

*in shock*

I QUIT!!!!!!

anyway, go here to understand WHY I quit:


I quit.
I quit.
hooray, I quit.
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by Ken Dunn on 7 September 2004 7:52pm
It must be difficult being nice to people all day every day. I'm lucky because my job mostly interfaces with inanimate electronic circuit boards. If they are defective I just stick an arrow at the defect and send it/them back for repair. If there are too many defects I tell the boss and he sometimes 'kicks some ass'. Occasionally I 'kick some ass' myself.
Good luck in your search for a new job.
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by Helen on 7 September 2004 8:14pm
Thanks, Ken. :)

Social Workers today (at least in the US) are being micromanaged, given unrealistic performance standards to adhere to, mountains of paperwork and data entry, unsupportive upper management, pitiful pay, and very little gratitude.
I loved my clients. If I could have been gfiven the chance to just help them instead of having a bunch of corporate monitors checking my every move-- I would have stayed. Alas, I got my degree in Social Work. Not business.


Thanks for the vent. After ten years in the profession, I am doing something bold......

I am going to be "self employed" for most of my time.
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by risible-phyll on 8 September 2004 1:49am
Helen!!!!, well good for you , I was studying Social and Commumity care at college a few years back and when I got into the modules I knew I would be just so *loathed* by the Upper Bosses in departments, Some of the ideas about care etc were just plain crazy, I couldn't ever go along with the pretence of it all..........making things look good on paper isn't the way to go I think, isn't it the people who count???
No offence to any other social workers, I know your posts are tough and you are up against the higherarchy , over paid bosses ..

so Helen I've vented as well !!!!!lol..

I now work for my local council in childcare ( underpaid)and yes there are still things to do and learn for these kids and their families, I'm also a carer for my elderly father, who is now considered the bottom of the pile in the U.K. the care for the elderly here is bad, and I asume many other parts of the world....thats a political soap box ( another story).
imagine elderly folk still dying of hypothermia in Scotland in 2004!!!!
I wish you well and good luck , just think of the spare time you'll have for Palins!!!!!!!!
Phyll ...
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by Mac on 8 September 2004 4:39am
Oh Phyll !!! thats disgusting !!! but I know that it goes on, being a nursing aid is much the same and our job has got even harder physically and emotionally, I,m not sure how much longer I can hold out either so I can sympathise with you Helen, wish I knew what the answer was. Seems our whole system needs a overhaul and it does cause so many different reactions (Oh yes I dragged out my soap box as well).
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by Izot on 8 September 2004 11:00am

More time for playing bass, I say. ;)
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by Helen on 8 September 2004 2:55pm
yes, Phyl, care for the elderly in the US is abysmal. They worked hard all their lives, raised children, put their time in-- and what do they get? Grrr. Makes my blood boil. And Mac-- you are a nurse's aid?? hats off to YOU.
In the US, the almighty dollar is priority one. And it has reared its ugly little head in social/human services.
My job was to supposedly help unemployed foks find work so that they could continue to eat and keep a roof over their head. How could this translate into dollars? Well, my clients' PERFORMANCE was monitored by a "Workforce Board" (a buncha overpaid paper pushing WINDBAGS). So if they found a good job, and kept it, my program would get $ incentives from the state.
Would I see a penny of that? Nope.

And-- god forbid-- if one of my clients took off to South Dakota and changed his name to Sid, I would be tut-tutted as to not providing good enough "retention services."
Like I can control everyone.

More time to play bass is right. Dammit.
Really-- music and art can save a person.
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by John Kerry on 8 September 2004 6:16pm
Vote for me for improved health care and social services!
And free donuts!
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by George on 8 September 2004 8:23pm
It's no secret that probably the biggest issue facing people today is caring for their older family members. I used to be quite involved with nursing home management & understand the nightmare it is dealing with the volumns of regulations & reimbursements. YUK!!
Re: A Former Vocational Counselor by risible-phyll on 8 September 2004 10:02pm
Well girls the four corners of the world are all the same eh??????? just goes to show the grass isn't always greener i suppose, funny I thought it was!!!!!!!!!!, Hey Mr. Kerry if we vote for you and get free donuts, do we get the Heart BY-pass surgery thrown in with them in a few years??????? just like Mr. Clinton and his love of Mc Donalds.......
peace and unblocked arteries xoxoxoxo
Phyll xoxoxo
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