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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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MPFC CD's by peripatetically on 1 February 2003 5:11pm
USA: This is within a different thread (SNL) which I started yestrday, but it might be seen better by everyone here as a brand new thread.

How many people out there have any of the CD's by MPFC? How many times can you play it in a row? How many have the words memorized?

Re: MPFC CD's by Rusted on 1 February 2003 7:27pm
I have two different ones, Patty - "Monty Python Sings" and "The Final Rip Off". I usually listen to bits and pieces of TFRO; whatever sketches I feel like listening to are the ones I play. Sometimes it's nice to go through the whole thing, because the transitions can be very clever. (I love Michael's introduction, LOL!)

I'm probably more likely to listen to "Sings!" straight through, though - I really enjoy that one. :O)

~Mary ("1880 going to parties, no fun anymore 1881")

Re: MPFC CD's by Dianne on 2 February 2003 1:17am
I have ‘Monty Python Sings’, ‘Holy Grail’, ‘Life of Brian’ and ‘Live At Dury Lane’. I have probably played them three times at the most. I bought a couple in the middle of the year and the others closer to the end. I don’t like playing them so often I will learn them off by heart before the middle of this year. I like to play them occasionally; it makes me enjoy them much more. I do the same with videos, another reason not to play CD’s or videos as often is because I don’t want to wear any of them out. I know bits, pieces, and lines from sketches or songs, but not whole songs or sketches.
Re: MPFC CD's by Piglet2 on 2 February 2003 2:45am
There was a set of three or four cds for sale in BHS store in the Uk at a reduced price of £12 I think but I couldnt afford them it was very recent and it was MPFC at the movies and had all the films on it, does that help anyone.

there are also clips free of MPFC and for sale at www.classiccomedy.com ( as per front page of btopenworld.)

Re: MPFC CD's by Miss-M on 2 February 2003 3:33am
I have the 'Life of Brian' soundtrack and 'Live at Drury Lane.' I like to belt out the 'Brian' theme song every now and then... preferably when nobody is around to hear me! *LOL*

Ohh, I'm very excited because 'Life of Brian' is playing in the Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, tonight and my friend Angela and I are going!! I've never experienced Monty Python on the big screen, so I'm sure it will be an absolute treat!

Michelle :)
Re: MPFC CD's by MrsWiggum on 2 February 2003 7:53am
I have The Final Rip-off CD, and Monty Python Sings...and I think another one. I actually popped MP Sings in my player today! I'm pretty sure I could sing any song all the way through. I can't tell you how many times that Oliver Cromwell song has come in handy in history classes and trivia challenges. :)
Re: MPFC CD's by Quaylemonster on 7 February 2003 3:22am
I have Monty Python's Instant Record Collection, but it's not on CD. I've got the good old-fashioned cassette tape. I don't listen to it all that often anymore because I don't have access to many tape players these days that I'm sure won't eat my tape. But I've had the whole thing memorized for years, so it's not a huge problem. I even have a roommate who has the whole thing memorized to play off of. It seems to be working out pretty well.

Re: MPFC CD's by MissFruitcake on 7 February 2003 10:48am
I only have Monty Python's Previous Record. We had it playing in the car on the way to go see Michael, and I ended up walking around for the rest of the day going, "We love the Yangtse, Yangtse Kiang, flowing from Yushu down to Ching Kiang..."
Re: MPFC CD's by nottlob on 8 February 2003 7:14am
I feel bad when I say this BUT...I...download them...off of KaZaA...I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I WANT to buy the CD's but mom just won't let me! I love listening to them all day! I very much enjoy the "Oliver Cromwell" song, lol.
Re: MPFC CD's by Dianne on 8 February 2003 12:06pm
Someone hit nottlob with some Spam for thinking such naughty thoughts. I do understand though nottlob. How cruel of your mother. :-) Perhaps she is the one who needs to be hit by the Spam?

My favourite song is 'Brian Song'.
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