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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Life of Brian - The Opera by julwis on 18 January 2005 12:46pm
I found this article on the IMDB in the movie listings....

"Palin Wants To Bring 'The Life of Brian' to the Stage
Monty Python star Michael Palin is urging theatre bosses to resurrect the comedy collective's controversial film The Life Of Brian on the live stage - following the success of Jerry Springer: The Opera. The biblical satire had religious leaders calling for it to be banned upon its release in 1979, but having witnessed the outrage targeted at the BBC's TV broadcast of Jerry Springer: The Opera - which was littered with expletives and sexual innuendos - Palin is adamant the time is right to spark further fury by launching a stage version of The Life Of Brian. The 61-year-old says, "I don't see why Life Of Brian couldn't come to stage now. That would really get people talking. In fact, we could do it alongside Jerry Springer." BBC bosses received a staggering 47,000 complaints before the British network's adaptation of Jerry Springer: The Opera was even aired, which Palin labels "ridiculous". He adds, "I don't find it offensive at all. The fact that only a few hundred people complained afterwards shows that all the fuss is ridiculous. It sounded to me to be an orchestrated campaign. How can people be offended? Even if someone did a send-up of Michael Palin, I'd probably go and see it."
Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by Godfather on 18 January 2005 3:30pm
Say goodbye to that quiet year off..LOL. Perhaps Michael is going through a rebellious later life crisis?. I suppose i would be interested in seeing it. It depends if it would be a musical, or an Opera per se. A musical would fit Life of Brian more, to keep the comedy element well intact. Otherwise it could be a poor imitation and come out too seriously. I can just imagine now,singing "He's not the messsiiiaaahhhh...he's a naughty" (collective shout) "BOY!!!".

And the musically dialogue :

(Hermit) - "What about those juniper bushes over there"

(Crowd) "HARK...where are the juniper bushes?"

(Hermit) - "Doth thou not see them?"
Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by Spursfan on 18 January 2005 3:56pm
Sounds to me as if he was talking with his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek!!

However I would welcome a stage version. For it is the messiah's stage version...

Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by KateC on 18 January 2005 5:40pm
Ooh! I would definitely see it! Good on you, Mr. Palin! :) Also I thought it seemed a little stupid that all those people complained about the Jerry Springer Opera when they could just switch the channel over - it wasn't as if they were forced to watch it... But hey, thats life! :) Anyway this sounds like a good plan to me...
Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by Tusker on 18 January 2005 7:59pm
Monty Python on stage again - what a good idea even if Michael was tongue in cheek. Always look on the bright side!
Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by julwis on 18 January 2005 8:25pm
Guess this is partly due to the Springer opera and partly due to Spamalot, which is the musical version of Holy Grail, now showing in Chicago I think. Thats opened to great reviews and so I guess its inevitable Brian will be considered. Like Spamalot, it might not necessarily have to rely on the original cast to be successful, so Michael could have his year off afterall.
Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by ClareS on 19 January 2005 12:12am
This was originally a very short interview on ITV Teletext, and he certainly wasn`t being serious lol! It`s always interesting to see how quotes get taken out of context and the meaning changed. Still, it`s not a bad idea!
Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by Godfather on 19 January 2005 12:40am

>>Like Spamalot,

Speaking of that. I was watching Holy Grail yesterday. I hadn't seen it for a long time and had been watching LOB mostly. I can see why i like Life of Brian more. It's more a movie. HG is a kind of collage of bits and pieces at times, and i found myself laughing less at it than LOB. But one scene which had me in crying laughter on the floor, was the "Dont let him leave the room" scene with the "But i dont want any of that" son and Michael as the "northern" king. I was crying with laughter at that scene,and it reminded me of LOB in many ways. Ie : the misunderstandings like the "COnsider the lillies" scenarios where people get completely the wrong idea and it ends up as a long desperate conversation about what they really meant. And John Cleese storming the castle, to Wagner, and slaughtering everybody in sight. "Sorry..sorry...i just get carried away". I think from that point on,i liked it more.

Re: Life of Brian - The Opera by D-Allen on 20 January 2005 9:23am
I'm going to have to agree with his every word, the UK is a little too prudent but at the same time, we across the pond have our own brand of prudes; we call them "soccermoms". Anyway. Life of Brian is one of my all-time favorite films and to see it recreated for live theatrical performance would practically make me wet myself. The fact that Michael Palin at age 61 is itching to infuriate the world's more prudish people once again is enough to make me wet myself, I love it.

What's funnier is I was watching the chemist sketch when I thought to look for this site.

"That's just what Jesus said, sir."

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