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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Meaning of Liff by Wild in Africa on 27 April 2005 1:45pm
I put this link on the Travel section but it is so worth spreading that I thought I should share it with you here too.
It's based on a book called The Meaning of Liff co-written with Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I think it should be as vital a travel companion as any Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. It will certainly liven up some of the desperate moments that happen on journeys from time to time.
I think it is still available in print as well as this virtual version.
On the subject of Douglas Adams and the recent release of Hitchhikers Guide any of you fans?
I read the whole Hitchhikers series years ago and listened to the original radio broadcasts and so pleased to see it making a comeback and hope the new film measures up. Classic silly British humour in a Python mold.
Re: Meaning of Liff by Stern on 27 April 2005 3:05pm
The website is really good. Thanx for sharing it.
I really like the Hitchhikers Guide. I read them all in one go. Even though it's getting very abstract in the end it is still very funny.
I'm really looking forward to see the movie.
Terry Jones wrote a book called "Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic" and I wanna read it one day.
Re: Meaning of Liff by Clare on 27 April 2005 3:46pm
I have a copy of the book and its really good for finding words to suit an occasion!!
Re: Meaning of Liff by Katie J on 27 April 2005 3:55pm

Words for things you know are there but can't describe without using twenty words!!! Fantastic!

Only problem is, there are SO many of them!

Nice find WIA!

I love 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' - read it recently and thought it was so much fun. Really looking forward to the movie.

Kate : )
Re: Meaning of Liff by harvey123 on 27 April 2005 5:00pm
One who washes up everything except the frying pan, the cheese grater and the saucepan which the chocolate sauce has been made in.

Definatly me!!

BURES (n. medical)
The scabs on knees and elbows formed by a compulsion to make love on cheap Habitat floor-matting

cant say i have one!

The feeling you get about four o'clock in the afternoon when you haven't got enough done.

i get that every single day!

an had to add this one...
Someone who stops Jon Cleese on the street and demands that he does a funny walk.

Thanks for the link the site is hilarious..absolutley fantastic..i love it.
Re: Meaning of Liff by Dr. Piglet on 27 April 2005 5:10pm
i grew up on hitchhikers guide as well as python. well, later of course. :) i like the tv series the best. i think they cast the main characters very well in that series.

the new movie looks good though. my favorite quote from hitchhikers is "time is an illusion; lunchtime doubly so."

Re: Meaning of Liff by Stern on 27 April 2005 5:38pm
are those words really used?
Re: Meaning of Liff by Wild in Africa on 27 April 2005 5:49pm
These are also some of my favourites:
The final state of mind of a retired colonel before they come to take him away.

Something drawn or modelled by a small child which you are supposed to know what it is.

PAPPLE (vb.)
To do what babies do to soup with their spoons.

Technical term for the third take of an orgasm scene during the making of a pornographic film

Pity there's not a PALIN in there. Perhaps it would be a word to describe someone who is nice in that uneasy indefinable way that irritates husbands and excites wives.

Don't know a place called Palin anyway and these are all actually real place names somewhere.
Re: Meaning of Liff by Stern on 27 April 2005 6:28pm
so they all exists as citys? must be funny to live in popcastle or pant-y-wacco. lol
Re: Meaning of Liff by KateC on 27 April 2005 8:26pm
Hehe, Funny stuff. I can't wait for the Hitchhiker's Guide film to come out :D I think Marvin's head is too big though, I saw a clip on BBC Breakfast a week or two back. Apart from that it looks good :)
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