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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Untrue rumours by Clare on 27 April 2005 3:59pm
Ok so most celebs get bad mouthed in the press and as we all heard at the begining of the week there was a complete article written in the press based on Michael supposedly retiring when he has no plans to. What I was wondering was what has been the most inaccurate or amazing lie you have heard about yourself? Or have you ever told a complete porky about someone just for the hell of it?

I'm not sure anyone has ever really said anything about me, well not that I have heard any way. Any thoughts or offerenings?

Re: Untrue rumours by Diamond on 27 April 2005 4:02pm
my ex husband is the worst culprit in my my life and another was a lady that i gave something to ( signed neil diamond cd as it happened! ) but only on the basis that she paid me the postage - 7 months later i was still asking for the money she owed me and she lied all the way through that scenario - both too painful to talk further but i hate lies - truth will always surface as it has with michael - so why bother telling porkies!! sad but true that some people do
Re: Untrue rumours by Sky on 27 April 2005 4:35pm
I found highschool to be a breeding ground for lies. I've been accused of stealing, being gay, the list goes on...explains why even now, in college, I'm so freakin paranoid!
Re: Untrue rumours by harvey123 on 27 April 2005 4:46pm
lol..I told porkies when was young like every one does mainly to my mum etc .. but as ive grown older ive gotten to be painfully truefull which sometimes works out that i would have been better off to lie!
Re: Untrue rumours by Sky on 27 April 2005 4:48pm
Yeah it's OK to lie in order to save your ass from time to time!
Re: Untrue rumours by Katie J on 27 April 2005 5:13pm
I went to Cambridge to see a friend at uni and he told his new friends that it was my birthday...it wasn't! To make matters worse there were two people from Japan, one from Italy and another from China I think and he asked them to sing me happy birthday - AT THE SAME TIME - in their own language. I felt terrible!! I had to stand there smiling and saying thank you!

He thought it was really funny...

Another time, when I was in Thailand our tour guide was asked by some school children who I was. She said I was a model from England...argh!!(I am SO NOT a MODEL!!). They all started taking my photo and asked for comments about my trip...so embarrassing!!

Things like this always happen to me..and I'm always too polite to run away! ... or just mortified and plotting how to get my so called friends back!

Re: Untrue rumours by perfectbitch on 28 April 2005 12:06pm
Nicola, I know what you mean about it sometimes may have been better to lie than tell the truth. However, I think truth wins out in the long run and especially important is to be true to yourself. One instance where i blatantly lied was when I was young and in a low paid job, sharing a house with others like me and students. The TV license man came to the door and asked to see the license. I told him (truthfully) that the landlord was responsible for it and I would try to contact him and get him to ring. He then asked for our phone number and I (untruthfully) told him we were not on the phone at which point it rang. Linz.
Re: Untrue rumours by Katie J on 28 April 2005 12:55pm
I was terrible as a child!! I got hold of one of my Dad's cigars (big Cuban jobbies) and smoked a bit of it when my parents went out for the evening. They phoned and I said I was feeling a bit sick...I was after the cigar!!

They got home and asked me what the smell was...I said that there had been a power cut and I had to light some candles...

My Dad knew I was making it up and called me on it! You can't really mistake the smell of cigar smoke ... especially when it's coming from the bathroom of all places!!

I'm 24 now and they bring it up every time we're at a dinner party and someone has a cigar (my Dad yells across the table "Katie would love one of those!" - Mortifying!!)
Re: Untrue rumours by George Dubya on 28 April 2005 1:22pm
I've heard that Katie J still likes a good cigar............. Monica Lewinski style!
Re: Untrue rumours by harvey123 on 28 April 2005 1:28pm
lol perfectbitch one of those moments when you wish the ground would swallow you whole!!
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