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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Monkeys and Baboons by pammybabe on 20 February 2003 5:45pm
Just wondering if anyone has had the experience of their stuff being stolen from them by monkeys or baboons when travelling? They are notorious for it! I remember on the Zambia/Zimbwabwe border seeing a baboon, sitting on the bonnet of a car drinking from a can of coke like it was a person! They are amusing characters.
Re: Monkeys and Baboons by dangermouse on 22 February 2003 7:29pm
No, but when I was a child I went to Cleethorpes Zoo, where a chimpanzee got up on the bars at the front of the cage and swung himself toward me whilst he urinated. Apparently he didn't like children pulling faces at him and so took his revenge.
I haven't looked another chimp in the, er, face ever since.
Re: Monkeys and Baboons by sleepydumpling on 23 February 2003 6:30am
A friend of mine was at Taronga Zoo once laughing and pointing at the chimps. One pooped in his hand and threw it at her!!! Fortunately she was behind a perspex wall!

Never trust a chimp, methinks!
Re: Monkeys and Baboons by pandk2 on 23 February 2003 2:15pm
Funny monkey story from Melbourne Zoo, where the monkeys are FAMOUS for throwing poo at tourists...
We were there a few years ago and I told my daughter to be careful of the poo chucking monkeys.
Her response was "Don't be silly Mum, poo can't chuck MONKEYS!"
Gave me a laugh!
:) Karen
Re: Monkeys and Baboons by peripatetically on 23 February 2003 5:01pm
USA: At the D.C. Zoo, I saw an elephant urinate straight backwards into the crowd. A man was drenched and quite surprised and embarrassed. So, never allow an elephant to stand with his butt towards you, becasue their bladders are quite large and hold enough to drown a person. I had never seen a horizontal stream until then!!

Re: Monkeys and Baboons by risible-phyll on 24 February 2003 1:30pm
Can this site include horses.??????..
My claim to fame....I was about 11, we went to holiday in London, Mum told me to stand beside a guard on a horse to have my photo taken, GUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
The Queens horse Weeeeeeeee'd on me and Mum took the Photo

Love,peace and soggy slippers Phyll X
Re: Monkeys and Baboons by michellewinn on 24 February 2003 2:30pm
Ohhhh My God Phyll, been riding horses all my life and that is just so funny!!!!! That one got my vote. I never had anything like that happen to me.

Re: Monkeys and Baboons by saz_blink on 24 February 2003 2:32pm
Do camels count? 'Cause one spat on me once... I know, they spit on everyone, lol. Not as interesting as the rest of your stories, just thought i'd add my two cents.
Saz xxoo
Re: Monkeys and Baboons by risible-phyll on 24 February 2003 4:25pm
Mac, do horses drink a lot or do they get most of their fluids out of their diet????????????
I used to love Pony treking when I was a wee girl, on holiday in the Scottish Highlands it was beautiful..
The last time I was on a horse was in THe Dominican Republic, My horse started at the back of the group, and decided it wanted to be RIGHT AT THE FRONT (you know the type I mean!) The horse decided to pick its moment as we passed through a narrow gate, in the process my knee went up the nearest horses backside!!!!!!!!
I had a green Knee for the rest of the DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Suppose when you look at it I don't have much luck with the horse fraternity?????
Any funny animal stories??????

I have a great one about my tortoise (r.i.p.) but you would never believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOve,peace and horse blanket Phyll
Re: Monkeys and Baboons by peripatetically on 24 February 2003 4:33pm
Another gross story to add to the list: I observed some chimps who were grooming each other. They then began to eat feces right from each others' butts. Everybody groaned, laughed and left the scene.

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