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  The Chatter Box : Travel
Personal travel quirks by orit on 5 August 2005 9:16pm
Do any of you have any strange habits when you travel?

This is mine: I send myself postcards from the different places I go to.
I do that for a number of reasons:
- I love post offices and stamps etc.,
- It's fun getting old fashioned non-electronic mail,
- It's fun getting something other than bills in the mail,
- On the cards I write my impressions of the places I send them from, so when I receive the postcard it's a nice way of remembering moments, places and feelings.

Do you have any strange travel-habits?
Re: Personal travel quirks by pandab on 6 August 2005 2:22am
What a cool idea, Orit!!! I'm traveling to Japan this autumn, and I think I may try it.

I do something similar. I email my dad while I'm away. It's usually cheaper than international long distance (depending on the internet cafe's charge), and he gets my impressions of the trip pretty much as things happen. Plus, if I save my sent emails, I have a sort of travel diary for myself. The only problem is it's not always possible to get to a PC.

Travel quirks ... Let's see ...

I make sure my walking shoes have removable soles. Then I hide a large bill of the country's currency under the sole of each shoe. That way, if I'm ever robbed, at least I'll have a stash of cash to tide me over. How many thieves will think of looking in my shoes for money <G>? I also slip my driver's license under there so I have a photo id if everything else is taken. I haven't had to use it--and probably never will--but it makes me feel better.

One habit I picked up a couple years ago I had to learn the hard way.

I was in London, and at about 2 a.m., the hotel's fire alarm went off. I sleep in just a t-shirt, and I had quite a scramble to get dressed for the evacuation. I never thought about how disoriented you can be trying to find stuff when you're under stress in a strange place at 2 a.m. <G>. Ever since, I keep a pair PJ bottoms at the foot of the bed and my slip-on sneakers ready to go, so I always know where to grab!
Re: Personal travel quirks by orit on 6 August 2005 10:14am
Hiding a photo ID and some money in the soles of your shoes is actually a good idea, pandab. I'll remember that next time I go (there's a chance that the next time will be Morocco! I'm crossing my fingers).

In addition to the postcard sending, I always write a very detailed journal. My last travel ended a week ago (Italy) and I'm now in the process of putting the journal together and sticking in it all the cards and receipts and everything I took as souvenirs. I forgot to take a notebook with me and ended up writing on numbered little pieces of paper and cardboard that I could find.

I wonder how Japanese post stamps look like :)
Re: Personal travel quirks by Wild in Africa on 1 September 2005 11:21am
Quirks or common sense?
I always carry a bicycle lock for use in strange hotel rooms either to lock my pack or case to the bed, lock cupboard doors, or sometimes double lock the room door if possible.
I also carry a travel clothes line; great for hanging up your smalls when you have no time for laundry and want it to dry overnight, and a bar of what they call in East Africa 'panga soap' which is bar laundry soap which is far better than any travel wash, won't spill and is easily and cheaply available in any developing country street market.
I also have a superstition where I have to touch the outside of any plane I'm travelling in before I fly. I fly a lot (20-30 times a year) but like it less and less and this little quirk reassures me as I board.
Re: Personal travel quirks by perfectbitch on 1 September 2005 3:29pm
If I can, I take my own pillow as it is so comfortable. I like your superstition and next time I fly, I shall do the same as i am not a happy flyer.
Re: Personal travel quirks by tucsonmike on 1 September 2005 6:31pm
No real strange travel habits, except for frantically doing lists.
Welcome Back Orit Re: Personal travel quirks by tucsonmike on 1 September 2005 6:32pm
Welcome back Orit! How was Italy?
Re: Personal travel quirks by tim96 on 24 October 2005 6:19pm
i never drink beer at home, only when im travelling. i buy the local beer and keep the bottle top. i have no idea why i do this, just my little travel quirk.
Re: Personal travel quirks by risible-phyll on 2 November 2005 3:32pm
Spooky *Wild* I also touch the outside of the plane as I board.. for *LUCK*..
hahah I'll have to watch now and take notice if anyone else does this in front of me!!!!Phyll
Re: Personal travel quirks by intrepid on 2 November 2005 5:50pm
It isn't very practical, but I try to save specimens of coins of every denomination I come across. I try to take something from every tourist site I go to. It could be something I paid for, or a brochure or flyer or just the ticket stub. (receipts, too Orit) If I go to some place natural, I take a piece of nature. I just found a jagged piece of Giant's Causeway in the pocket of my winter jacket. I'm glad they didn't bust me at the airport for posession of basalt.
Yeah, making "lists" is a big thing with me. I've also started putting all the documents I'll need- passport, tickets, itinerary, insurance forms- in a transparent freezer storage bag.
More quirky is my chronic snagging of paper napkins wherever and whenever they're to be found. And I never leave a hotel without my Thomas Cook Harpoon Gun and Grappling Hook.

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