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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Inspired by Palin? by triumphdriver on 20 August 2005 6:03pm
25 years ago I met Mr Palin. I was in college and staring in a comedy TV show that wasn't funny. The school was sponsering a film festival, so the stars came. While having a perfectly fine conversation with CHARELTON HESTON, I learned that Palin, one of my Python heros was down the quad. After unceremoniously excusing myself from Chuck I yelled from someone to grab a camera and come with me.

We found Palin. He was very nice and even agreed to do an on camera promo for my no so funny comedy show. Nice guy.

So what does this have to do with travel. Well, after years of managing software and video projects and watching and loving Palin's travel shows I started going on my own travel adventures. I'm sure many of you have done the same. I've traveled to 45 states, 6 canadian provences and europe and shot photos and produced travel videos. The North American West is my favorite, particularly Montana, Utah and the Canadian rockies.

From 1996 to 2001 I completed my own mountain journey, I drove the entire rocky mountain range from southern New Mexico to the Yukon, shooting award winning photos and video along the way.

Canada's great but lacks the odd under furnished hotels of the western US. WHile sleeping in a remote Montana cabin, we were awoken by the sound of what appeared to be a young amourous couple who appeared to be under the cabin. Armed with only a camera strobe, i exited the cabin to look under it and found to porcupines attempting to procreate. I always wondered how porcupines do that with out hurting each other, and I wish I was bettered prepared for the danger that might be incurred while finding out. Luckily, the strobe startled the very upset romantic long enough for me to reenter the cabin. I've got a great shot of a pissed off porcupine. You won't have that sort of adventure in Paris. But why to do they sound like fornicating humans?

The west is a beautiful place and traveled by more non-US residence than US residence for some reason.

I ain't no Palin or Pao however, to see award winning photos of the palin inspired journeys go to


Re: Inspired by Palin? by simon1287 on 25 August 2005 2:32am
Well Steve, I am impressed!
Those photos are magnificent and you are right to be proud of them.
If only I could take photos of that sheer quality I would exhibit them more often.
I have bookmarked your page and shall keep visiting to view more outstanding images.
Kind Regards
Simon, UK
Re: Inspired by Palin? by pandab on 26 August 2005 1:16am
One thing I've noticed about the Pythons ... As far as I know (being but a mere fan who's never met any of them <G>), all of them seem to be nice people.

For example, besides being loaded with talent, Michael Palin strikes me as a nice guy.

I know saying someone is "nice" doesn't sound like much of a compliment. Kind of reminds me of my mother's recommendation for a blind date <G> ... "Now, honey, he's a nice man." But part of the appeal of watching Michael Palin's travels is knowing he'll be open to whatever he finds and is keen to give people he meets respect. He's not out to tear anyone or anything down. He's just there to see and experience.

That's so ... nice!
Re: Inspired by Palin? by tucsonmike on 26 August 2005 2:28am
Watching the series inspires me to pay more attention when I travel. Ears and eyes open and ask questions. Try not to be the "Ugly American."

Re: Inspired by Palin? by pandab on 26 August 2005 5:12am
Thus far in my travels, I've been lucky in having not encountered too much of UAS (Ugly American Syndrome). In fact, I'm starting to think UAS is not as epidemic as I once feared.

I think most people (Americans included <G>) really want to be pleasant. It's just some of them let their frustration get the better of them. And let's face it, traveling CAN be frustrating at times.

When I get frustrated, I try hard to ask myself a question--"Is this going to ruin my vacation?" That seems to help me put things into perspective because the answer is almost always "No". If it's not going to ruin my trip, I ask myself why I'm getting so worked up. Then I take a deep breath and let it go. I pay too damn much money for my vacations to let anything but the most serious stuff ruin it for me.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not shy about letting someone know I'm not happy, but the question helps me keep my voice out of the screeching zone <G>.

Once again, it comes down to personal responsibility and choice. I've found that, if I'm determined to enjoy myself on a trip, there is very little that will stop me from doing it!
Re: Inspired by Palin? by triumphdriver on 26 August 2005 6:12pm
Simon, thanks for the kind words. I'm editing more video of the trip and hope to have more of it on the site in a few weeks.

Yeah Palin really is a nice guy. So is Terry Gilliam. I shot an interview with him when he was honored at the Dallas Video Festival a few years ago.

not the ugly american-- but I have noticed that Americans tend to be a bit larger than others.
Re: Inspired by Palin? by pandab on 27 August 2005 3:33am
Hmm ... Yeah, Triumphdriver, I've noticed Americans tend to be larger, too. And not necessarily around the waist <G>.

You can usually spot the Americans in a crowd oversears by their height, especially the men. And I know this might sound strange, but I can sometimes tell an American by their skin. Not by color. Race has nothing to do with it because I notice the same thing in African Americans. It's more like the texture, a sort of smoothness ... Oh, it's hard to describe.

I can usually pick out American women by their hair. I look for big hair (or at least medium hair) ... fluffed up and hairsprayed to within an inch of its life <G>. And I can get away with saying that because I'm guilty of it, too!
Re: Inspired by Palin? by wallyspub on 27 August 2005 7:44pm
I am a 60 year old American male from Phoenix, Az planning a MP inspired 80 day trip. And why not? Before the bones are too old to make the journey I am reliving some of my memories of the Orient (compliments of the USAF 68-72)as well as looking for new experiences. My wife and six grown children think I'm nuts! Wally from Wally's Pub
Re: Inspired by Palin? by tucsonmike on 28 August 2005 4:36am
Wally, a fellow Arizonan. I think it's great! Go for it!
Pandab. Big haired women? I hear the drawls of outraged Texas women, LOL!

Re: Inspired by Palin? by pandab on 30 August 2005 2:34am
Come on, Tucsonmike, you know I'm right <G>!

I'm not saying the hairstyles are ugly, just distinctive. And I'm guilty of it, too ... at least for the first few days of a trip. After 4 or 5 days, though, the thought of wrestling with a blow dryer and curlers is enough to have me chucking the whole thing. Problem is, without my normally painfully straight hair styled, my head looks like bowling ball with hair <G>.
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