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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Weird Names by pandab on 24 August 2005 3:42am
I know someone probably brought this up in the past, but I thought I'd do it now.

What are some of the more unusual names for places you've been?

In other topic, I mentioned my hometown--Roanoke, Virginia--was once (and not too long ago) known as Big Lick. According to local lore, there was a large salt lick close to the town. The salt lick attracted travelers so their horses and mules could partake. It also attracted wildlife, so the area became known as a good place to ... well, get dinner <G>. Hence the name Big Lick!

Here in our area, there are other odd names like Pilot, Ironto (pronounced Eye-Ron-Toe, not Iron-To <G>) and Sugarloaf Mountain.

My all-time favorite is Tight Squeeze, a teeny little place near Chatham, Virginia. I confess I've never been there. My dad was a truck driver before he retired, and he regularly delivered gas and kerosine there.

I know there are some wonderful names in Pennsylvania, too. My dad had medical treatment in Philadelphia, and he told me about Bird-in-Hand, Intercourse and Virginville.

What other places do you know?
Re: Weird Names by maddog76 on 24 August 2005 4:00pm
Hi pandab!
What do I have to offer.
We have 'Boerenhol', in English this would be Farmersbutt..
Another one is 'Sexbierum' I guess no one needs a translation for that 1.

Some more are:
Myanus, Alabama
Dead Women Crossing, Oklahoma
Welcome Home, Arkensas
Cut & Shoot, Texas
Needmore, Arkansas
Hooker, California

In the UK they have some as well:
Big Knockerstown...

Mount Titlis

And the final one...s:

Sexmoan (Luzon, Philippines)
Black Charlie's Opening (Australia)
Big Cockup and Little Cockup (UK)

Have phun!
Re: Weird Names by bob dylan's worst nightmare on 24 August 2005 4:31pm
i've always wanted to visit husbands bosworth (near rugby, england).

i've been to french lick (larry bird's hometown in indiana).

and i've often crossed over the ni river in virginia (which eric idle incorrectly identifies on the grail dvd as being located in washington state. it's ok, eric. we love you anyway.) oddly enough, i was at the show in washington dc where he remarked upon having noticed the ni river sign, and that he was going to send a pic of said sign to michael. but i digress...
Re: Weird Names by Spursfan on 24 August 2005 5:12pm
I would love to hear the story of Dead Women Crossing *imagination runs riot* could it be on the lines of Dead Man Walking? Something about hanging and walking to the gallows? But then - why not Dead People Crossing - how sexist!! Or could it go back to witch hunts and walking to the site they were going to be burned at the stake?

Mmmmm. Hope someone can answer this or I'll go bananas!

Re: Weird Names by Spursfan on 24 August 2005 5:24pm
Right. Found a site about it - actually its Dead Woman's Crossing, not Women. On 8th July 1905 a woman called Katy DeWitt James (29) who had a 14 month old baby, was murdered there. She was found months afterwards - head separate from the body, and hat and hair nearby but separate.

At midnight you can supposedly hear a woman calling for her baby...

Re: Weird Names by tucsonmike on 25 August 2005 2:31am
I remember the Ni River when I lived in Virginia and had to drive up Interstate 95. I would let out with a massive. NIIII!!! (As long as no one said it).

Re: Weird Names by pandab on 25 August 2005 3:53am
Spooky, Spursfan!

There is a series of books by L.B. Taylor about haunted places in Virginia. One story is my favorite, incurable romantic that I am <G>. The legend is known as The Curse-Tree of Jamestown Island. It's also known as The Mother-in-Law Tree ...

In 1687, the Harrison family were wealthy and powerful in the Jamestown area. They betrothed their daughter, Sarah, to a young man they considered quite suitable. Sarah, however, fell in love with James Blair, at 31 a man twice her age. Her parents--especially her mother--strongly opposed the match and pulled every trick they could to thwart it, even disowning Sarah.

Sarah had a mind of her own, and though the rift with her family grieved her, she married James Blair anyway. Even after the wedding, her mother didn't give up and tried to have the marriage annulled to no avail. Her mother swore she would never stop trying.

Some years later, Sarah's mother, father and baby sister were killed in a storm. So, her mother was never able to part her daughter from her husband in life.

Sarah and James lived on happily until Sarah's death in 1713. James passed away in 1743 and was buried next to Sarah at Jamestown.

Within a year or so, a sycamore tree began to grow between Sarah's and James's graves. No one maintained the site at the time, so nothing stopped the tree from pushing Sarah's tomb 7 feet to within 6 inches of her parents' graves.

In the 1970s, that ancient sycamore tree finally died and was cut out. Within a few months, however, another sycamore began to grow in its place. The sapling was removed. And ANOTHER sycamore sprouted in the same spot.

By that time, the caretakers at Jamestown decided they were up against forces that would not be denied. They left the sycamore in place, and it is still there today.

No one touches the sycamore, and everyone in the area believes that, should anything happen to it, another will grow. For Sarah's mother swore she would part Sarah from her husband, and since she couldn't do it in life, her spirit is determined to do it after death.
Re: Weird Names by tucsonmike on 25 August 2005 7:14am
Pandab, I remember the legend from when I worked at the Rawls Library. Jamestown is just across the James River from Surry County, where our library district ended. An amazing area full of history.
Re: Weird Names by Wild in Africa on 25 August 2005 12:33pm
This has come up before but let me refer you to the Meaning of Liff for some of the best place names in the UK and elsewhere. Check out
Re: Weird Names by tucsonmike on 26 August 2005 2:23am
Thanks Wild. I will check it out. I wont give the place names How The Scots Invented the Modern World here. Some will consider them obscene. Ya'll are just going to have to read them yourselves.
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