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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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...Boo! Here I am!! by bandgeek512 on 16 December 2005 9:58pm
So, where *have* I been? I noticed that Mike was a saint and said hello to everybody for me! ***Thanks, Mike!*** Iíve been ill for the past few weeks with the same cold that refuses to leave. My immune systemís not doing its job right now, so anything that passed through my school was likely given to me. That combined with my unrelenting cold was not good. Hence my being absent from the chatroom. I really wanted to be here, but the hours between school days was spent in bed, coughing, sneezing, and sleeping. Yes, I went to school whilst ill. I hadnít any more days I could miss; if I did, I wouldnít have received the credits I earned for this semester. Also, I would not have been able to graduate. That would *not* have been good. So, I had to endure school the best I could and then sleep any time I could after school.

Then came final exams. I got even more ill as I had to stay up late studying so I could pass this semester. So, Iíve been terribly unwell since I last posted.

But, I am now on Christmas break and I have two and a half weeks of free time in which to spend doing whatever I please!

And, I am going to be HERE! YAY!

ÖI noticed that some people were wondering about my Junior Senior Banquet.

Hereís a recap of the whole situation:
I had a date to begin with, and was all ready to spend a wonderful night with an old friend of mine. Then, I found out that he couldnít go because we would be out too late. So, very upset, I told my administrator that I had no date. Five days before the banquet, my friend said that she had somebody I could take. So, I announced that I had a date. Unfortunately, that guy couldnít come. At that point, I had frantically called every guy I knew to see if they could go. Yet, none of them could.

Finally, I came to terms with the fact that I would be going alone.

At lunch this past Tuesday, a former graduate of my school came and had lunch with the seniors. Unbeknownst to me, my best friend Sara set him and me up for the banquet. I, at first, was worried because I didnít know him too well. But, since he was male, could stand up, breathe, and was generally alive and could be photographed with me for the banquet, I was obliged.

Confused by that? Hereís a summary: First I had a date, then I didnít, then I *did*, then I didnít, and then I finally did.

Got it?


The guy my friend set me up with just got home from boot camp with the Marines. He is home for recruitment, and was the nicest person I have ever, ever met. I have never been treated with more respect than when I was with him. His name is Lee; he graduated from my school two years ago. I knew him before, but didnít really *know* him. I was nervous at first, but when he introduced himself to me yesterday and gave me a rose, I quickly became very glad that he came.

He stood up when I left the table at dinner and when I came back, he pulled my chair out for me when I had to sit down, he opened doors for me, and did everything that I was not used to a guy doing for me. Every guy I know barely acknowledges my existence, let alone helps me up the stairs. It was totally new; but, I loved every minute of it. Lee was so, so, SO nice.

Iíve got some pictures of my getting my hair done and of us getting ready to leave for Atlanta.

Okay, so this is me at the hair place. My stylist was like, "I'm going to give you big barrel curls because it will stay so much better that way," and it ended like this. Donít worry, I didnít keep it like this. Big, big. Thatís what happens with thick hair.

This was the end result. I was very pleased with it; it stayed in place all night and is still in right now.

This is Sara (my best friend) and Mark (her date) with Lee and me. Weíre in my schoolís sanctuary, next to the piano on the stage.

This is my friend Tiffany and Daniel with us. I like this picture. I have to edit it in Photoshop, though, because itís too dark.

This is Sara and me. This might be my favorite picture. She and I have been friends for six years.

Sara, Tiffany, and me.

My friends Andrea, Tiffany, and Hailey and me. They are juniors this year.

The senior girls: Cassie, me, Sara, and Alys.

And this is Lee and me, waiting to have our pictures done by the professional that came in. It looks like thereís snow outside, but there isnít. There was an ice storm yesterday. They closed our school because the power went out, but it came back on shortly before this picture was taken. Isn't Lee handsome? :-D
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by bandgeek512 on 16 December 2005 10:14pm
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by peripatetically on 17 December 2005 12:20am
Awww, Band, you look great! I'm glad your night turned out to be so wonderful. Everybody looks happy and quite grown up!
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by suzulu on 17 December 2005 12:34am
I'm so glad you made it to the prom, Layne! It's great you had a date, he sounds like a real gentleman. You look lovely and the dress is beautiful. I hope you feel a lot better now.
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by Tauriel on 17 December 2005 12:39am
Lovely, lovely pictures, Layne! :-) I really like your hairstyle, it looks very nice!
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by tucsonmike on 17 December 2005 5:29am
With him in his dress blues? I am standing @ attention! No, I will NOT sing Halls of Montezuma. Normally things are thrown at me when I sing.
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by bandgeek512 on 17 December 2005 6:41pm
Oh yeah, his uniform looked really good! Strangers stopped us all night to comment on his uniform and how cute we looked together. All the attention was enjoyable. ;-)

He was supposed to be sent to North Carolina on the sixth of this month, but he was told to just stay here in Georgia and continue working with recruitment. He said his next date to leave is the 27th, but that it's not likely he will go anywhere until late January. I'm glad he might get to stay a bit longer. My friend's told me he's wanting to ask me out on a date.
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by Blasi on 18 December 2005 2:58am
Anyway, great pictures Layne and I'm thrilled that you were able to a) enjoy your evening, and b) procure a date ;o)
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by bandgeek512 on 18 December 2005 4:24am
Oh, yes. I had a wonderful time! I just got my pictures back from the photo place. I brought a disposable camera because my digital one is much, much too big to carry around. Although, with how many times I dropped my disposable, you'd think it would have been easier to bring the digital one with the strap instead of having my date pick up the other one every five seconds. :-P

Here's an odd coincidence: Lee's birthday is the same day as mine. He was born on May the twelfth just as I was. Though, he was born in 1985, unlike myself who was born in 1988; I just think it a very weird coincidence!
Re: ...Boo! Here I am!! by suzulu on 19 December 2005 1:44am
That is a coincidence, Layne! You got on so well too, so....
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