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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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stupid things i have done. by arty_farty on 24 January 2006 11:40am
as my holiday version of this was a sucsess here are some of my cock ups while out and about.
10) forgot to get my travelcard from my aunt and ended up being stuck in between the ticket gates.
9) told a member of the Socialist that i was a Communist while shopping in Ilford
8) set my hand on fire when trying to light a gas oven with short matches.
7) glued my fingers together with super glue used to stick metal to metal.
6) fell off the same bench two birthdays running, splitting my chin open and looking like a Pharaoh for a month.
5) ate grass as a dare.
4) ate a pizza box as a dare.
3) created a flamethrower out of deoderant as part of a film
2) sang "all by my self" whilst sitting down and fell face down in to my mates crotch.
and the big one
1) shut myself in a vegetable fridge and wasn't rescued for five minutes.

Re: stupid things i have done. by Sophie-Louise on 24 January 2006 1:03pm
lol i love these arty! great idea!!!

10) smacked a netball into the coaches face in a county netball trial- i still got in the team though! lol

9) racing a car who's been bothering you on the motorway for a while now, and feeling very happy with yourself when you beat them, then you break down and role onto the hard shoulder... smoke bellows out from under the bonnet...he drives past you at speed again...

8) coming into the cinema late and then falling over on the stairs while going to your seat, your friends don't help by laughing very loudly, the audience goes SHHHHHHHHHHH and everyone strares!

7) spilling a milshake while working at mcdonalds, telling the people i was working with not to slip on it, then going to get a mop to wipe it up and slipping over flat on my back.

6) running out of a lesson screaming when a wasp came near me. (i'm allergic to wasp stings)

5) riding my bike while carrying a parcel to take to the post office, dropping the parcel on the front wheel, it gets jammed in the bike and i fly over the handle bars.

4) you'll like this one: i made a cast of my leg in gcse art to make a monty python foot, but then realised after it had dried that i hadn't left a gap to take it off. i had to go to casualty and get it removed with a saw like thing. i still got to keep the cast and i got an A in the project...

3) went to skegness with some mates when it was really stormy, we thought it would be funny to go on the seawall, we all got washed into the sea by a huge wave and had to drive home dripping wet...

2) me and my friend reversed into each other at sixth form and his massive jeep was untouched, my rear lights had to be replaced... cinquecentos need bull bars.

and finally...

1) i stapled my geography homework to my finger, my mum tried to pull it out herself but it was agony. had to go to casualty AGAIN and all the nurses found it hilarious cos i had a map hanging off my finger.
Re: stupid things i have done. by arty_farty on 24 January 2006 2:13pm

a map hanging off your finger?

thats just as bad as an Eldar gun inbeween them
Re: stupid things i have done. by purple on 24 January 2006 7:56pm
There are too many stupid things I have done.
One of the most memorable incident happened about six months ago. I was with my fellow cadets loading a power boat on a trailer. While we where waiting, an idiot "friend" of mine threw a dead jellyfish at me. I was so angry at him and grossed out, I chased him around and he started to run down the slipway into the river. As I chased him down the slipway, I lost my balance on the rubber surface and fell into the water, landing on my bum! Everybody who saw the whole incident began laughed at me. I then heard my commanding officer shout out "You've got a little brother haven't you?"
As true as it was, all I could was laugh at myself, it was the only way to stop the teasing.
Re: stupid things i have done. by suzulu on 25 January 2006 1:04am
HAHAHAA! I like your story about the plaster cast foot, Sophie, and the geography homework hanging off your finger! Arty, did you really eat a pizza box?! I also glued my thumb and finger together with superglue, trying to glue the stone back onto my ring. I was going to a party that night and what a panic. Fortunately, I managed to prise them apart with a spoon handle and hot water, but it took ages.
Re: stupid things i have done. by arty_farty on 26 January 2006 11:52am
yes i did. it was on saturday in the pub. we were debating the best way to smuggle the box out and i was dared to eat it which i did.
go me
Re: stupid things i have done. by arty_farty on 26 January 2006 5:46pm
It tasted realy odd. its not very plesent.
Re: stupid things i have done. by Sophie-Louise on 26 January 2006 6:27pm
LOL didn't it make you throw up?! i ate paper once and it just made me ill!
Re: stupid things i have done. by Ellerd on 27 January 2006 10:55am
Speaking of grass and paper - I once wrapped grass cuttings in a piece of paper and smoked it! Does that qualify as a stupid thing to do?
Re: stupid things i have done. by arty_farty on 27 January 2006 11:48am
yes that was bloody insane. thats like snorting sherbert or iceing sugar.

no eating the pizza box didn't make me ill as i have eaten paper since i was 5.
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