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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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The Da Vinci Code by Ahren on 20 May 2006 2:48pm
Well this is mainly for Anne's benefit, but i read this book recently called "Labyrinth". It follows on in the same vein as The Da Vinci Code, so I was just putting it out there to see if you'd heard of it! It's not very well written, especially at the beginning, but if you can stick through the first few chapters it is fantastic!!

I just thought- the film's coming out soon isn't it? All the reviews i've read have said it was rubbish, but i think everybody as to see it at least once! Someone's favourite stupid line was- "Quick, find a library!"!! In a thriller!!
Re: The Da Vinci Code by montyfreak0234 on 20 May 2006 3:49pm
I saw the movie last night, I wanted to read the book first though. I thought it was pretty good though. It was complecated and had a lot of French and Latin. I was surprised of hoe much of the Latin I culd translate. Buut no worries, there are subtitltles when t is not in English.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by Marcelle_Rio_de_Janeiro on 20 May 2006 4:12pm
Oh! I wanna see the movie, I read the book last year and it is very good, plus it's always a pleasure to see Sir Ian McKellen acting.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by julwis on 21 May 2006 1:05am
I saw this movie yesterday, something about it didnt work for me. Im not the slightest bit bothered about the religious controversy that it may or may not be causing, as Tom Hanks said in a recent interview, its a lot of hooey. Even Ian Mckellen admitted that the book was interesting until you put it down and then you thought it was perposterous. Having read the book I found that the pacing of the movie was simply done by the numbers and little attempt was made (at least the way I saw it) to involve you with the characters before the film got going. Ian Mckellen was very good admittedly and the film seemed to quicken slightly in the second half but never really rose above an average movie. This is a real shame considering the talent that was available. Nice location shots in Paris and London though. I read somewhere that one or two scenes were slightly pythonesque and I cant disagree with that argument.
All in all I think it was a film that was trying to be too much to too many audiences.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by Ellerd on 21 May 2006 2:06am
Poor old DVC hasn't been getting many positive reviews of late. I haven't read the book, simply because the subject matter doesn't really interest me, but I may be tempted to see the movie - when it comes out on DVD - just to see what all the fuss is about. Frankly, I don't understand why so many religious types have been getting upset about it - it is make-believe, isn't it? Or maybe they know something they're not telling the rest of us! ;-)
Re: The Da Vinci Code by sighthound on 21 May 2006 3:53am
Haven't seen the movie yet but I enjoyed the book, a really good read. From reading the film reviews, I suspect you may have hit the nail on the head, julwis, by thinking that the film was "trying to be too much to too many audiences".

It's a really big book and big books are extremely hard to put on film unless you have the luxury of a mini-series. Howard is a good director but I suspect he is much too nice to resist the enormous pressure that I am sure was put on him to minimize what might offend certain groups (but not minimize it too much, of course, because controversy is very good for the box office.)

What offends me is all these "Christians" who want to ban the film because it contradicts their dogma. Every Sunday, they preach things that offend me to the core and which I am sure would also offend the Jesus I see shining through the Biblical texts. I don't picket their churches and try to get their sermons banned. Maybe I should.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by tucsonmike on 21 May 2006 5:52am
I read the book and enjoyed it, but have not seen the movie yet. (Maybe next weekend).

What these groups protesting the movie haven't learned is there is no such thing as "bad publicity." The more they protest, the more the movie earns at the box office.

Any born agains who try and convert me are in for a bad time. If they tell me I am going to hell, I laugh and say it is warmer there than up in heaven. Plus, I will be with friends and I live in Arizona. Heat doesn't scare me, especially not heat and hot salsa combined. Plus being born once was enough.

Geraldine, which one of their churches do you plan to picket? LOL! That would scare them to death.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by sighthound on 21 May 2006 8:36am
Hmmmmmmmm, where should I start?.....
Re: The Da Vinci Code by perfectbitch on 21 May 2006 10:11am
Please. There is enough publicity about this already. I have had the book and film up to my ears. I have no wish to offend anyone nor is my objection on any religious grounds (Iam an atheist)
It is quite possible that Jesus had kids but in the end, who cares? This knowledge does not stop all the pain and anuish of Iraq, Darfur etc. it just makes Dan Brown all the richer. The book is the rehashed drivel of the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" and Dan Brown should not have won his recent court case. I know this will offend a few people but for the sake of balance, I felt I had to say something.
Re: The Da Vinci Code by Spursfan on 21 May 2006 3:29pm
I saw the film yesterday afternoon - and thought it was excellent. Some very minor bits were different from the book, but that did not spoil it. I didn't even notice the time!!

In the evening went to see One flew over the cuckoos nest at a local theatre - actors had been on tv etc but not famous. It was really good. The book and film are probably my husband's favourites, but I was really not bothered either way until I saw the play last night.

It was well acted, moving and funny, and thought provoking. It was an 'in the round' production.


P.S. Ahren - is the labyrinth book anything to do with the film starring David Bowie??
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