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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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palin letter Final draft by arty_farty on 21 May 2006 12:12pm
Greetings Mr. Palin, from Palin's Travelers.

We are a international group of travel devotees and Palinites who make our home at your excellent web site, www.palinstravels.co.uk.
We are writing this joint letter to thank you for providing us with such a terrific forum to gather, exchange ideas, share information, support each other and write about various sundry silliness that defy categorization.

Many of us who are regulars at your site have never felt at home in other sites' chat areas where the talk too often deteriorates to the lowest levels. At Palin’s Travels, topics are discussed in an intelligent, open, witty manner, that encourages new members to participate in online chat activities, perhaps for the first time. It is a testament to the easy-going class and intelligent good humor in which you've always deported yourself that your site draws a host of like-minded people, even if we do say so ourselves!

You say in the video introduction to the site that you hope your web site would create a travel community, and we just wanted to assure you that that is just what it has become. There has already been talk about a Palin's Travelers group get-together, charity fundraisers and many other projects. We would also like to thank you for the masses of searchable information on your own travels that you've posted. Making the text of your books available free online, was especially kind, and the pictures, video clips and sound recordings which are on the site are equally appreciated and "pawed over".

There has been some interest in having a "Messages to Michael" posting section to go along with "Messages from Michael". It would be nice to have a place on the site where members could talk directly to you. You, of course, are under no obligation to read them, but it would just make us feel better to write them anyway. It might also be easier for you if you want to stop by and have a quick place to check what is going on instead of daring the tangled chaos that makes up the rest of the chatterbox postings. We would like to assure you that you should not feel obligated to write formal letters full of exciting information and breaking news when you are writing on the site. A casual line or two about nothing in particular... a question, a concern, a dirty limerick... all would be more than sufficient. We are an informal group here who wants you to feel you’re among friends, not demanding fans. We want this to be a “win/win” situation in which we can do something for you.

We are grateful for all the time, effort and expense that has gone into providing this web site for us. Every shred of its contents are not only deeply appreciated, but eagerly lapped up, so perhaps you can forgive us the audacity of asking for more. This site has become important to a lot of us, and we are just taking an interest in what we have come to think of as our internet home.

In your last posting, you wrote that you where about to start on a new journey, this time through the new Europe. We all want to collectively wish you good luck and smooth sailing, on what we are sure will be a complicated, exhausting and demanding endeavor. We await the results with eager anticipation! We would also like to add that if you find that you need any help, not just with your travel series, but with any project, charity, information-gathering (you name it), you will find us a geographically widespread group with diverse skills and professional experience, many of whom would be willing to help out if asked.

In closing let us thank you one more time for providing us with such a great site, as well as putting such a personal and accessible face on world travel. Many of us continue to be inspired by you to travel in our own lives, to experience new cultures and new experiences and to dream of ever more exotic ports in the future. You have given us the world and we thank you.
Re: palin letter Final draft by arty_farty on 21 May 2006 12:18pm
these are the people who have already signed it:

me, mike, sight, patty, sue, marcelle, bruce, kazz, phylis, stern, anne, tony, laura, linz, blasi, maria, holger, missy, sophie-louise, linda, jaime, david, layne, smm , lynn, ken, tigin
Re: palin letter Final draft by Tauriel on 21 May 2006 2:22pm
Looks great! :-D *applauds*

Sign me in - or am I already there? (Maria)

Just a couple of quick notes and corrections:

* the URL can be just www.palinstravels.co.uk (without the "/index.php" as it's unnecessary)
* _sites'_, not _site's_ (second paragraph, first sentence)
* _its_, not _it's_ (fifth paragraph, second sentence)

Re: palin letter Final draft by Premyslav on 22 May 2006 10:51am
I want to sign that letter too,if I can,of course.
Re: palin letter Final draft by arty_farty on 22 May 2006 1:14pm
of course you can.
Re: palin letter Final draft by LynneD on 22 May 2006 4:50pm
An excellent letter Arty. Please count me in! I haven't posted for a while, but my admiration and respect for Michael hasn't diminished! Thanks Arty!
Re: palin letter Final draft by arty_farty on 22 May 2006 5:30pm
ummm. i didn't actually write it. a guy called wildblue did. i was getting annoyed with the waiting.
Re: palin letter Final draft by Ken Dunn on 22 May 2006 8:15pm
I'll sign that.

Ken Dunn
Re: palin letter Final draft by komutanucantekme on 23 May 2006 4:38am
i'll sign too. my name is tigin.
Re: palin letter Final draft by arty_farty on 23 May 2006 4:34pm
by the way i won't be sending it untill late July or early august.
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