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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by Marcelle_Rio_de_Janeiro on 5 June 2006 6:29pm
It seems death's been arround here lately.
I'd like to express my sorrow for:
-Vitor Negrete, who died on his way down Mount Everest after becoming the first brazilian to climb it without spare oxigen;
-Rodrigo Netto, guittar player of the band "Detonautas", 29 y.o., who was shot after trying to scape from a car robery in Rio yesterday and
-to a policeman (better skip the name) who was also shot during a car robery attempt, last week, right in my street, only that he didn't reacted, but once the murderes noticed he was from the police, they shot him (at this day, everydody in our street woke up by the sounds of bullets and shouts...).
I can't help wonder what kind of world is this? It seems our lives are becoming very cheap and that's really sad.
Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by Ahren on 5 June 2006 7:17pm
That's awful. Just as long as you're careful, but i suppose there isnt a lot you can do.
Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by arty_farty on 5 June 2006 7:24pm
ive been noticing that too. whats happening to the world?
Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by perfectbitch on 5 June 2006 9:43pm
To the major industrialists, life has always been cheap. As they have grown in power, the cheaper life has become. There is enough money in the world to feed, shelter and educate every one. It has been estimated that it would cost as much as the US spends on the military in one month.

While I realise that this opinion could be considered naive considering the problems of distribution etc., it is worth keeping in mind.

Don't get disheartened.

Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by tucsonmike on 6 June 2006 1:37am
I am reading Anderson Coopers autobiography at the moment. He speak about how "cheap" life can be. He was in Sri Lanka after the tsunami and just miles away from all sorts of devastation, tourists were enjoying the good life.

Linz, you may be right, about that statistic. It would be too involved here to discuss whether geopolitics can make us pull back our military back. There are also many countries that can help share the load to help pull the poor world out of it's misery.

Marcelle, I feel for you. (and of course for those victimized). Don't know enough about Brazil to say how and when that will get better.

Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by Ellerd on 6 June 2006 2:06pm
Sorry to say Marcelle, but I don't think this is anything new. Or rather, these events aren't peculiar to our time. Very sad, yes. But I don't think modern society is to blame.
Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by the fugitive on 6 June 2006 5:56pm
Marcelle - how horrific, I've seen blood shed in my country in front of me - not pleasant - thinking of you. PB I would agree totally with you and what you have said on this thread. As for Thailand, I was there helping out after the tsunami - if the tourists hadn't come back as quickly as they had - many villages and towns would have had economic problems as tourism was their main goal. I had booked a holiday, on arrival we said, right we had 10 days - 7 to help 3 to relax - we were shown the utter horror of what had unfolded and we helped build a home - 4 brick walls and a door - for a family of 5 luckily all survived by climbing a tree when the wave struck - the family were generous TO us, they were happy we were helping, they cooked a meal for us to say thank you each day - we could have had brought them to a nice restaurant but they still had dignity to uphold and we were not going to destroy that. This man's business depended on tourists, yet he hadn't a roof - day 7 he was moved in with what he had left of his belongings, we spent 3 days on the beach, we seeked out small coastal villages that could do with our money. They were very grateful.
Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by Marcelle_Rio_de_Janeiro on 7 June 2006 12:24am
I'm glad there are still people who cares for those who are in need. Well, I can't say much about natural disasters, luckly, they're very rare here. But being subjective, there's not a mesure for pain. I've read the "Indonesia - spare coffe money" topic and the feeling of impotence was terrible - sometimes we're not able to help our own brothers and sisters of our state, of our country! Cause most of the time we really HAVE to be completely envolved with our own struggle for survival. That's when we begin to forget about the others... this is crazy... and the cicle goes on making things worst. Don't know, but violence terrifies me more than anything, because it is the direct action of a human being against the other, without a "cause" or anything. All those years of evolution for this???
But behind violence there are bad governors (for ages) putting self interests beyond comom well, poverty, huge errors in the field of education and access to it, lack of familiar planing (and we do have to blame church for interfering with that), drugs and ways to deal with this increasing problem, the need of updating our laws to this reallity, etc.
We have 2 countries here: an utopic one to show the tourists and for the enjoyment of those 5-10% from A class; and the other, very real and cruel, at the suburbs and on the hills.
The light at the end of the tunel: some organizations have been working with children of poor comunities, to keep them off the trafic and into the schools, enphasizing sports, etc... Maybe within one or two generations these projects will be fructifying...
Sorry for the misspelled words, guys.
Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by tucsonmike on 7 June 2006 12:38am
Don't worry about the misspelled words Marcelle. You got the point across and something tells me we would not have done as well in Portugese.

People care more now than they did in the past. You are right though about Middle Class folks worried about struggling to survive themselves. U.S. News had something about that in Mort Zuckermans' column this week.

Between the Tsunami and Katrina, there has been talk here about "Compassion Fatigue." A feeling of "well shucks, y'all, just how much can I do?"

I hate to say it. In this country, the big bill the Republicans are trying to push through is banning gay marriage! You would think we had bigger and better things to worry about.

The Economist had a lot about India this week. I've met more Americans who have nothing nice to say about India. As a country we are feeling more beseiged. There was a letter in the Economist that stated just that. She was writing from Amarillo and very angry about world elitists wrecking Texas. (It's hard to wreck Texas. It is so large and has so many different regions).

People DO care more than they once did. It used to be the expression that life was "cheap, brutish, and short," was much more a truism than it is now.
Re: Sadly, life seems to be becoming very cheap by arty_farty on 7 June 2006 2:38pm
i heard something realy sick on the news today. a little girl who was run over had to drag herself to the kerb because noone would stop and help her. all the drivers just drove around her.
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