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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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666 by Ellerd on 6 June 2006 2:03pm
Anything untoward happen to anyone on this date, 06/06/06? Spill the beans!
Re: 666 by tucsonmike on 6 June 2006 6:35pm
Well I don't know. I am home sick with a cold from work and I am missing my museum board meeting today.
Re: 666 by arty_farty on 6 June 2006 6:39pm
i got arrested by the austrailan police!
Re: 666 by Ahren on 6 June 2006 9:32pm
we had a streaker at school and i was stalked by a devil daddy-longlegs, so basically the ususal!
Re: 666 by canaveralgumby on 6 June 2006 9:35pm
Any superstition is sad, and it only has power over you if YOU LET IT. Don't forget, the entirety of the Old and New Testaments were written by people. They cold have pulled any number out of a hat, so to speak.
Re: 666 by tucsonmike on 6 June 2006 9:59pm
Ahren, you had a streaker? Now there, is a throwback to another era LOL!

You are right Cori. You can pick a certain part of the bible and be "affected" by it. Otherwise, we are stumbling into Bible Code territory here.
Well, the odds are no skyscraper will have a 666th floor, but here is a "trick" question. Why is the number "13" unlucky?
Re: 666 by arty_farty on 6 June 2006 10:51pm
because thats the number of people present at the last supper. also it was on frid 13th that the church started killing the templar knights. in the 13 hundreds no less.
Re: 666 by tucsonmike on 6 June 2006 11:58pm
Well done Arty! That's correct, it was the Friday the 13th that the Knights Templar were massacred, mostly in France.
Re: 666 by Marcelle_Rio_de_Janeiro on 7 June 2006 1:00am
Nothing odd happened... just colored my hair a little bit darker (but still brownish), even though not as dark as its true color (uhn... I can't quite remember what it is anymore...lol).
Re: 666 by pandab on 7 June 2006 1:38am
Well, my boss's boss came for a visit at work today, but I doubt he's the AntiChrist.

Superstitions can be silly but interesting. I have a thing about the number 13. Black cats don't bother me at all (except for aggravating my allergies), and the only reason I don't walk under ladders is more because of safety than anything else. Still, 13 gives me the willies for some reason.

At work, I won't install 13 PCs. 12 or 14 of them. Never 13. When I'm crocheting, I hurry through the 13th row and never crochet a pattern based on 13 rows or clusters. I'm possessed by a strong desire to fake sick on Friday the 13th (never have, though). I also try my darnest not to start a vacation on the 13th of the month.

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