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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
Re: Renewal, Renewal and most importantly REGENERATION by DancingFool on 13 June 2006 10:24pm
get a damn hobby.
Re: Renewal, Renewal and most importantly REGENERATION by Tauriel on 13 June 2006 10:25pm
I think you take it too seriously, Morse...
Re: Renewal, Renewal and most importantly REGENERATION by pandab on 14 June 2006 2:29am
I've noticed the Blathering On section gets more traffic than the other sections, but that is only to be expected in a "general stuff" area.

I wouldn't worry about it. On the whole, I think all the sections seem to get traffic in cycles. Blathering On will slow down a bit, while the Travel section picks up. The Series section is usually the quietest, but that is probably because there have been no releases on DVD or new series recently.

Personally, I've used Palin's Guides and have enjoyed most of the online books.

With a few exceptions, I think the posts in Blathering On are great. Many of them make me laugh. Several have encouraged me to think about topics I hadn't given much thought to before. Plus, I get a peek into other people's thoughts, which is always a good thing and especially so if I don't happen to agree. It helps remind me that we are all different, with different experiences that shape how we think.

We disagree on issues, but in the main, our debates are civil. In fact, one of the reasons I love this site so much is because of the more mature atmosphere I feel compared to other sites ... even if we do indulge in silliness now and then.

I say we should just relax and let the site develop as it will.

Re: Renewal, Renewal and most importantly REGENERATION by tucsonmike on 14 June 2006 3:36am
Pandab, Ma'am you are right. People here debate civily. Things will develop in their proper time.

Blathering On, is general. So in most cases, you will see the largest number of posts there. As with Pandab, I enjoy trying different things because of some of the things people post. I would not be involved with Sudanese refugees for example, if it were not for this site. I always look forward to logging in. Think of it as what the people in the United Kingdom call Open University. I will learn something new and hope I can share something as well. Everyone here who contributes in a positive fashion is bringing something to the table.

Morse, I do not see this "inward looking and cliquishness" you speak of. Anyone showing up in Welcome is immediately made welcome. Trust me, I have been in enough "unwelcoming" places.

It sounds like that old Groucho Marx line, "I would not want to belong to a club that would want me as a member." It is corny, but think of the American sitcom Cheers and its theme song "Where everyone always knows your name; and they're always glad you came."

If you have examples of such unwelcoming behavior, spit it out, man!

We will still have to agree to disagree about Blathering On.

"The Webmaster needs to adopt a more active role in the management of the website. In defence of the Webmaster I can confirm that he/she has begun to exercise greater authority over the site in recent months with regards to the increase in trollism."

How do you know this? Inquiring minds are interested...

Overall, Pandab is right. We learn many things from each other here on an friendly, International scale. Let it evolve (with Mr. Palin's help of course, since this is HIS site).
Re: Renewal, Renewal and most importantly REGENERATION by sighthound on 14 June 2006 7:22am
Amen to Tauriel, pandab and tucsonmike.

Morse, if you want this site to be more informative, innovative and exciting, then DO something about it! Don't just whine about the rest of us; it is getting extremely tiresome. Pardon the cliche but put your money where your mouth is.

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