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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by Katin on 20 May 2003 8:38pm
china I worked in darching inner mongolia,I have travelled all over the world but found these people the most friendly,but dont please admire anything in their homes as they feel oblidged to give you it.whilst working on a engineering project I had some young female engineers working with me from beijing.I will never forget their laughter especially when things go drastically wrong.It took me two days by train from beijing to darching.I told the girls I could eat anything on the menu but no dog.this was met with a fit of giggles,and then informed as I had travelled this train many time it was served on this route.I do remember my favourite dish of rice with veg and a minced meat mixture.
PS I went barking mad
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by tangojo on 4 June 2003 2:18pm
We were really impressed in Tunisia. We went to a resort called Hammamet, where yes we spent a lot of time fleeing from dogged street traders, but as soon as we hit Tunis and Carthage everything changed. We took the bus to Tunis,then the train to Sidi Bou Said and Carthage despite having been warned against it in our hotel.It cost next to nothing and the people we met along the way couldn't have been friendlier and wouldn't accept even a cigarette as recompense for walking us the kilometre from the bus to the train station in Tunis or accompanying us from the train to the Roman baths in Carthage. We also loved their sense of humour.
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by risible-phyll on 20 June 2003 3:02am
Well I've travelled the world a bit , but all my friends here make "Palins Travels" the friendliest place to visit.........

Awwwwww Love peace and sandless sandwiches xoxoxoo Phyll x
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by MellySmelly on 27 June 2003 1:42pm
AWWWWW Phyll, that is a very sweet thing to say.

I've just returned from Southeast Wales, and I have to say that I've never felt more at home anywhere else. In fact I am planning my return already.
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by macauley on 29 June 2003 5:27am
..hey pedro...have not found anyone yet who has been to mongolia (outer or inner)....spent 3 weeks in outer mongolia a few years ago (no showers or baths at all) and found all extremely friendly, helpful and full of laughter. would go back in a minute, but will have to wait! had to experience hard yogurt, lots of candy and of course the ever popular home made alcohol. not bad at any rate and again, most friendly......lost some airplane time because of weather, so was welcomed into gers as if i was a family member. and ate accordingly. sometimes a bit dicey but if you do not experience their culture, you have lost some of yours.
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by macauley on 29 June 2003 5:34am
..oops, and i forgot japan...found myself lost in the underground of the train system in Osaka....wanted to head to Kyoto and a very distinguished gentleman in black suit and tie (of course) literally took me by the hand, helped me buy my ticket and escorted me down the escalator and waited with me until my train came and then pointed me aboard. i really did find Kyoto and was able to find it the next day all by myself thanks to my japanese friend. will always have fond memories of that day.
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by Katin on 29 June 2003 8:58pm
Hey Sharon sounds like you took internal flights in china Yaaaa,I used the steam train from beijing guaranteed to arrive.last time I took internal flights they literally took the kitchen sink on board. Agree on japan tho most charming and helpful people I found.
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by macauley on 30 June 2003 7:08am
..took the MIAT flight from ulan bator ( every one's spelling is different on that one) to altai in the southwest of mongolia. highlight was the guy carrying what looked like a windshield and put it in the overhead. the pilot checked it out and took it up front. i always wondered if it was the front windshield for our plane. otherwise it was full of families in all seats to MAJOR overflow....best was that all rec'd little bottles of vodka which i managed to secure from the under 5 yr- olds. those helped over the next several weeks of alcohol-free camping sleeping bag accommodations. well, not actually alcohol free, my driver did not really turn down a wee dram. and after a wee dram , he told in great length of taking his mother to tibet (buddhist, of course) and singing long songs of lament about missing his wife and kids and ....his mother! had a mini-recorder, so have it for posterity along with lots of really obscure camel sounds. had hoped to take the train back from ulan bator to beijing, but was told by my guide, a lovely mongolian woman with perfect english learned at university in scotland, that i should not do it due to the nasty russian traders. i took her word on that and flew back via MIAT to beijing. always wished that i could have been brave or foolhardy enough to do it! next time i guess....!
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by Katin on 30 June 2003 8:32pm
Ulan Bator correct as far as I know Dear
Iwell remember my first china excursions
during the old iron curtain days,We could not fly over russian air space,consiquently my usual route from London/frankfurt/dubhai/hong kong/beijing total usually in transit 22hrs once british airways had permission to overfly russia 8 1/2 hrs direct aahh good old days
Re: Where's the friendliest place you've visited? by macauley on 2 July 2003 5:10am
..oh, peter: i have pulled out my maps and info re Mongolia....and found that the official airline MIAT says that Ulaanbataar is correct but maps from there state that Ulaan Bataar is right(note the space) guess that a governmental group sat together and tried to decide just what would (or should) translate into english....then again Altai in the southwest is not ok in some locations as it is Altay....and Hovd becomes Khovd in the northwest next to Kazakstan. at least the Gobi Desert seems to stay the same or as i would say hot, hot...or khot, khot. whatever, it was still a great experience and had to find my recording and relive the camels and kids, thanks to you. just why were you in the vicinity? flying over, or under ...and why? family with you? my dear....? oh, do not tell the wife of our correspondence....argghhhh...but i am still way over in california with no frequent flier miles to visit to discuss the inner Asia predicament.
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