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Re: S.A.R.S Virus by macpac70 on 27 April 2003 6:54am
I am travelling to Australia in June and in an effort to avoid SARS Hotspots I have arranged to to fly via the USA, I am now wondering however as to whether this will achieve its intended aim, as I can almost garantee that the majority of other travellers that I come in to contact with will have gone via the far east anyway, so was it really worth the extra tavel time and expence for this route ??
Re: S.A.R.S Virus by sleepydumpling on 27 April 2003 10:22am
Hmmm MacPac70 - I don't know about that one? I know that they are carefully monitoring anyone who is coming from SARS zones on their way into Australia (we are an island, we are luckily able to keep most bugs out!) so you should be fine coming here. It's stopping off in places that are affected that might be the bigger risks.

Are you heading to Brisbane at all? It's lovely in the wintertime!

Re: S.A.R.S Virus by MissTrixiB on 27 April 2003 10:20pm
I know that they are being very agressive in fighting the spread of this illness in the Far East. They are checking each and every passenger very carefully. The reason why it IS so rampant in some areas is because these percausions were not taken sooner. At this point, I don't think you have to worry quite so much about running into those who have traveled through/from the Far East. To date, there have been 1000 cases of SARS in Hong Kong. Tragic as it may be, that's only a tiny portion of the population. As long as you are cautious (As tempting as it may be, don't lick the arm rests on the airplanes), I wouldn't worry too much about it. Remember how freaked everyone was about 'flesh eating disease' a few years ago? There was talk of that becoming an epedemic too, and where is it now? It's a worry that it's happening, but I don't think it's enough to be afraid of every world traveller that you come in contact with.
Hope this help to ease your worries a bit. Happy Travels!
Re: S.A.R.S Virus by sleepydumpling on 28 April 2003 5:02am
The big tip for helping avoid SARS I have just heard on the radio is....


Apparently that is the way it is travelling fastest. So wash 'em before you eat, after you touch any public surface, any time you think you might be putting them near your food or your face.

One of my pet peeves in this world is when you spot someone in the loo that fails to wash their hands!! Ewwwww!!

Re: S.A.R.S Virus by MissTrixiB on 28 April 2003 7:05am
A little bottle of anti-bacterial gel is very handy!
Re: S.A.R.S Virus by macpac70 on 29 April 2003 7:46am
thanks for ya re-assurance sleepydumpling and MissTrixiB. I hate to seem so negative about all this, its just that this is the trip af a lifetime for me and i just want to enjoy it to the max !! (big stylee lol)
Yes Kath, I will be going to Brisbane on my trip, en-route to see the Crcodile Hunter in his lair lol (early July wen I get to that bit I think.
Cheers Macpac70 (Graham).
Re: S.A.R.S Virus by sleepydumpling on 29 April 2003 9:38am
Ahh Graham!!! Forget the Crocodile Hunter!! The man is a lunatic!

Hope you spend some quality time in Queensland while you are here - it's just like the slogan says, Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next.

Re: S.A.R.S Virus by finnguy on 7 May 2003 12:59pm
Just had a thought - I hope Basil Pao and his family are OK.
Re: S.A.R.S Virus by sleepydumpling on 7 May 2003 1:02pm
Does Basil still live in Hong Kong? Or have they moved to the UK? I wonder!

Re: S.A.R.S Virus by finnguy on 7 May 2003 1:14pm
Not sure where they live now Kath. But chances are they have been in Hong Kong recently or at leats been in contact with someone who has been there.
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