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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by risible-phyll on 9 February 2003 10:18pm
Just been looking through past e-mails and noticed INFINITY had done the Cyprus to Port said cruise to Egypt ,
I did this cruise with my family , it was a wee bit un-nerving, but OK
My suprise came when i realised we did the cruise on the Princesa Marissa the ship Micheal sailed through the Med. on Pole to Pole.

Yes the Pyramids are stunning and Cairo is mad and busling worth every degree over 130 way hot!

I know i'm not in the right category for this piece of history but i wanted to share this with you guys !!!
Phyll x

Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by MissTrixiB on 2 March 2003 8:07am
There ARE no rules here!
Thanks for sharing your experience ;-)
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by JK on 2 March 2003 4:03pm
A couple of years ago a friend of mine, who is one of these adrenaline junkies, travelled all the way to New Zealand to indulge in a bit of white-water rafting, bungee-jumping sky diving etc. On the second day of being there he drove a good distance to a sky diving centre and whilst completing the necessary paperwork was asked if he`d wish to have the dive filmed by a cameraman which would of course cost extra. Obviously, he wanted to capture the event for perpetuity for his friends at home, so he agreed. Half an hour later they were in the air and he was receiving last minute instructions from the guy he`d be diving with (actually strapped to). One of said instruction was to tilt his head back when the instructor patted him three times on the waist. Anyway, the time for the jump was nigh and out the door they flew. The next minute or so was, according to my friend, one of THE most amazing experiences of his entire life.......until the instructor patted him on the waist three times at which point my friend tilted his head back knocking the instructor clean out. Never a good thing when you`re plummeting towards earth at a rate of knots. As fate would have it, that additional extra that was paid so that the whole event would be captured on film saved his life, as twas none other than the cameraman that came to the rescue and pulled the chord and talked my friend down. Happy holidays!
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by MissTrixiB on 9 April 2003 7:02am
Eeeh Gads! That made me flashback to my tandem.....so glad that didn't happen to me! I used to date a skydiving instructor....he quit doing tandems when some one vomited on (or rather 'up at') him. Blech!!!!
Any more stories? Remember....this is meant to be light hearted....don't want anyone to have to relive anything truly traumatizing here.
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by ilse on 9 April 2003 12:08pm
i've had a few bad ones, all when i was quite young. nothing dangerous or really horrible, but here are the top (or bottom) three:

one time when i was about 4, i was on vacation in Canada with my family. while we were there, i got sick, so we had to leave early. it was a 12 hour car drive back to south eastern Pennsylvania with my sister, our parents, and me- not a fun time for any of us! when we got home, it turned out that i had mono and i had to spend about a week in the hospital!

my dad, sister, and i were camping in algonquin park (Canada again), which meant canoing out through a lake or series of lakes to a campsite on a little island. unfortunately, one year it poured the entire time we were there, and the underside of our tent got wet, so of course everything else got wet too, and we had trouble cooking on our gas stove. not to mention having to spend the entire time in a tiny tent with two other damp and miserable people.

my dad doesn't seem to believe in driving anything else than a vw bug that is falling apart, so they broke down a lot. one time we were in the middle of New York State, about 8 hours from home when the beetle bus we had at the time just quit working. so, my sister and i were stuck there with my parents- who didn't get along that great anyway- bickering and trying to figure out how to get back. we ended up renting a smallish car and towing the bus all the way back, with my mom driving the rental and my dad steering the bus.

Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by t_t on 14 April 2003 7:59pm
Hmmm....let me see....have you ever been through the Israeli airport body control? If not, then I can assure you it's an experience you would never forget! I cannot blame people - after all, they are living in one of the most dangerous areas of this planet, but still the way they do it, is depreciatory and humiliating - and of course it makes you think twice if you ever wish to visit the country again.
In short, they kept me at the airport for 2,5 hours, examining everything - from my underwear to my shoe heels. The worst thing is the reason I suspect they did all that - the fact that I was there visiting friends whose name I had to mention and unfortunatelly among them there was the Arabic name of a friend who is a Druze and a legal Israeli citizen (who has served in the Israeli army for many years i might add)...
Of course I have visited the country again twice after that, but once they were asking me who I had been visiting I always mentioned a name of a girl I knew who was working at the Embassy of my country in Tel Aviv! Furthermore, I was sure they had my picture taken from my previous visits to the country, so it was easier for them to let me pass...
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by pandk2 on 18 April 2003 4:54pm
When I was in Thailand, at teh age of 10, my mum and I were in our hotel room and the biggest insect I have EVER seen ran across my bed. Now I live in Australia so I'm used to some pretty big crawlies but this thing was the size of a small mammal!!!
Had nightmares for years!!!
I never found out exactly what it was either. Oh, and we were advised to clean our teeth in Coca Cola cos it was more hygienic than the water!!!
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by Rusted on 19 April 2003 7:16am

Thanks for that one, Karen.


Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by macpac70 on 7 May 2003 12:51pm
Way back in the early '90's I was working in a remote part of Saudi Arabia ( near the Yemmen border), anyway while I was staying in the hotel I found I was being repeatedly bitten around my arms and lower parts of my legs. This went on for a few days and was getting worse, I went to see the loacal Doc and he said it was Mosquito bites, I knew in an instant that he was bullshitting me, as my arms and legs had been inside the bed, then that night I was itching like crazy, I just happened to lift up my pillow and then saw blood on the sheets in little patches. I just happened to look up at the wall behind the bed and and to my absolute horror, saw a very fat blood filled creature crawling up the wall !!! I caught the beast and took it to the doc's the next morning after a very sleepless and itchy night. I turned out to be a revolting BED BUG, I was horrified to say the least, the doc was a gasp also and refused to let me open the clear container for closer inspecton. Apparently they sense your body heat and crawl out of the matress to feed on the host, namly me and the only way to get rid of them is to burn the matress, so that was what had to be done, needless to say I refused to stay in the room any longer and went in to another minus the un-invited visitors. Foreign travel is not all, pools and ....tails sadly lol.
Re: A travel experience NOT to write home about.... by jasminerouf on 12 May 2003 11:26pm
Hello all
Interesting thread!
My worst is definitely the time I went to Bangladesh with the whole family but became very very ill with D+D (I will let you figure it out!) The medicine I was given was not working at first so the Imam was called for for a blesiing and then the meds were tried again! And I got better!
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