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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Re: Oh no... by Sky on 15 November 2004 11:14am
Having now flown I can safely say that poonpatch is right, flying is awesome!
Re: Oh no... by Wild in Africa on 17 November 2004 1:32pm
I fly about 20-30 times a year in my job and despite having flown over 450 times in all still get nervous, so you are not alone. I take something called Lexotanil which is mild enough not to zombify you but strong enough to chill you out.
Really, logically there is little to fear (unless you fly as I do into some pretty dodgy places in the world) so I would sit back and enjoy the buzz.
Re: Oh no... by Sky on 18 November 2004 11:42am
It was a nice flight back, but going the plane didn't land properly! It was EasyJet and instead of a nice smooth landing we just bumped down hard on the runway! Not good for a first time lol
Re: Oh no... by Wild in Africa on 18 November 2004 1:39pm
Well done, and I am sure all your future flights will go as well. Bumpy landings are par for the course and the planes are designed to take them. Mind you, once in Nigeria I was on a Boeing 727 coming in for a landing at a place called Enugu and at the last moment the pilot aborted the landing and came round again. As far as I could find out he had forgotten to drop the wheels first time round and we nearly did a belly landing. Now that would have been bumpy!!
Re: Oh no... by Dominic on 20 November 2004 2:06pm
Wild in Africa - what job do you do? sounds exiting to get to go all over the world and be paid for it! (I'm sure it has down sides too!)
Re: Oh no... by Wild in Africa on 20 November 2004 5:33pm
I've been working as an 'aid worker' for over 20 years so far. Spent a couple of years in Papua New Guinea, then a spell of 8 years in East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan) then UK based for 6 years travelling to Africa, then Albania for 15 months. Most recently until earlier this year I was based in Nairobi managing an NGO programme into South Sudan, then I was back in Sudan (Darfur) between July and September. Now I'm UK based again but managing another NGO programme with work in Sudan and Afghanistan so travelling again on this one.
This was all the result of being bitten by the travel bug when I was 19 and went on a college field trip to Kenya. I also saw the huge disparities in the world between rich and poor and knew I wanted a career where I could do something about those injustices and also satiate my wanderlust. I never looked back from then.
Down sides: never being able to fit properly into British society again, leaving marriage and kids till late (48 now and only becoming a father for the first time in 6 weeks time), getting a fascinating mix of tropical diseases. On the whole though it's been good and I wouldn't change it if I could.
Re: Oh no... by PilchardsInOil on 11 January 2005 12:49pm
My first plane flight was great - except something went horribly wrong with the pressure in my left ear and it started bleeding and everything. I went deaf in it for 24 hours. =(

Was that just me, or have other people had bleeding ears?
Re: Oh no... by Sky on 12 January 2005 11:49am
Never had bleeding ears but I did find that my ears went funny. I think everything is fine then everything goes louder! I hate that.

In March I'll be enduring a 7 hour flight to New York. Somehow I don't think popping ears is gonna be my only worry...
Re: Oh no... by Silvija on 12 January 2005 1:09pm
Wow Sky! I've never travelled by plane for so long. The longest on a plane was 1 hour and 45 minutes for me (Amsterdam-Zagreb). How do you survive a flight 7 hrs long??
Re: Oh no... by Sky on 12 January 2005 2:47pm
My thoughts exactly! I guess I'll just take some music to listen to, a stash of magazines, and even bigger stash of candy and walk around every now and again to stop my legs aching. Be a good chance to get some sleep I guess!

Then again 7 hours is nothing compared to the 20 hour or so trip my friend endured when going to Australia!
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