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  The Chatter Box : Travel
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Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by WhingerŠ on 17 January 2005 9:59pm
Ive eaten in beach shacks, from road side vendors & slurped my way through some incredible drinks.... no problem. Sat down to eat in a classy resturaunt in goa (Most will probably know it) & wooooooaaaaaaa big problems for a couple of days later..

Strange old world isnt it..?

Further to the question.... I find that my worst fears are generally before I set off, when I get there the fears melt away...

Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by Godfather on 18 January 2005 3:38am

>What are your greatest travel fears?

Being take hostage by a member of some twatty masked brigade in the Middle East,and being executed.

I had 'intended' to go to the middle east this year. Two countries away from (but close to) the trouble zone.

I have to admit that the constant kidnappings and executions last year, did eventually scare me enough to delay that trip and put it off until things perhaps cool down there.

Especially as one of the victims was a traveller (a young Japanese backpacker in his 20's). That brought it very close to home for me (like the Bali bomb did on Kuta beach).

Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by zak on 19 January 2005 1:07am
My fear would simply be to forget money! Oh my goodness I couldn't imagine it!
Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by Wild in Africa on 20 January 2005 4:10pm
And there I was suitably impressed by what a fearless bunch Palinites were ('the eerie silence') but now I know we are all as fragile and human as the rest.
Good advice on food. In Addis Ababa Doctors ask if you have eaten recently at the Hilton if you go down with a bad stomach. I have had awful guts though from local food so don't presume that all local grub is good and high class joints the places to avoid.
Best to prepare your own food if at all possible then you can be sure of the quality of the preparation and how clean it is. If not possible use common sense and if the place looks filthy and the food looks underdone, or reheated or flyblown, then avoid.

On not forgetting things, make a list and ask someone you trust to go over it with you before departure. Also, don't rush things and give yourself time. Last minute rushing to the airport often results in forgotten passports, money etc. I always arrive about half an hour before the expected check-in time, so I can choose my seat, avoid the crowds, buy my duty-frees and relax in departure with a book.
There is no guaranteed way to avoid being taken hostage but not travelling to the high risk countries in one. You are unlikely to be taken hostage in Europe, North America, South East Asia, Australasia, and we all know that Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan etc are the places where the risks are higher (I probably have to travel to Afghanistan and Iran soon on work so wish me luck!).
Type of passport matters and I guess UK and US passports are the worst to travel on right now. If you can get dual nationality, something like Irish, Canadian and New Zealand passports are probably a lot safer.
Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by Godfather on 20 January 2005 5:04pm

>>Afghanistan etc are the places where the risks are higher

Depends which areas you are in really. Which areas will you be working in, Wild?. The risk for AF it seemed,is standing out too much such as those flash UN vehicles that are often seen. But food is usually the risky thing there. Got sick a few times. Nothing serious. But just general flyblown circumstances in rural areas where bread is baked and then left out for the flys to do a "Knights of the round table" dance on. So, similar to what you've probably experienced in Africa. More than anything, it's just the way the bread is handled there. And a few of us travellers there pretty much agreed that it was the bread that was probably causing problems for us.
Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by Wild in Africa on 20 January 2005 8:09pm
Probably Nangarhar/Jalalabad Godfather, though with the Tsunami I might get diverted to Sri Lanka instead and I still have Sudan to manage, so lots to play around with.
I'll watch out for Afghan bread!
Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by Wild in Africa on 20 January 2005 8:19pm
Fogot to say thanks to maple for reinvigorating this thread. Love to hear where you had the close call with the hippo. Similar thing happened to me on Lake Baringo in Kenya where a mother and baby hippo surfaced beside my boat, then dived underneath and I had a few heart stopping moments wondering if they were coming up under me. They didn't!

Of course the most dangerous animal in Africa (indeed in the tropics) is the malaria mosquito and that's the one that should most occupy your thoughts and you should most protect yourself against.
Getting robbed is scary. Happened to me in Nairobi last year, at gunpoint. I felt very calm while it was happening but quite shaken afterwards when I considered the implications. Again no guarantees against it happening but the only advice is stay calm, no Rambo heroics, do what they say and don't worry about losing material goods. Your life is more important.
Re: What are your greatest travel fears? by maple_muse on 22 January 2005 6:33am
Hi Wild, here's what happen.
I was on a 4 day canoe trip in an area called Mana Pool on the Zambezi. It was our last day on the river. Our guide told us, it was a easy 2 hours paddle to our end. It started simply enough...when the head-wind picked up. Not being the most experiened group of paddlers, we had problems keeping our canoe going straight. Once your boat starts turning,it's difficult to get it staight again with those 1 feet waves coming towards you. We (all of us) got our canoes turned toward this big group of hippo. We can see them bobbing up and down from a distance away. We thought we were quite a bit still away from the shore when all of a sudden 1 came up right beneath me. Knock us up a few feet into the air. All of a sudden, we found the strength to turn that canoe around. Stength came out of fear.
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