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Visas by Godfather on 18 January 2005 6:24pm
Visas are either works of art, or boring. Going on from a conversation on another thread yesterday,i've put up some scans i made of my passports. I dont have all i'm afraid, because a passport was stolen in 2002 which had visas from the 2000-2002 time. But here are a few. I've only selected some pages,because it takes so long to scan them. I would love to see the full range of Michael's Africa ones from Pole to Pole. Because apparently the African visas are supposedly gigantic things.

Put up your own visas,and like Tony Hart, let's see the "Gallery" :

Complete with Gallery music :


P.S : Once these links open into a new window,you will have to maximize the screen or it crunches the pictures down.

INDIA 2003 (The new style of visa..Have about 4)

INDIA 1997 (The old style which is quite boring)

CHINA 2003 (New style - Very practical....and grey)

CHINA 1999 (Old style - Nice, but poor stamp ink)

CHINA 1999 (Old exit stamp)

CAMBODIA 2003 (New Style - Nice)

CAMBODIA 1999 (Old Style - So so)

LAOS 1999 (Probably old style now, i guess)

MYANMAR 2004 (Quite nice. But too formal)

AFGHANISTAN 2003 (Newly issued visas)

PAKISTAN 1999 (Love the design)

PAKISTAN 2003 (Same. But a less grubby page)

PAKISTAN 1999 (Visa extension stamp)

NEPAL 1999 (I think it looked the same in 2002)

THAIILAND 2004 (First time i actually got a Thai visa)

THAILAND (Various 30 day stamps. The way i usually do it)

RANDOM BITS (Various coutnries...sheer chaos)

EGYPT 1995 (Pretty boring visa then)

Because most visitors just get a free 30 day pass at land borders in Latin America. My original passport is a total chaotic jumble of border stamps as i was crossing borders all the time back and across to renew my 30 days. I think i have about 4 pages of stamps all hemmed in together. Here are some. They may be chaotic. But they take up far less space than this new trend to issue visas that take up an entire page.

SOUTH AMERICA 1997 (Colombia,Ecuador)

SOUTH AMERICA 1997 (Peru, Bolivia)

HONDURAS / GUATEMALA 1997 (Back and forward)

Re: Visas by Tusker on 18 January 2005 7:56pm
Nice one Godfather. The African visas I have are all quite large rubber stamped things similar to your Afghani visa. They do use different coloured inks - some green, some red. I don't have a scanner so can't put them up here. Michaels passport from Pole to Pole should be put on display in a museum/gallery somewhere!
Re: Visas by Godfather on 19 January 2005 12:30am
I hear some of the Central African republics,have some really freaky visas. Although they may have changed now. Which countries in Africa are your visas from? A lot of Visas are becoming quite stylish. But they're all taking up entire page which is really annoying. Less life on the passport.

Re: Visas by zak on 19 January 2005 12:47am
Here are my entry and exit visas for Bulgaria, there not the most interesting visas though, but I like em!... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v87/zakery/visa.jpg
Re: Visas by zak on 19 January 2005 12:49am
Oh, I suspect other people have one of these, but I got a personalised coloured passport cover for my birthday just gone and I love it so here it is!... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v87/zakery/meinpass.jpg
Re: Visas by Godfather on 19 January 2005 2:18am
Hehe. The first thing i noticed,was how good the condition of your passport was on the first post. Then i read the second one. I really need one of those covers. My old style Brit passport is hanging off at the spine. It's expired now of course,and i use the Red one which i got after my 2002 Red one was stolen. But only in a short time, all the lettering has worn off the front of it already. I, and immigration officials must have very acidic hands or something. In many ways,i like those smaller stamps because it means your passport life is longer.
Re: Visas by Dominic on 19 January 2005 6:24pm
Has any one found it easier to get visa direct from the country's embassy (here in the UK) or via a specialist company? (if company, what ones have you used?)
Re: Visas by Tusker on 19 January 2005 7:50pm
I quite like the wear and tear - it shows experience! I was bought a white leather passport cover for Christmas and was just about to send it off to Oxfam - so Godfather its yours if you want it.
Re: Visas by Godfather on 19 January 2005 8:13pm

>so Godfather its yours if you want it.

Does it have a little rapier work base with an attachment? (because that's important...it's a British thing)

Godfather - "I'll give you four"
Tusker - "4? for this wallet? it's worth 10 if it's worth a shekel"
Godfather - "Ok...erm..seven"
Tusker - "7? me?..with a poor dying grandmother? 7?"

Seriously though. If you dont want it,i'm interested :)

Re: Visas by Godfather on 19 January 2005 8:20pm
>>Has any one found it easier to get visa direct from the country's embassy (here in the UK) or via a specialist company? (if company, what ones have you used?)

I normally go up and get my Indian visas from the embassy in London. The way that place works, is mini India. Total beauracratic run around. I find it a good introduction to what a visitor will find in India. If they survive that day, they'll survive India. If they dont survive that day,it's a bad idea to head to India. But more and more i've seen that i dont save much, by the time i've gone up on a coach,and back. Visa services are always slightly more, but save hassle i guess.

A couple of times recently i've used visa services because i've been working right up till a day before i was to go travelling. One called "Gold" something. And the other, was Trailfinders service for a Thai visa this year,as i was working. But i usually get my visas along the way in each country before i move on.
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