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Haunted Places by AGM on 16 May 2005 1:23pm
I like to go to places that are supposed to be haunted. I've never seen any of the ghosts though, and I haven't gotten a picture of one of them either. Have any of you seen ghosts on your travels? :)
Re: Haunted Places by Wild in Africa on 16 May 2005 2:08pm
I remember posting a thread some months ago asking for palinites to write about their spooky experiences and quite a few did and have had ghostly encounters.
I used to live in a haunted flat in south London where strange footsteps would cross my bedroom at night and guests would hear a voice whispering in their ear when there was nobody there.
Re: Haunted Places by beccles on 16 May 2005 2:40pm
that is so spooky!
Re: Haunted Places by The Comfy Chair on 16 May 2005 3:45pm
I went on a guided tour of Prague where they showed you places that are supposedly haunted. It was good, but they should have done it in the evening, now it was in the middle of the day and strong sunshine does not contribute to a spooky feeling.
Re: Haunted Places by Wild in Africa on 16 May 2005 3:48pm
Have a look at this website which offers weekend and other visits and stays in haunted locations in the UK and Ireland.

I think York in particular is very famous for its hauntings and there are many Haunted York tours on offer.
Re: Haunted Places by davekaz on 16 May 2005 4:26pm
hey, been there done that now let me out! yes I have an un-nerving "gift" of experiencing phenomena - for all disbelievers keep an open mind!! If you are looking out for ghostly goings on, and you experience something unusual - keep an eye out for an orb, I suppose about golf ball size, that move quite quickly and then hopefully disappear!! I've lived in a haunted house when I was living Cheshire, I've worked in a place where I wouldn't go to the stores on my own - the only bad spirit I've come across there, and have seen plenty of other things! There are mediums in my family but I'd prefer to leave it alone!! I'm a wimp!!
Re: Haunted Places by AGM on 16 May 2005 4:53pm
Hi everybody. Wild in Africa and evelyncathalin, can't IMAGINE living with ghosts. I prefer to just visit them. Thanks for the great website Wild in Africa. I would love to visit England and go to places like those.
Re: Haunted Places by davekaz on 17 May 2005 10:49am
Hi again AGM, WIA suggested York which is a good spot for spirits Cornwall has a good few spirits around too! With the topic being quite popular, make sure that wherever you do visit has definite sightings. There are some people who run guesthouses and hotels on the basis of the place being "haunted" and charge their guests a huge amount of money for a comfy bed and no history of spirits!! - other than the alcoholic ones. The website WIA gave has places that are well documented as having sightings - and if you can get to see Most Haunted with Derek Acorah - he's brilliant and brave!! One other thing, a new building can be just as haunted as those that have stood for hundreds of years! Just because a place is haunted doesn't mean you will experience anything, quite often it's when you least expect it! Derek Acorah has a website but can't remember it - but if you put his name in the search engine it will come up!!
Re: Haunted Places by kristinekm on 17 May 2005 3:00pm
Hi, why not try Edinburgh they do ghost tours :)

For further info check this link out: http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/dests.php?loc=EDI

Re: Haunted Places by Wild in Africa on 17 May 2005 3:33pm
Not sure evelynC about Most Haunted. I have never actually watched an episode where I have been convinced that it wasn't mass hysteria and they were feeding off each other's fears. As for Derek Acorah, I remain deeply sceptical. All too easy for him to say the things he does without a shred of evidence beyond his own hearsay.
I do believe places are haunted. I have had personal experiences (mentioned above) and know other rational sober people who have had some pretty ghastly and terrifying experiences so do not doubt that hauntings occur. But when it comes to programmes like Most Haunted my jury is still decidely out on this one.
I'm sure Ghost tours are lots of fun though and add an extra spice to a city visit.
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