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Re: Haunted Places by AGM on 17 May 2005 5:09pm
Hi evelyncathalin. I prefer old haunted places to the new ones though. That's why Great Britain would be so neat. I'll try to find that website to check it out. There's a historical museum in the area that is supposed to have at least 13 ghosts. I've been there four times and have never seen any, although I have had some wierd experiences. Going back next week to try again. The 80 Days series passed right by this museum. Probably only interesting to me :). Also there are two portraits of ancestors of mine hanging on the wall in the parlor. They owned a cheese factory, which I think is kind of funny.

Thanks for the website Kristinekm. I'll look at it when I get a chance.

Wild in Africa, where is the thread you posted about ghosts? I remember seeing it, but I don't remember which section it was in. I might find it yet. Have only looked through very quickly so far.
Re: Haunted Places by Wild in Africa on 17 May 2005 5:56pm
Ummm, I posted a thread called Spooky Stuff about January this year in Blathering on, but I can't seem to find it either. Must have been lost in one of webbie's reshuffles. Quite a few people contributed some very spooky stories which were quite entertaining.
So AGM you have ancestors that owned a cheese factory and who may well be ghosts now? Did they actually ever stock any cheese at all...no..well I thought so (bang bang!) such a senseless waste of life!
If Most Haunted visits to check it out and take photos they know what to say to bring them out of the woodwork anyway...'Say CHEESE!!"
Re: Haunted Places by davekaz on 17 May 2005 6:58pm
Hi again, it's me! Hey Wild, looking at my last post I can see where you're coming from - I do agree that the female presenter could do with a few valium and put in a brightly lit room - but where they visit could be a good start for list of places that are documented as being haunted - I didn't say that in my last post and I should have - so apologies!!!!
I've seen a good bit of phenomena but only once came across a bad spirit.
I used to work as a duty manager in a large supermarket, and a few times I felt uneasy in the backstores - I put this in to the back of my mind and forgot about it. I was locking up one night, and was alone in the building (built in 1980's) and was just checking the bolts and padlocks on a door when I felt like as if somebody rushed up behind me as if to shove or push, I turned and nobody was of course there. Between 11pm and 1am this happened to me loads of times and I just said it's my imagination, I'm alone the only person in a large shopping centre what would I expect? It kept happening and I'd turn and say to thin air "leave me alone" and the "threat" retreated, on the odd time I saw an orb which I did not understand then as been a spirit.
Well I kept it to myself, until one night, there were 2 of us locking up, when my colleague ran out from the backstores screaming for me - there was no way he was going back down there - I asked what had happened, his white face reddened and said he thought there was a ghost - I said SNAP why did he think I didn't go down and had asked him - cruel of me I know.. well we kept it quiet, and then another night I saw another colleague rapidly leaving the area concerned, he asked me if I could lock up the back and he'd do the front - not on your nelly, so there were 3 of us, as this second colleague was so scared, we brought another long standing member of staff with us, of course saying nothing.... he freaked out and said the hairs on his neck were standing on end and scarpered quickly followed by the other leaving me alone. Was I not welcome or what? I forced myself to lock the padlocks and make sure the fire and burglar alarm were installed and made a quick exit with no further to do. All this happened between 11pm and 1am - hours either side of that were fine but it was pretty scary, and quite a few people had left because of the backstores. later found out the building was built over an old graveyard. Don't like seeing things after that!!!
Re: Haunted Places by AGM on 17 May 2005 7:40pm
Wild in Africa, my ancestors don't haunt the museum. They never lived in the building or anything they were just part of the history of the county the museum represents. Love your cheese jokes!!

evelyncathalin - yikes! I don't know why I go looking for ghosts. I don't think I actually want to see one. Don't know how I would react, but there would probably be a lot of running and screaming and maybe even some crying. The ghosts where I'm going are supposed to be pretty nice though.
Re: Haunted Places by kristinekm on 19 May 2005 12:07am
Here's a better link of the Edinburgh ghost tours:


Re: Haunted Places by AGM on 19 May 2005 4:56pm
Spooky - thanks!
Re: Haunted Places by Sarah Bates on 22 May 2005 8:15pm
You must do the ghost tour in Edingburgh http://www.blackhart.uk.com/cod/guides.html

This ghost tour boasts a live poltergeist and is very scary but excellent!! By far the best one!!
Re: Haunted Places by AGM on 24 May 2005 4:49pm
Thank you Sarah.
Re: Haunted Places by sarahs on 24 May 2005 7:27pm
my house.

i honestly believe there is something in my house. people think i'm mad, but since the first "incident", i've put a crucifix in my room, and have a small bottle of holy water. i'm being serious.

Re: Haunted Places by davekaz on 25 May 2005 10:19am
hey sarahs those who think you are mad have yet to experience anything, or else they have and don't want to stand up and admit it. Do you know the history of the house? Tell us more about your experiences, there are people here who understand what it's like.
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