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Re: Haunted Places by AGM on 25 May 2005 1:15pm
I don't think you're mad sarahs if that helps any.
Re: Haunted Places by sarahs on 26 May 2005 12:53am
i don't know much about it. we only moved in a few years ago - 2002. and it was fine then, but last summer i moved rooms, moved to the bigger spare one, and my brother happened to do a ouigi (sorry, don't know how its spelt) board around the time.

i was lying down on my bed listening to music, and i felt my face get slapped. the actual feeling of gettin slapped, as in feeling something on your face, face moving, and it hurting afterwards.

another time, my hair was in a ponytail and it got pulled.

and small things like things going missing and noises.

sometimes i think i'm going mad. but i really think there is something. i actually get scared sleeping by myself sometimes that i go to my little brother's room - and no, it's not him messing around.

i guess it's not that many big stuff, but i am really scared, that, lie i said, i've put a crucix in my room and have some holy water.

Re: Haunted Places by davekaz on 26 May 2005 10:59am
well that is something - poor you - don't blame you for being scared, but your brother doing a ouija board may not have anything to do with your experiences - does this only happen in your new room, or is it around the house as well - how many owners has the house had over the last few years - if it changes hands regularly it could suggest others have experienced "activity", if you look in to it a bit more - ask locally - people may have heard something. If nothing comes up, it would be suggested that a priest is called - hope that helps!
Re: Haunted Places by Ahren on 1 June 2005 5:17pm
Whats an ouija board?
Re: Haunted Places by perfectbitch on 1 June 2005 9:42pm
Leave well alone Ahren. It may be a device for communicating with spitits of departed ones but whether it is or not, it can mess up your mind in negative situations. A few years ago, some oxbridge students began studying the phenomenon and suffered badlly enough for the college to cancel the course. I have known it appear to be harmless fun but I have seen people totlly freaked out. Be careful, very careful.
Re: Haunted Places by kristinekm on 2 June 2005 2:22am
When I was younger the really spooky game to play was called something like “the spirit in the glass”. You drew various numbers and letters in a circle and then placed the glass in the middle with the bottom up and all participants putting their hand on top of it.
You then had to ask the spirit a question and it would move in different directions spelling an answer IF the spirit was there.

On one occasion I was told that a girl once had freaked out because the spirit prophesized her death, but I’m not that sure I was told the truth, we were after all very young :)
Re: Haunted Places by davekaz on 2 June 2005 10:31am
I agree perfectbitch - leave well alone it is not an intelligent thing to do - when I was in college a few students decided to do a ouija board - they regretted it so much afterwards - they had to call a priest. I note kristinekm's entry - mmmmmnn kristine you are a very lucky person, don't try it again!!!!!
Re: Haunted Places by Ahren on 4 June 2005 11:23pm
lol, i can freak myself out just walking up the stairs in the dark! Id hate it, knowing that there actually was something out there and not just my very overeactive imagination!
Re: Haunted Places by sarahs on 11 July 2005 11:38pm
i hardly know anything about my house. i know it was empty for ages before we got it as the guy who owned it before us has lots of houses and flats all over north london, middlesex and isreal that just stay empty, he doesnt even rent them out or anthing.

before him there was a young married couple who moved to america, but that's all i know i'm afraid, its what my neighbours told me.

nothing new though, although my big brother had something scary happen to him a few months ago that i wasn't told about as he knew it would freak me out. he said that he was lying on his bed when he felt something (or someone) hold him down, and he tried getting up, but couldn't as was being pushed and held down.

and then there's da creeky floorboards, when no ones walking round the house, and the noises and stuff. its all so scary and writing about it just scares me.

don't really know what to do.

Re: Haunted Places by AGM on 12 July 2005 1:41pm
Wish I could help sarahs.
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