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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: new7wondersvote by sighthound on 14 March 2007 6:16pm
The problem is that only one of the original 7 wonders still exists. I imagine that travel bureaus would like to market "7 Wonders Tours" to places where people could actually see something.
Re: new7wondersvote by canaveralgumby on 14 March 2007 6:24pm
Twin Towers WTC, NYC
Petronas Towers, Malaysia
Taipei 101
Sears Tower, Chicago, USA

We take it for granted but our technology and ability to build UP is a wonder.

And how about our giant engineering projects, like dams, bridges, tunnels? Particle smashers?! SKYLAB / INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION?

They seem to be going only for beauty / historical importance. Functional engineering is wondrous too.

What's the significance of "7"? I know there are many western biblical referances to it. But the world is a much bigger place since the Original 7 Wonders. Maybe some multpile of 7? How does sevenTEEN sound?
Re: new7wondersvote by Lounge Trekker on 14 March 2007 6:27pm
The cynical side of me says 'this is a marketing scheme', sign up and vote, register and vote, send us money, donate to the furthering of the new 7 greatest...

Good collection of sights, though. Maybe we oughta use this for our own purposes and ask those who have seen any of these sights to send us a review of the scene. What the views are like, if there are seating areas, comfortable places nearby or of the tour bus barely has room to park, if there are other good creature comforts nearby...good food, good water, peace and quiet. What are the entry fees if any? Are there knowledgable tour guides? What about hungry, impoverished local people?

What are your experiences at these amazing places? Or as Cori suggests, maybe there are other equally fantastic things to look at? Share your experiences with us.

Lounge Trekker
Re: new7wondersvote by canaveralgumby on 14 March 2007 6:48pm
What about St. Peters / Sistene Chapel? Is there some anti-western political correctness going on?

HOW do you COMPARE an artistic/engineering wonder from 1000 B.C. to one built 10 yrs. ago?!?!? You need mathematicians to create a formula...

I find this all really interesting!!

Take the Mona Lisa (La Giaconda)! Hasn't that had an impact of wonder on billions? Could a small painting be a wonder of the world?
Re: new7wondersvote by Lounge Trekker on 14 March 2007 7:56pm
We'd need a mathematician/historian/archeaologist/sociologist to make that comparison!

Lounge Trekker
Re: new7wondersvote by Ellerd on 14 March 2007 11:29pm
What's wrong with the UNESCO world heritage list?


I really don't see much of a point of naming seven new wonders. Aside from the benefits to advertisers.
Re: new7wondersvote by kazzzz on 15 March 2007 12:15am
Forgive me here, but look at nature. That's the real wonder.
Re: new7wondersvote by canaveralgumby on 15 March 2007 2:58am
Ellerd, that's a wonderful link. Thank you. I for one didn't know about that. Lots of browsing to do!
Re: new7wondersvote by peripatetically on 15 March 2007 12:37pm
Karen has a good point. I am always amazed at nature when I stop to observe, whether at a distance or close up with a lens. It's really a miracle to behold.

Tony would definitely be a wonder too, Kaz. I'm always wondering about him. After all, everything is his fault and I dn't know why. I know Mike is being blamed lately, but that's Tony's fault too.
Re: new7wondersvote by sighthound on 15 March 2007 6:50pm
Yes, good site, Ellerd. Thanks. (But it's certainly skewed toward the European. Wonder how the nominees actually get picked....)

The original "7 Wonders" list was compiled in antiquity and referred only to man-made structures but there have been lots of efforts to compile a list of natural wonders. From Wikipedia: "Similar to the other lists of wonders, there is no consensus on a list of seven natural wonders of the world, as there has been debate over how large the list should be. One of the many lists was compiled by CNN:

Grand Canyon
Great Barrier Reef
Harbor of Rio de Janeiro
Mount Everest
Polar Aurora
Parícutin volcano
Victoria Falls "
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