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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: space travel? by fattcslim on 5 April 2003 12:19am
beth, id just like to say 'live long and prosper' lol

Re: space travel? by risible-phyll on 5 April 2003 12:33am
I would love to see the world from the space shuttle , i've always loved space travel and was VERY fortunate to be at the Kennedy Space centre in Florida when the Mars Space probe was launched , we filmed it on video and even the sound was picked up very loud indeed,wow,and saw a shuttle from a distance on the launch pad. We met Bob Crippen who was the co-pilot of the first space shuttle shook his hand and asked him questions, it was so overwhelming i cried at the intensity of it all.

Tonight my son Ross spotted a satalite traveling through the night sky we were all outide in the garden watching this wonder,I must agree with you Beth I think there must be other life somewhere and hope it will be in my lifetime we make contact,....providing the aliens are friendly though...lol

love peace and phone home
Re: space travel? by peripatetically on 5 April 2003 2:21am
Phyll, sorry. That was not a satellite that Ross spotted. It was your tractor , off-course, again !! hahahahahahaha!

Re: space travel? by sleepydumpling on 5 April 2003 7:10am
Ok I will have a go just to encourage some other folks to weigh in on this post!

I'd have to say Mars. Not because I want to know if there are any little green men or anything, but according to my Astrological chart (which I don't necessarily believe in, but is interesting none-the-less)Mars is my planet and good things are supposed to happen to me when Mars is in my sign!

So I'd be hoping that by being on Mars for some time, it would be in my sign and I might be able to pick the winning lotto numbers!!

Otherwise I'd just go to Uranus to be able to announce loudly to people "I've been to Uranus!!" Sorry, I can't avoid bum jokes either!!


P.S. Besides, Mars is no place to raise a kid. In fact it's cold as hell.
Re: space travel? by pandk2 on 5 April 2003 7:18am
Well let's see....do they have creme eggs on other planets?
Phyll, one thing we do a lot here in the summer is to lie on the trampoline at night...all 4 of us...staring skywards and watch satellites...where we live is very dark at night...no street lights.
So we see lots! We've got so good at it that we've timed them and know when they're coming!
Brian May fron Queen is REALLY into astronomy by the way...interesting little fact for you there.
By the way Phyll, that's MY tractor Ross spotted..it arrived in the post earlier in the week. My letterbox isn't in good shape though!
Re: space travel? by Rusted on 5 April 2003 10:24am
Interesting this was brought up.

I'm taking an astronomy class at the moment, and while learning exactly how all those tifferent types of stars and planets are formed takes a bit of the mystery out of them, it's strangely fascinating in its own right.

Out of all the stuff we've studied so far, the nebuli (forgive my spelling) sound the most interesting - I'd love to be able to see the pink glow from an H2 cloud from a closer point. I don't think exploring planets intrigues me as much as navigating deep space itself - I'm weird! LOL!

I wonder if Michael would ever want to do space travel. It's definitely a traveling experiencing he hasn't had yet! (That I know of...LOL)

~Mary ("Rocketman" - great song, Kath!)
Re: space travel? by Mac on 5 April 2003 11:19am
There,s a starman waiting in the sky
he,d like to come and meet us but he
think he,ll blow our minds.

Ground contol to Major Tom
Ground control to Major Tom

Ashes to Ashes, funk to funky we know Major Tom,s a junkie, strung in heavens high, hitting a all time low

My mother said to get thing s done you better not mess with Major Tom.

I like David Bowie

MAC xxx
Re: space travel? by Mac on 5 April 2003 11:25am
I just walkied into the loungeroom after I had posted above message and on the T.v. was a program called ALF.
does anybody remember that show ?

MAC xxx
Re: space travel? by fattcslim on 5 April 2003 1:21pm
mac!!!! dont you start telling us lies now, you didnt just walk in 2 see ALF on tv, you was watching it!!! youre a big fan of the orange big nosed creature

Re: space travel? by Mac on 5 April 2003 1:26pm
Honestly Tony i really did just walk into the loungeroom !!I said to myself,
self I should go and do ummm something, I can,t remember what it was i went to do, but whatever it was that i was doing meant I had to go to the loungeroom in order to do it and there it was on the T.V.
Anyway thats my story and I,m sticking to it :)

MAC xxx
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