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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Cutty Sark by Gollumit on 22 May 2007 7:50pm
Johnny is delusional!

The Cutty Sark has very little connection to Edinburgh; it was merely constructed there. The history of the Cutty Sark has greater connections to London than Edinburgh.

It seems to me as though Johnny (Spursfan) is not only a bully but also a racist – the comment about ‘Londonistan’ is pushing the realms of acceptability.

London is richer from its cultural diversity. Such ignorance and bigotry is unacceptable.

Johnny, can you stop harassing Kazzz, its getting uncomfortable

Re: Cutty Sark by suzulu on 22 May 2007 10:23pm
I am really upset too about the Cutty Sark - it is such a beautiful ship.
Re: Cutty Sark by kazzzz on 23 May 2007 2:03pm
The Figurehead was away, the masts were away, the eleven miles (!) of rigging was away, the wheelhouse was away, so it'll still be The Cutty Sark.
Re: Cutty Sark by johnnythemonkey on 23 May 2007 2:46pm
Hate to have to do it but I must respond to Gollumit's [Little Jack Horner, aka Michael ;) ] accusation of me making a racist comment.
'Londonistan' is the title of a book by Melanie Phillips, a respected, if sometimes controversial author/journalist. She did'nt coin the term 'Londonistan'; I believe it was first used by foreign intelligence operatives, in their exasperation at the way London was becoming a hotbed of radical Islamism with terrorist connections, which the British government chose to ignore. This was before the attacks on the London transport system, which brought home the cost of ignoring the obvious threat.
I used the term Londonistan, as I like to deflate the pomposity of some Londoners, who think it is the centre of the universe. Likewise it seems do silly little Essex boys like Michael.
What did they teach you at school Michael? Has the river Clyde been moved to Edinburgh ? Can you build a ship in Dumbarton and launch it 450 miles away in Greenwich ?
Silly little boy.
Re: Cutty Sark by Gollumit on 23 May 2007 4:43pm
The general point that I was trying to make was that the history of the Cutty Sark is interwoven more with Greenwich than Edinburgh. Besides Edinburgh already has the Royal Yacht Britannia, how many more ships does a city need?

By the way, I did not say that London was the centre of the universe, I was merely highlighting that London is culturally diverse.

Johnny, I suggest you delete some of the personal details that you have written; otherwise I will not hesitate in reporting you to the Internet Standards Agency.

Peculiar that you have such an intense interest in me. This is a violation of my identity in terms of privacy protection and it is against the law.

The comment about ‘Londonistan’ was intended as a racist comment. We all know that you are a homophobic, racist, small-minded little man that demonstrates his frustration through harassing people on the Internet. It is racist bigots like you that make me embarrassed to be British.
Re: Cutty Sark by johnnythemonkey on 24 May 2007 12:59am
Spin on it , little boy.
Play with fire.........

If you modify your behaviour Michael, I might just resist posting your photo.
LOL, Gollum is better looking !
Re: Cutty Sark by johnnythemonkey on 24 May 2007 1:27am
For anyone that is interested in Melanie Phillip's book.

Re: Cutty Sark by kazzzz on 24 May 2007 3:11am
Johnny would you be making all this fuss if the ship hadn't burned down?
Re: Cutty Sark by johnnythemonkey on 24 May 2007 8:02am
Do you think I really care a cuss about the damn thing? You can't preserve everything. Even my looks will eventually fade.
Re: Cutty Sark by kazzzz on 24 May 2007 12:35pm
Yes I do think you care, such a fuss. Go and have a lie down.
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