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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by johnnythemonkey on 2 August 2007 11:03am
Not at all what I expected. Has the whole world turned into a chav shit-hole where even death conjures up thoughts of ' look at me' ? What sad bastards. Look again at my choices and reasons. Even in death, some of you materialistic self -loving c...s can't give up. May death meet you soon.
Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by perfectbitch on 2 August 2007 12:26pm
You asked ths question Johhny. I am shocked that you find it neccessary to express such verbal aggression to those whose responses are not serious enough for you. Everyone on this site has experienced bereavement and their responses are genuine and in my case, a finger up at the inevitibilty of our own mortality. Your choices and reasons are your own and I respect that so please be so kind as to agree to differ and show equal respect for the choices of others.

Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by Spursfan on 2 August 2007 12:46pm
Wheelrim - you say you had Wonderful World played. I went to the memorial service of a very dear (older) friend - he was a full-time Y & C Worker when my husband was a PT Youth Worker, and he and his wife sort of 'adopted' us. We were abroad for the cremation.

He had had a couple of strokes - one in Paris!! He loved nature, and was a big kid at heart so at the memorial service one of the songs played was Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong which was one of his faves. Not a dry eye in the church!!

His wife had laid on lots of kiddie type snacks and sweets for the (what do you call the meal afterwards!!) in the vestry afterwards as it was what HE would have liked. It was lovely - though it would've been nice for the man himself to have joined us.

Thinking about it we also attended his wife's mother's funeral later, which as she was in a home run by nuns - (I think it's called Oulton Abbey, wheelrim, you may know it)- was held in the Abbey.

It was strange afterwards (not being Catholic or any religion for that matter) being served sandwiches and other delights by nuns!! Bit surreal. But they were lovely, and I am rambling so I'll shut up now!!
Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by johnnythemonkey on 2 August 2007 1:06pm
Linz, you are the last person on this site I would want to offend.
I have just been informed from a couple of people ( nothing to do with this thread) that they think I am ruining Palin's. I always realised that I am not everyone's cup of tea, nor indeed did I set out to be, but if I'm considered to be such a spoiler, then I gracefully bow out.
Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by perfectbitch on 2 August 2007 4:53pm
You haven't offended me Johnny. These big issues are very personal affairs. It will be 3 years since Nick's funneral on Friday and so this question touched me close to the heart. Compared to my mothers funeral, Nick's was so much more uplifting. No religious mentions at all - the theme tune to Hitchiker's to carry the coffin in and Edith Piaf (in french) to go out. My daughter also sang acpela. My Mum's was steeped in religious ideals and was humourless and dour.

I believe that funerals are for the living - it's part of the bereavement process. I think your choices sound very right for you. If I am in a crematorium that has a curtain, when the curtains close, I would like an image of Bugs Bunny to appear from behind saying, "Uha uha! That's all folks"

Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by tucsonmike on 2 August 2007 5:19pm
So sorry for such anniversary coming up Linz. I had to think about this one. I want Elaine to give the following eulogy. It was something her grandmother always told her.
"We were married for 52 years. There were days I wished he was in hell and other days he wished I was in hell, but they were the best 52 years of my life."

Then my buddy George (we are known as numbskull one and two) to just simply say "he was a numbskull."
For music. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
Then scatter my ashes out somewhere in my beloved Sonoran Desert. (Do not care which side of the border).

What's everyone looking so sad for? Where's the party? Where is my Dos Eqquis in the salted glass?
Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by canaveralgumby on 2 August 2007 5:54pm
Most people will tell you that - they want their loved ones to celebrate their life.

Quite spontaneously, as we sat around my mother's deathbed, we all told funny stories about her life. We didn't plan to, it just happened. So she went out listening to the happy memories and inside jokes, that is, if she was conscious of being there with us at all.

When she finally stopped breathing, then we all broke down.

Now, the FUNERAL was pomp and circumstance cookie cutter religious service. That was a drag. It was that night when we could reconvene at our own homes that we could get back to mourning naturally as it were.
Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by geordiegirl on 2 August 2007 6:05pm
Linz, what a lovely posting. I shall be thinking of you on Friday & I hope you will be surrounded by people
Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by vlad all over on 2 August 2007 10:00pm
I always thought that the two I would like would be You'll Never Walk Alone (being a Liverpool supporter) and even though it's been a bit of a Manchester United anthem, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. But I've decided that Every Sperm is Sacred should get the reaction I'm after.
Re: Right...... funerals (yours) depressive ? by johnnythemonkey on 3 August 2007 7:09pm
Thanks for being so magnanimous towards me Linz. I really appreciate it. I was drinking when I posted. Need I say more ? I feel for you, having lost Nick at such a young age and I did'nt mean to be insensitive.
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