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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: favorite film by risible-phyll on 7 April 2003 3:10pm
Ohhhh yeh Tony .. Toy Story!!!!!

Am not Phyll .....I'm mrs Nesbit!!!!!!


Phyll who really is Phyll x
Re: favorite film by Mac on 7 April 2003 3:24pm
Too many for me to mention, but Life of Brian is top of my list, all the Python movies really
Bicentenial Man-Robin Williams, just a really sweet movie
Gone with the wind
Schindlers list, just amazing
All Hepburn and Tracy movie,s
Umm yeah and heaps of others.

MAC xxx
Re: favorite film by caitanja on 7 April 2003 5:07pm
Some of my favourite movies are
American Beauty (Kevin Spacey...SAY no more!)
Life of Brian (My fave Python film and I LOVE Graham Chapman as Brian!)
A streetcar named desire
A fish called Wanda
The colour purple (just watched it yesterday for the 3rd time)
The full monty (the title reminds me of Monty Python of course :-))
The closer you get
The 6th sense
Quadrophenia because of the wonderful music by the Who, the British accent (is this ....ney...I'm not sure.., the 60s ("We are the mods, we are the mods, we are the, we are the, we are the mods!" )and Phil Daniels
Forrest Gump
There's a thriller I can't remember the name of - with Richard Gere and Edward Norton (who plays some kind of scizophrenic teenager who's accused of murder but in the end it turns out that he was just pretending to be scizo...muahahaha...very evil). Well, I thought Ed Norton is a very good actor!
Oh, and to mention at least one German film here (there are not many I like *lol*): Lola rennt (which is translated Run Lola run, I guess. I liked the idea of these 3 different versions of the story. Anyone seen this movie???

There are a lot more films I like, but I can't remember any.
Re: favorite film by Dreamchild on 7 April 2003 7:10pm
Well as I love movies it s so hard to list them all but heres a few
A Place In the Sun
The Scarlet Pimpernel (Anthony Andrews Ian Maclene
American Friends
Benny and June
About anything with Edward Norton
The Conte of Monte Cristo I will add more later
Re: favorite film by risible-phyll on 7 April 2003 7:24pm
Ohhh forgot this one..............

"As good as it gets "...Jack is classic in this !!!!!

phyll Film 2003
Re: favorite film by peripatetically on 7 April 2003 10:13pm
Phyll, I loved Jack in that too!!! He's such a goofball!!! hahahahah
Re: favorite film by notquitenglish on 7 April 2003 11:00pm
Oh yeah, I forgot about Edward Scissorhands, didn't I? Love that one too...

and the only reason many other Python-derived movies aren't no my list is I haven't seen most of the classics... I've missed Brazil, Life of Brian, Meaning of Life, the Missionary, Private Function, everything, cuz they're R. If they ever came on TV....
Re: favorite film by notquitenglish on 7 April 2003 11:01pm
Forgot "Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" too. Gosh where is my mind going?
Re: favorite film by Napoleon on 8 April 2003 12:08am
Honeymoon in Vegas
Play it again Sam
Life of Brian
Re: favorite film by brainhurts on 8 April 2003 12:15am
I'm a film grad, so I suppose I could bore the socks off you! Instead I shall keep it short 'n' sweet.

Fav comedy films, in no particular order:
1- Life of Brian
2-Holy Grail
3-The Man With Two Brains (Must have a thing about them!)
5-Trading Places

And hey! I can like romantic classics too!
I can watch Breakfast at Tiffany's a million times without getting bored,
adore Rear Window for it's sure brilliance and American Beauty for it's rare and honest look at life. Do I sound like a film critic?

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