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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Religion by Palin_Lover on 3 August 2007 2:04am
I am a Catholic, simple and easy.
Re: Religion by Spursfan on 3 August 2007 9:37am
Awww I'm sure you're neither simple OR easy Mary!!!

Yes Mike, the Jains do have too many rules!! I would find it very hard to keep to them.

On entering the temples you have to remove everything that is made from animal, eg leather belts, shoes etc (well obviously you have to remove your shoes at all temples). At one they even took a water container from us! We protested, saying that it was plastic (which it was) but they were convinced it was leather!

And all that 'no sex please we're Jains' business? I note it says in the rules that there should if possible be no sex between married couples after a son has been born.

Our son was born when I was 22....!
Re: Religion by Ellerd on 3 August 2007 4:28pm
Another athiest here! Though if I was to follow any religion/belief system, I'd probably choose Buddhism - that appeals to me more than any other religion.
Re: Religion by Spursfan on 3 August 2007 6:24pm
Sooooo....I gather from this that the AVERAGE palinstravel member is -

An animal-loving, well-travelled (in mind if not fact), well read, joke loving, cream egg eating, Python watching, Palin adoring, atheist.

There are some exceptions to all these of course, (not the Palin bit I suspect!).
Re: Religion by foreignrabbit on 3 August 2007 7:02pm
typical of me, im going to add my 10 cents here then fukc off for 6 months. nice topic old buddies...

i am agnostic. orginized religion tends to RAPE the masses. my whole family and me included. we were tired of feeling guilty so as one we cast away the church and its money-hungry representatives.

nobody, however, can deny that some of the things written in the bible, the koran and the torah are amazing things. in essence religion preaches peace and goodwill and basic morality/law. these are good things. they don't however teach diplomacy or acceptance.the defining flaw of religion.

maybe there is a god, maybe there isn't. if he is there he probably wouldn't give a shite what book i read, as long as i loved someone fed someone looked after someone and been somebody.

Re: Religion by johnnythemonkey on 3 August 2007 7:19pm
I sometimes wish I had faith. A very good friend of mine is quite devout about his and although we have some discussions about it, he is immovable on the basic tenets. I admire that. And the fact that he prays for me ! Talk about hedging my bets !

Btw, good to see you posting again Martin. My oven is just coming up to temperature for you. ;) Saladfingers.
Re: Religion by Sunniva on 4 August 2007 12:08am
Interesting, everyone =) Yeah, what's that like for non-believers to have friends who pray for them? Why do some people think it's ok when they don't believe in God? Do they think that there just might be someone up there? Or what is it?

I've been a Christian all my life. But I've become more and more aware of what it means to be one over the past two, three years. And I think that even if I had found God in a later stage of my life, it would look to me like the most sensible thing to believe in. To me Christianity is not just another "Religion". It's life. It's everything! God created everything. He created humans with free will. Humans who can create. Just look at the world! History! Look at all the amazing stuff humans have done through history. All the great buildings, art like music and theater and movies! Theres just so much people can do. But I don't believe all people are using their powers enough. Or as much as they can. Just look at all the dull and boring jobs lots of people have got. No offense, but sitting in an office in front of a computer just doing.. nothing.. seems a bit.. Well it's like you can't do what you really want to do! Just take my grandma for instance: She is an amazing painter. She built her own house.. But that she only did on her free time. When se was working (she's just retired) she was sitting in front of a computer, and she was calling people. She was working for a lottery.. I find that very sad! She has so many talents that she could use through work! That could inspire and be good for other people as well!

It makes me feel very lucky. My parents have been great for me and my siblings. They still are! They took us out of public school when I was eight. They started homeschooling us. And now, I have my own job. I have got my own dance school for children. I put on shows with all the kids in the semester ends. I get to write manuscripts, make lots of choreography, and just put on shows! That's really great. And I absolutely love working with kids! They're fantastic human beings.
Re: Religion by canaveralgumby on 4 August 2007 12:39am
I appreciate very much when anyone prays for me. To me it doesn't matter what form it takes or what words they use. They are putting good energy, good vibes, good will out into the universe on my behalf and that's a beautiful thing.

It's NOT the same as being preached at or being told "The Good News" or whatever. I know Mom-in-Law prays not for ME but for my conversion to Catholicism! Yeah, good luck with that, Ma!
Re: Religion by Palin_Lover on 4 August 2007 2:05am
LOL, Anne! This is true. And I do believe you're right about the typical palin's travels person!
Re: Religion by tucsonmike on 4 August 2007 2:33am
LOL! Anne, I could always draw up a Palins Survey and tabulate them, since I do that sort of thing for other organizations.
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