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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Religion by johnnythemonkey on 4 August 2007 5:12am
Good post Cori. When someone prays for you, it is , in my opinion humbling. My friend Tony is convinced that someone is looking after me. When I say someone, he means god and when we spoke to each other earlier he joked that he might yet get me back to the faith. As I am presently feeling that life is'nt worth a cuss, he may be right.
Re: Religion by pandab on 4 August 2007 5:40am
Wow! Such good posts!

I believe there is a difference between faith and religion. Faith is deep, personal and sustainng. Religion is a doctrine to which you must adhere.

I have no religion. If my study of history has taught me anything, it has taught me religion has caused more agony than almost anything else. I am deeply disturbed when I read of one religion or another proclaiming it is the only "true" creed.

As for faith ... I believe there a greater power, and I believe he/she sustains me when I ask. I believe I will be held accountable for how I nurture and help others during my life. My faith is deeply personal, and I keep it mostly between myself and the power.

In case you haven't noticed, I strongly resist putting my faith in any category because ... well, it is too personal and defies labels.

I respect religions, so long as they respect me. Even when they don't, I try very hard not to give offense. Turning the other cheek, if you will. :+)

I find much of value in many religions, and when a particular bit of philosophy rings true in my heart, I freely adopt it regardless of its origin. I have studied, and will continue to study, many doctrines ... Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism especially.

Some people, especially here in Virginia's Bible Belt, regard me as an atheist, but I disagree. I just believe differently.

To borrow from Elizabeth I, arguments about religion are "disputes about trifles." To me, what religion you are is far less important than how you demonstrate your faith in your daily life.

Re: Religion by Sunniva on 4 August 2007 12:20pm
I agree very much with you, Pandab.

I think that "Religion" is really an unnecessary thing. It just sorta puts things in boxes. And gives people something to argue about!

Faith is a much wider, much better word to use. When I hear the word "Religion" I instantly think of a sort of weird community or a cult!

Re: Religion by kazzzz on 4 August 2007 2:51pm
The word 'religion' can apply to many things. For instance, you might watch a particular TV show religiously. Faith is a different matter.
I would class myaelf as New Age I suppose, I see life and beauty in the natural world rather than conforming to a particular church. I must admit to being rather anti Christian. Too much hypocracy and power by fear there for me. I don't mean to offend anyone by saying that.
Re: Religion by johnnythemonkey on 4 August 2007 3:50pm
Anti Christian Karen ? I think I know what you mean but to use the term anti gives out the wrong meaning. I rejected all beliefs in religion at an early age, having been brought up as a Catholic but as I've said in other threads, in this part of the world you are still classed as what school you went to. In my case, St. Patrick's.
Re: Religion by Gollumit on 4 August 2007 7:03pm
I have a great deal of respect for Sunniva.
Re: Religion by Wheelrim on 4 August 2007 7:19pm
Ok. going out on a limb here, I have no religion, therefor I could, if I chose to, pick holes in religions or religious people, I chose not to.
I have my own feelings about religion which, If I told some people, they might get annoyed and start a debate (argument) and critisise my own beliefs about religion, and before long we`ll be slagging each other off and then someone else more radical, will poke their nose in, then get a gun?.........
Re: Religion by pandab on 5 August 2007 4:15am
Wheelrim, I see religion as a double-edge sword.

For many people, a religion gives structure within which to express their faith, and I certainly have no objection to that.

All too often, however, some people use religion (take your pick of which one) as way to manipulate others or as a way to exercise intolerance. That is what I object about it, so I chose many years ago to opt out.

I believe God, or whatever name you prefer, really does not give a fig what label you define yourself as. I believe God is far more interested in how you live your life, how you reach out and nurture others. And not just those nearest and dearest to you. Even the most casual encounters offer such opportunities, and I would hope God cares more about whether you approach those chances with generosity in your heart.

For example, just today at the yard sale my family had, a woman came in with a scowl. She picked up an item and demanded we lower the price. She looked like she was itching for a fight over it. I smiled and offered her a cup of coffee, telling her she looked like she had had a bad morning. Her hostile expression literally melted. She had had a bad morning, as it turned out, and my smile and friendly voice was the first one she had encountered.

She still wanted us to lower the price, but that was okay. My offer didn't have any strings attached, and as she laughed as we chatted, I felt very happy and ... well, fulfilled. I felt as if I had given her a gift, a little hope the day could get better.

Embracing opportunites like that is what I believe is more important.

Oh, and we finally agreed to the woman's price. Sigh. Anything to get all that stuff out of my father's house.

Re: Religion by johnnythemonkey on 5 August 2007 10:01am
Wheelnut, if you were really a cop, it would be soooo scary.
Re: Religion by Wheelrim on 5 August 2007 7:45pm
Pandab, Its Not religion that works or does not work, its in how you treat people and in how you are treated in return.
Its about right and wrong, someone stated earlier there is a difference between religion and belief.. how true, as long as you understand what that difference is.
JTM. Nevermind WOULD be Sooo Scary, it is scary, had a 25 year old die in a fatal road crash today. no laughs to be found there for anyone involved.
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