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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Big endo by Martini Max on 3 November 2002 5:38am
Hi Ellen, I'm from the N.I. in the Waikato, Often the Coromandel too.
An "endo" is derived from (mainly) motorcycle racing, when one (and hopefully not ones' self) has a big crash. The motorcycle flipping end over end. The 'big endo'. Normally results in pain, and if not, an expensive repair bill. Sad about the Tassie one-legged Gerbil -caught its leg when happily hopping along. And so near that cliff too.The one with the river at the bottom.With fish in it.And teeth...
I will check out that other website too. Thanks.
Re: Big endo by Martini Max on 3 November 2002 5:39am
Re: Big endo by Martini Max on 3 November 2002 5:39am
Re: Oh God ! There'll Be Nothing Of Him Left !!!!!! by Helen on 3 November 2002 6:20pm
About those wing tips-- the ultimate in smarmy cool. It says, I'm cool, but i want to be subtle about it and not rub it in your face. It also says you are a little dangerous, because if you own a very small standard shift automobile... well, dang. You know the rest by now.
I just knew that MP had black shoes. And suede? Oh stop! Dang nab it! That is classy.
The pickled ginger is quite nice, but only if it is in it;s natural state, and not all sickly pink with that horrific additive. You know, the one that turns it pink? Who's with me on this one?
Ellen-- should we even mention that thing about size 39 german shoes? Oh my, this thread is getting quite tingly.
Re: Big endo by ellenpc on 3 November 2002 10:32pm
Hi Martini Max,
Io understando nowo

Re: Oh God!!!! There'll be nothing of him left!!!!!!!!!!! by ellenpc on 3 November 2002 10:51pm
Hiya Helen, You came back........nice to see, "ah" read you!?

AS FOR THE SUSHI (oops! Caps lock) I agree, not nice! My general rule of thumb is don't eat anything that is brighter than you're lipstick!!!

39 German Shoe- We need more info on this........I reckon its on the smaller side and the wearer though generally interested should avoid the auto and go by train perhaps?? ( If any German people could help us it would be most appreciated; though to be honest I think we were past help a while ago!! :-} what say you Helen?)

Re: Big endo by Dianne on 4 November 2002 5:48am
Oh, youíve found me out Ellen! Iíve been tracking you down for 5 years and low and behold I find you here! Iím sending the IRD secret police after you, so be warned! Hmm, should I have warned you?

How about ringing the bell as well Ellen? That way when I hear the Cathedral bell ringing I will know to look your way. :-)

Iíve noticed that loonies hale from other parts of the world and have come to the conclusion there is a loony cloud floating around raining on people and causing this strange disease. :-)

Iíve been thinking about Michaelís health and have had very unselfish thoughts of wishing he would stay home and get well, even if it means not coming to New Zealand.
Re: Big endo by Helen on 4 November 2002 2:29pm
The german shoe size was brought up quite a while ago, Ellen. I think it is hopeless now. We will never know.
Let's just hope that most of the cars in Germany are automatic shifts. Trains are quite nice, though.
Here's hoping that MP is well, and that he will make it to NZ. And maybe Connecticut, USA. No hurry.
Do pandas eat sushi, really? or are they just into the leaves and bamboo thing?
Re:Oh God!! There'll be nothing of him left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by ellenpc on 5 November 2002 1:00pm
I think it depends on what zoo the Pandas are residing and whether they are in the executive breeding suite (sushi) or the economy class package - room with a view with constant spectators ( bamboo, leaves and the odd chip packet!) :-}}}}}}}}}}

As for the shoes, even I've had enough!!!

Agreed, do hope MP is in the very best of health and in the true spirit of the R.S.P.M.P would put his well being above my own selfish hopes and obsessions and frankly frightening dress sense!

Re: Big endo by ellenpc on 5 November 2002 1:28pm
Gidday Dianne,
yes you should have warned me ,you naughty lady; in fact there's someone at the door right now, oh no, could it be.............. phew, it was just the neighbor wanting to borrow the Sahara DVD ( word has got out you see!!) Now they want to borrow the DVD player and if we weren't using our lounge at the moment...........Hey..
Hang on a minute......whats the world coming to!!!
Umm, though actually perhaps I COULD share the amazing Sahara phenomenon and raise some money for the R.S.P.M.P simultaneously by offering three daily screenings with Devonshire Cream Teas thrown in (on the understanding that none is to be dropped on the carpet, I'm very particular about my carpet, its a light beige and marks easily!!!)

As for the Cathedral bell, I'll give it a big "Ding Dong, Bing Bong" just for you. :-]]

Ellen ( with a pinny on covered in jam and clotted dairy products)
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