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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Attention by Layla on 9 April 2003 5:21pm
neither have I - I don't know where those numbers came from... I got rid of them anyway
Re: Attention by Miss-M on 10 April 2003 8:09am
Maybe you'll have an opportunity to meet Michael during the promotional tour for his next series. Which is your favourite travelogue, by the way?
Re: Attention by my dear on 10 April 2003 12:43pm
Around The World In Eighty Days was great, because of its sense of urgency - Michael was very eager to make it on time, and it added something to the series.

But his enthusiasm reached an all-time peak during his Hemingway Adventure. I loved the way that he globe-trotted during the Hemingway Adventure - he wasn't confined to a set path, so the series seemed more varied and exotic than the others.

Pole To Pole was simply too long - and also because they were forced to hop on a plane, it felt as though they'd cheated.

Full Circle was a series that seemed to be both too long and too short at the same time. They moved up The Pacific Coast way too quickly. I'm assuming that a lot of material for the last week of filming simply ended up on the cutting room floor.

Sahara - I'm still digesting that one. The book,I felt, was actually better than the television series. Michael is really getting the knack for writing travel books.

Also, he went on a train journey to Scotland (or some such place) one time - I remember that he returned with a station sign or something. That was pretty cool. Also, didn't he go to Ireland for a train journey? I can barely remember that one.

Layla, those numbers were covering up your cuss words.
Re: Attention by Miss-M on 10 April 2003 1:43pm
Of Michael's five travelogues, I've seen Pole to Pole, Full Circle and Hemingway Adventure. I'm currently watching Around the World in 80 Days which is very exciting! I'm going to start the second video tonight. Unfortunately I missed Sahara when it was screened on TV here in Australia, darn it! I've also seen Michael's Great Railway Journey through Ireland, in which he searches for information about his Irish-American great-great-grandmother. Have you seen Michael's film American Friends? It's very good.
Re: Attention by my dear on 10 April 2003 4:16pm
American Friends? Never heard of it.

Just this past Tuesday, the DVD version of A Private Function was released. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be a difficult title to locate - a highly under-rated film all around.

My guess is that as soon as you finish Around The World In Eighty Days, you'll put it on and watch it again.

The BBC absolutely must release this series on DVD.
Re: Attention by MissTrixiB on 10 April 2003 4:36pm
If you go to Amazon.com, they can submit your request to the BBC. For both '80 Days' and 'Pole to Pole'. The more requests they get, the more likely it will be released. Just go to the main page and type in a search for Palin. Then start browsing through.
As for the 'cuss words', this site usually covers obscenities by using periods instead (for example - '....tail'). I just typed the word for alcoholic beverage.
I would say that I like the written diaries better than the TV series, but I've only seen 80 Days (quite a while ago), and Full Circle. In both cases, I liked the written campanion pieces better. They're always a bit more intimate.
I liked Private Function too! Darling movie.

Re: Attention by Dreamchild on 10 April 2003 6:14pm
MY Dear I have been reading your post for a while and I admit in the begining you ticked me off,you caused unrest here but now I find my self looking for your post, they add something ..Yes we post to get attention I am a picses and attention is what I live on but I am also stuck here in this house infront of this machine instead of seeing all the beauty of the world which is my greatest dream but ohwell I have my books and a grand imagination so I can go anywhere I like by simple curling up with a good book,You are very strange and people that I can't figure out are the ones I like to have around..Keep posting I hope the rest of you don't start hateing me for this he's different and that sparks my curosity besides I have been on here for months and have not yet made a true connection with any one..que sera sera
Re: Attention by my dear on 11 April 2003 5:16pm
Yes, I am strange. Thank-you for noticing.

I agree, it's very difficult to make a true connection with people, especially when you can't see them face to face.

The forums that I like the best are the ones in which the forum members have vastly different personalities. It's often the case that such forums are held together by a common thread: namely, all the members share a passion for the forum's chief topic, in this case, Michael Palin.

I used to visit, almost on a daily basis, a forum for a computer game called Gabriel Knight. It was great. Everyone was so different that it was virtually impossible for anyone to agree about anything. Except when it came to Gabriel Knight. Then everyone would unite in their praise and in their excitement for the game.

So far, I've discovered that there's a major clique at this forum. What this place desperately needs is somebody different.


So yes, I will come here and post regularly. Fun, really.
Re: Attention by notquitenglish on 12 April 2003 12:51am
Oh no... you aren't Palin in disguise by any chance?
Re: Attention by Rusted on 13 April 2003 10:01am
My dear, I appreciate that you're different - heck, that's what makes civilization develop. (Or so goes that philosophy discussion I had in class the other day.)

I'm on a few other lists myself. In fact, reading Palin's Travels is often put on hold because I've been on these other lists longer and I have so many deep ties with some of the people there. The main list that I'm connected with, Rust (a Neil Young list, as I've mentioned before), is kind of like the group you mentioned. There's about 3000 of us and we're all VERY different.

But so are the folks here. Really! I'm not trying to be snide to you, I'm just saying that we're a lot different than what I think you're giving us credit for. (Did that make any sense??) Very few people here share my musical tastes, which are MUY IMPORTANTE to me, and we've already seen that we don't all have the same view on the present war or on politics in general. I'm sure the same would hold for religion. The main difference between this board and places with a bit more strife (such as Rust) is how these matters and diferences are dealt with. I'm not sure if this is because of the number or the people themselves, or if it's a little bit of both.

Flame wars that are far, far nastier than anything I've seen here occur once every month or so on Rust, and there are always bitter jealousies because someone doesn't agree with someone. Luckily, the good vibes overpower the bad ones. There are several times when people have shared differing opinions on this board, but others have generally agreed or politely disagreed. Not always, of course, but... ;O)

Anyway, if you want to continue to be part of this forum, then that's great, you're certainly welcome to. (Not that we could stop you anyway, but...LOL!) The main reason why you were "unaccepted" when you started posting was not that you disagreed, but the manner in which you did it. It offended a lot of people and they didn't know how to deal with it, so they marked you as a troller. I am completely open to hearing your views, but do try to be a little less harsh if possible. :O) A lot of hurt feelings really isn't good for any group of people.

At any rate, you've shown yourself to be a sincere Palin fan, so you've got just as much right to be here as anyone else, eh? ;O)


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