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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by johnnythemonkey on 22 December 2007 10:00pm
Phone call from number one daughter, who, to the outside world is charm personified.
Chas " Hi dad, is mum there ? "
JTM " Hi Chas, no your mum is out, shops or whatever. "
Chas " Uh "
JTM " Are you mixing up this number with a taxi company ?" ( knowing she wants ferried around )
Chas " Oh f*** off "
JTM " Charming "
Chas " Well don't be such a prick "
JTM hangs up.

I think that it goes to prove that I should have beaten my daughters mercilessly with a large stick instead of cuddling them constantly and telling them how precious and beautiful they are. Little bastards. :)
When Chas acts like that " she is just like her father ". Anything good, they take from the wee hobbit. Apart from their looks which come from me and my Mum.
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by mrsthing on 23 December 2007 12:25am
You didn't go wrong. She ought to be used to your sarcasm by now. How old is she?

I was brought up that way--everything was tinged with sarcasm, even compliments, which were very few. I had to learn how to be civil in my 20s in order to have any friends. However, if I'd ever called my father a prick, I'd be dead now. It was clean sarcasm.
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by tucsonmike on 23 December 2007 1:30am
Understand, Judy. I grew up in a household where you were never good enough. There was sarcasm to boot. You were always a day late and a dollar short.

Let's face it John, you're sarcastic and unless she is asleep @ the switch, she will be too.
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by kazzzz on 23 December 2007 1:36am
She sounds like a normal 21st century teenager to me. They're quite revolting.
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by sighthound on 23 December 2007 3:13am
She sounds like she has learned well from you. Pigeons and children always come home to roost....
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by mrsthing on 23 December 2007 3:36am
Mike--me too! If I brought home a report card with Bs, they should have been As, and if they were As, they should have been A+s. And the one time I did bring home all A+s, I was only doing what was expected of me, so what was I so proud of, for crying out loud?

Oh, don't get me started!

And if my daughter EVER calls her father a prick, at ANY age, I will wash out her mouth with soap!
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by pandab on 23 December 2007 7:29am
The tough thing about humor is it is completely subjective, and when you mix it up with family, you can get some nasty results.

My father, bless his heart, was a wonderful man, and I loved him dearly, but he had a big problem conveying affection. His way was picking and teasing. Very mature and wise in many other ways, he was like a little boy when it came to demonstrating affection. If he picked on you, he liked you. And occasionally, he didn't know when to stop.

Problem was, even though we all knew this, it was hard to take sometimes. On a few occasions, he struck one of my nerves and kept plucking at it until I exploded. Then there were hurt feelings and all that crap to sort out.

Still, my dad and I got along really well. It was my mother with whom I seriously locked horns.

She had a saying she would use with devastating effect whenever she thought I needed taking down a peg or two: "You are not as special as you think you are."

I guess we all have "things" with our parents that can still can us the shudders even after decades.

Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by johnnythemonkey on 23 December 2007 8:14am
Listen, I was only sounding off. My Chas ( Christina ) is a daughter that I'm proud of. If you knew me you would realise her gall and love for me.
I would never have spoken like that to my that Dad but maybe that's why we did'nt have the relationship that I have with my girls.
My Chas is 21 and she can call me a prick anytime......cos no-one else can and she knows it.
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by johnnythemonkey on 23 December 2007 8:29am
Geraldine, I could fall out with you.......well maybe not. I'm too nice and so are you 'auld yin '.
Re: Where ( or did ) I go wrong ? by Rox on 23 December 2007 9:04am
My teenagers (x2)never pick up their towels. It drives me BONKERS! As part of my work, I attended a training session delivered by a renowned clinic psychologist. I told him about it. He said that if their rooms resembled all things of neatness, they were probably terrified of me and that by leaving their towels all over their floors was actually a symbol of how much they loved me and to try and remember that ! Well that was a year ago, and whilst I am constantly reminded of how much they love me if they don't begin to change soon, I am seriously going to have to return the psych as a patient........I am in a dilemma in regards to the towels on the floor. I think there is something missing from the equasion here....bit of respect, co operation and consideration.....It's all about balance I think........
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