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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Your family history by mrsthing on 22 January 2008 3:59am
I have no Scottish ancestry that I'm aware of. It's mostly Ireland and Cornwall. But there are lots of blanks. Some relative (now dead) traced us back to something like 300 BC--King Caractacus of England is in there somewhere. So is Jefferson Davis. But there are also some native Americans, and I don't know anything about them! I have enough NA blood that indians often ask me what nation or tribe I'm from, so it must be fairly recent.

If anybody knows of any genealogical resources, online or otherwise, would you please pass them along in this thread? I've come up empty on quite a number of sites, but I know there are more.
Re: Your family history by Spursfan on 22 January 2008 9:59am
well, of course most are UK sites that I know but here goes.

[Genes Reunited are good, its part of Friends Reunited.]






For Irish ancestors (there's a good page where you can check the pasenger lists of ships leaving for the US):


Good luck!!


Re: Your family history by mrsthing on 22 January 2008 5:42pm
Thanks, Anne! :-D I'll check these out.
Re: Your family history by tucsonmike on 22 January 2008 6:34pm
Jefferson Davis, eh Judy? And you live in Connecticut!;-)
Barack Obama's mother was somehow connected to Jefferson Davis. Now THERE is an irony for you.

Anne, thank you for the links. I was going to look for some, but I shall be honest, I was just too bone lazy LOL!
Re: Your family history by Spursfan on 22 January 2008 9:51pm
Only too pleased to help - as I said, of course they are mostly UK sites (well I AM English after all!!) but I think the ancestry.com is American? And the Family Search one is run by the Mormons.

I am currently 'stuck' in 1845 on one branch of the family. Mom always said she had Irish roots so that is the next place to look but no clues!!!

Re: Your family history by Ellerd on 23 January 2008 1:54pm
1330, Anne - impressive! How difficult is it to find records going back that far?
Re: Your family history by Spursfan on 23 January 2008 2:11pm
Well, quite difficult! Especially if you have to do most (well ALL) of your research online.

As you probably know, the census only goes back to the early 19th century, and birth deaths and marriages records only go back as far as 1837.

If you search on the Family Search site, they go back a long way (I have seen names come up from as far back as the 12th century!!).

Of course the ideal thing is to be able to follow the trail in person from parish record or whatever to parish record, but that is not alays possible.

We have an excellent records office here in Stafford but I haven't used them yet.

I was lucky wth the 1330 guy - on Genes Reunited I connected with a distant cousin who had done LOADS of research, and just added the relevant branch to my tree!! It's not cheating - just being practical!! ;-)
Re: Your family history by peripatetically on 23 January 2008 3:13pm
I know that part of my family is English and part is German. Robert E. Lee and my gr gr gr. grandfather on my mother's side were first cousins. My dad was all German and his grandparents were from the Black Forest and Dusseldorf originally, but married and lived in Heidelberg. Mom has some German background too, but I don't know much about that. Here, in Maryland, there was a huge fire in the city back in the 20's and all the birth records burned (among other records too). As for the English side, I do know that the Lee family originated in Shropshire, England.
Re: Your family history by Spursfan on 23 January 2008 3:24pm
I was just going to say that there are some sites that have gravestone inscriptions, but of course you would need info on where the person lived/died first!!


The only thing is, whilst researching your ancestors, you can come across stones that tell a sad story which often stops you in your tracks. For example whilst searching I found this inscription (they are no relation by the way)...

Hannah SCRAGG,
Late of Bagnall, 5 April 1900, 11yrs & 8 months
Mary SCRAGG, 15 April 1900, 2yrs & 11 months
Daisy SCRAGG, 12 June 1900, 28 days
Children of George & Annie SCRAGG

...which started me thinking and upset me I must admit. Did Hannah and Daisy die of some infectious disease? Was Annie so saddened by her loss that she bore Daisy early, who then died 28 days later? Or was Daisy born weakened by the illness in the family and therefore sadly died?

You see what I mean!!!
Re: Your family history by mrsthing on 23 January 2008 3:30pm
When I google my maiden name, I come up with all sorts of people in England: doctors, scientists, murderers, petty thieves. It's kind of funny.

If you go back far enough, we're probably all related. There was something about tracing people's relations to the 9th cousin, and turns out George Bush is related to Madonna, Hugh Hefner, and John Kerry! One of my brothers in law is GWB's cousin--they used to play together in Kennebunkport when they were children. There's probably someone here related to Michael Palin. ;-)

'Course, who knows how many Python love children there are in the world... nudge nudge wink wink say no more!
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