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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Your family history by mrsthing on 23 January 2008 3:37pm
There are quite a few sad stories on tombstones in CT, but also some humorous ones. There's a tombstone somewhere in New England that reads:

"Under this sod and beneath these trees
Lies the body of Solomon Pease
Pease isn't here, only his pod
Pease shelled out and went to God."

I suppose because so many people died young back then, some of them had a sense of humor about it.
Re: Your family history by Spursfan on 23 January 2008 5:34pm
They had to I guess!!

At first, re your previous post, I assumed you meant 9 generations back, and went to look at my tree. Then it dawned on me that 9 cousins back would be spread across a wide expanse of families!!

Re: Your family history by mrsthing on 24 January 2008 1:56am
No, I meant your cousin's cousin's cousin's....to the 9th cousin. But yes, it's a staggering number of people. You could be related to almost anyone if you spread out your family tree widely enough.

Re: Your family history by Spursfan on 24 January 2008 1:00pm
I could be related to Johnny then ?(Depp I mean not -themonkey!!)!!

Perhaps I ought to invite him over for tea - well, I mean, you have to be hospitable to your relatives, don't you! ;-)
Re: Your family history by pandab on 26 January 2008 3:51am
My brother and I don't know much about my mother's side of the family. My maternal grandmother had quite a hard childhood and early adulthood, and she would never talk about it much. It was only after she passed away that we learned she had had three husbands, instead of just the two we knew about. Her first husband was apparently abusive, and she never spoke of him.

My father's side of the family is different. One of my father's cousins traced their family back to the mid-1800s and two brothers who left Germany.

Both settled in Montgomery County here in Virginia and started a business together. No one is sure of exactly what happened, but the family legend has it that one brother stole the intended bride of the other. This naturally created a riff between them, and they swore they would never speak again. Thus began the feud between the two main branches of our family.

The newly un-engaged brother moved to Floyd County, while the other stayed in Montgomery. The feud never boiled over into conflict of the Hatfield-McCoy variety. Instead, it was more of a Cold War kind of thing. Neither branch, the Floyd or the Montgomery, would acknowledge the other for decades.

By the time my brother and I were born, the feud had mostly fizzled out, and it is now a thing of the past.

Still ... Even to this day, when two people with our last name meet--and there are a lot of us in this area--one of the first questions is: "Are you from the Floyd or the Montgomery side?"

It is asked in jest these days, but at one time, it was quite serious. :+)

Re: Your family history by tucsonmike on 26 January 2008 9:06pm
And cousins tend to have feuds LOL! Look @ Israelis and Palestinians!
Re: Your family history by kazzzz on 28 January 2008 9:43am
And SOMETIMES cousins marry cousins....
Re: Your family history by johnnythemonkey on 28 January 2008 11:34am
Funny you should say that Kazzzz. I just heard recently that my once best friend was caught by his wife, eating the face off his cousin. They are well suited, they are both ugly bastards.
Re: Your family history by kazzzz on 28 January 2008 3:49pm
Your 'friend' you say?
Re: Your family history by johnnythemonkey on 29 January 2008 2:54am
Ex-friend Karen. We were like brothers for over 20 years then he tried to kill me. He almost succeeded. I forgave him, as I had given him several severe beatings over the years ( it's a bonding kind of thing in these parts ! )
Anyway, that was 20 years ago and we've met a couple of times since but our friendship died that night because of words rather than actions.
He lost his leg in an accident at sea a couple of years ago and my attempts at contacting him were rejected.
An old friend told me last night that he whinges that Johnny does'nt come to see him. F**k him.
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