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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Rox on 19 March 2008 3:55am
I remember the Wimpey Bars - they were a very "cool" place to be in the 70's -Being the environmentally friendly person that I am.... take a second and think of all the MacDonalds, Wimpey, Red Rooster, Hungry Jacks, Subway, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Huts, Noodle Box, etc etc......think about all the wrappers, bags, containers straws etc you use, then x that by all the people who consume in that one outlet in one given day, then think about all the other people who consume any take away in your area in one given day then think about all the people who consume takeaway in all the outlets in your country in any one given day and then think about all the people who consume take away all over the world in any one given day and then think about where all those wrappers go............ No wonder we call it a Blue Planet :(
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Lounge Trekker on 19 March 2008 11:58pm
Heh heh, if I put unhealthy bits like tomato or lettuce on my bison burger, I always wash it, and the chips, down with a few pints of ale. Just to keep some blood flowing in the ol' alcohol-stream!

Yeah, Rox, all that garbage...municipalities ought to demand by way of bylaws, that these 'food' outlets have a garbage clean up crew working the streets all over town. And, now that we're ranting, what about these drive through windows? Do you have them in Europe? Where an irresponsible person can order from his idling, noisy, polluting car? Maybe he wants a snack or a coffee but is too lazy to walk the twenty steps from his car. OK. The same guys throw their garbage on our streets, maybe? I refuse to go to any place with a drive through window...except the drive through liquor store when I'm too loaded to walk in!

Hey! I say this in jest. I can walk to the jar store or several pubs. No need to put the public safety in jeopardy.

Lounge Drinker
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Spursfan on 20 March 2008 9:08am
Heh heh heh!!
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Rox on 20 March 2008 6:33pm
Does anybody remember the KnickerBocker Glory !!!
Spursfan, you must remember those ! and do they still have 99's in England and bricks of vanilla icecream wedged between two crispy wafers ?.......I can't remember the name, and what were cornets ? I can't remember what the heck they were either now....?
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Lounge Trekker on 20 March 2008 7:14pm
Hey Rox, I'm just a puppy compared to Spursfan, but I think cornets were pre-packaged ice cream cones with nuts.

My youth is but a blur.

Lounge Trekker
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Spursfan on 20 March 2008 7:54pm
Of course I remember Knickerbocker Glory! They were such a treat as a kid but too much to eat really hahaha! I used to think the long spoon you got with them was great (it doesn't take much to please me hahaha).

Yeah they still have 99s - not sure if you can still get blocks (or bricks) - mainly icecream comes in big plastic tubs or we have things like Ben & Jerrys.

Cornets are cones made of wafer 'material' (!) with either a swirl of soft icecream, or a spoonful of flavoured icecream (like you have in the States - my fave is cookie dough).

You can get thempre-packed Pete, but the best come from an icecream van - 'Mr Whippy' for example - with a swirlof soft, creamy icecream. Mmmmm.

Er - "I'm just a puppy compared to Spursfan" - cheek!! You are just 10 short years younger than me...huh! PUPPY indeed - more an old hound-dog hahaha!!

I am eating a yummy, gorgeous flake while writing this - my fave choc of all.

Anne ;-)
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by kazzzz on 21 March 2008 7:26am
knicker wot?????
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Rox on 21 March 2008 9:20am
Lol Kazz - KnickerBOCKER GLORY - The ultimate in the Icecream Sundae Experience – It’s the Everest Peak of Ice Cream Sundaes – You don’t want the experience to stop, you want a Knickerbocker Glory to go on forever.. .......Knickerbocker Glory is THE ULTIMATE ice cream experience and no child should grow up without it !!! The Knickerbocker Glory was (and still remains) the most delicious thing I have ever seen.

Ascending a Knickerbocker Glory is the ultimate challenge.
Descending through a Knickerbocker Glory is heavenly and delightful.
But the final descent of a Knickerbocker Glory (and it pains me to write this) is a disturbing, traumatic experience, a sense of loss and having to let go !

I have fond memories of my Grandmother taking me for a Sunday treat - an ice cream parlor called "Tomassis" at Southend on Sea (Essex in UK). I was on a promise, to ensure I show my very best manners, in respect to my Grandmothers traditional Victorian values. This is pretty difficult for a child of 6 when faced with a Knickerbocker Glory

When the Knickerbocker Glory arrives, the table appears too high and the seats to low, unbearably and frustratingly too low…..and then (as Spursfan would agree) there is “the spoon”, laid to the side, although it resembles the size and shape of a pole vault, the spoon proves to be a necessary and essential component to tackling any Knickerbocker Glory.

Initially, you simply look at them, investigate them, so carefully and invitingly arranged, layer upon layer of creamy vanilla ice cream, thick chocolate sauce, nuts, fruit, strawberry sauce, pure deliciousness which in a mighty, towering, parfait glass, just appears to go on and on, upwards and onwards, seemingly never ending.

My initial approach was to delicately tackle the summit, the two crispy wafers protruding from the peaks……if I could just reach them. My Grandmother, sensing my dilemma, invited me to kneel on my chair and with that, I was at the summit, and for 20 minutes, with not a word spoken, I made my descent through an experience that would last a life time.

I have managed to track the KG down, over here, down under at an ice cream parlor called “Simmo’s” in a town called Dunsborough in the South West of Western Australia. Not quite as good as Tomassis’s, but Simmo’s made the Knickerbocker Glory available for my children who at the age of 6 were faced with a dilemma ………………………………and so it goes...............

Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Lounge Trekker on 21 March 2008 5:23pm
That's a great recollection from a wonderful youth, Rox!

Lounge Trekker
Re: Wimpey or McDonald? by Rox on 26 March 2008 12:56pm
Yeah, lots of fond memories.....hey where did the site go, did anyone else experience site going down for a couple of daze, sorry day's ?
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