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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Saying So Long by fairygirl48 on 20 March 2008 6:41pm
We'll miss you much and welcome your return! Hurry back if you can!

Best wishes,
Re: Saying So Long by Rox on 20 March 2008 6:54pm
Get well soon and hurry back :)
Re: Saying So Long by MMMmmm... on 21 March 2008 7:15am
I am just now visiting, and so sorry to hear the news, Judy. I am not here as often, but it is hard not to stop by...!
You will be greatly missed, but as you see all hope you continue to visit. You are so very vigorous and vital - I am sure you can do what is very best for you.

*Much Much Love and All that is Most Healing and Best for You, Always!*

Yours truly ~

p.s. Have you tried acupuncture, or thought of trying acupunture along with your other therapies? It can help in many ways, even with relaxation, and pain reduction, etc.
Re: Saying So Long by suzulu on 26 March 2008 9:16pm
So sorry to hear of the problems with your spine, Judy. Hope you come back here soon.

I agree with MMMmmm, acupuncture can help.
Re: Saying So Long by mrsthing on 27 March 2008 2:19am
Thanks, everyone! You people are so nice! Then again, you probably wouldn't be Michael's admirers if you weren't.

My back is doing better, though today was not a good day. The PT seems to be helping. I'm feverishly preparing for a guitar recital that's this Sunday, and the way I have to sit to play classical guitar is bad for my back. I also have really bad performance anxiety, and I'm probably sending all that stress into my back. I won't do well--I never do--but if I just don't crash and burn like I did last year, I'll be happy. After that's over with, I can breathe more easily and start getting more exercise. I'll look into acupuncture, but the last time I checked, there wasn't anybody around for 30 miles.
Re: Saying So Long by Lounge Trekker on 27 March 2008 3:32am
Hey mrsthing! Now I've heard you play classical guitar I'm gonna start clamouring for a You Tube performance. Or just send it straight to me. That's one of the genres of music on my playlist and I bet you'd fit right in!

Let playing guitar help you live happier!

Re: Saying So Long by mrsthing on 27 March 2008 2:29pm
I'm SO not ready for YouTube! I don't know if I ever will be. I overcame my performance anxiety for singing, but it's back in spades for playing the guitar. I can play pretty well for an amateur--not flawlessly, but pretty well. But somehow getting up on a stage and facing all those people, my mind goes blank and the panic sets in. So this recital is less an exercise in skill and more an exercise in nerves. I know I can play this piece pretty well, but I'll probably not play it the best I can on Sunday. Last year, I had undertaken "Classical Gas"--I got so flustered I had to stop and start over in three different places--even lost my place at one point and had to search the music for a minute to figure out where I was. So the worst has happened, and that's helping the nerves a little. I know it can't possibly get worse than that. The piece is so pretty--I wish I could play it up to speed and with fewer mistakes, but it's at the point where I have to perform it and put it aside for awhile. I've done as much as I can with it for the time being.

Oddly enough, as much as performing is a burden, I love playing the guitar. The logical side of my brain loves learning to read the music (a totally different skill from reading music for singing) and learning all the crazy mathematical ways the strings and chords work, and the creative side of my brain loves the beautiful sound. I'm in my fourth year of lessons; I get a little bit better each year; I'll keep doing it as long as possible.

Sorry to be so chatty this morning! I haven't even had that much coffee.
Re: Saying So Long by Rox on 27 March 2008 3:38pm
It's great that your chattey this morning and I am glad your feeling better today :)
Re: Saying So Long by geordiegirl on 28 March 2008 5:30pm
Yes it's good to see you still around Judy & we are all thinking of you I'm sure.

Good luck with the performance - you ARE talented- and the exercise regime will do you lots of good in itself I'm sure. Not too much at first!
Re: Saying So Long by mrsthing on 1 April 2008 5:18am
Well, my performance yesterday wasn't great, but it put a huge dent in my performance anxiety and gave a boost to my self-confidence, so it wasn't all bad. I had a brain fart about 2/3 of the way through and just kept picking the wrong note--sort of a spaz attack. But I didn't panic this time--just paused, took a deep breath, and kept going. Other than that, nothing more than the usual wrong notes, but not enough to be considered a total disaster. There's hope for me yet. :D
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