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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by Lounge Trekker on 18 April 2008 5:09am
Hey Linda! I hope to get those peas in tomorrow morning. That didn't happen! I figure 'if it's too cold outside for me to do the planting comfortably...it's too cold to plant'. Did you send three or four varieties? There are quite a few loose in the large envelope with no variety name.

They will do double-duty by shading an area of grass near my house, should I want to hide from the sun. If I ever get it looking good again after this construction nightmare, I'll snap a picture!

Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by geordiegirl on 21 April 2008 5:16pm
Judy - sorry to be so long in replying: I've been away from home for a few days.
I'm so glad your back is better - and that the weight loss has started: keep on without that bad sugar & you will increase the good feeling I'm sure. Once you encourage yourself with a good result - ie losing 2lb (and probably more by now) you will want to continue.
All the best with it!

Pete - sorry, likewise, to be late in replying. I sent three varieties: 'Robinson' 'Magnum Bonum' 'Ne Plus Ultra'. Robinson goes in first, then MB, then NPU. Best of luck when you start - it's clearly too cold, as you say - and you will get your shade & I will keep asking!
Re: Message for Geordiegirl by Lounge Trekker on 3 May 2008 12:20am
I planted those heritage peas, Linda. The temperature has been warm and I've been dodging raindrops but still got wet today while sowing the seeds of friendship!

Should I consider a late summer planting? I only put half of them in today, all three varieties. I hope I'm right...our growing season is so short I want everything to have the best chance. I'll need to prepare a new bed for the rest where their height won't shade other plants. I've many seeds to try and get going this spring.

Ready? Set...grow!

Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by mrsthing on 3 May 2008 3:33pm
Will your heritage peas give you seeds for next year's crop?
Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by Lounge Trekker on 3 May 2008 4:33pm
Yes they will...if the plants produce an edible pea, drying them will render them a viable seed. Nearly all seeds will do this if they haven't been irradiated or modified to be a sterile plant. I've used various seeds if I can stay organized enough to dry them and mark which species and variety they are. I freeze my seeds and that seems to trigger the biological mechanism that makes them germinate.

Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by sighthound on 9 May 2008 6:05am
Oh dear, so sorry for not being here to reply to your post, geordiegirl.

Yes, the peas are doing fine. The Robinson came up first and the Magnum Bonum followed. The NePlus Ultra took their time but are now doing well.

We had late frosts that stopped me from putting them out and then it heated up very fast. I'm worrying that they may not thrive in our hot climate here. However I sent some to my cousin on the coast and my best friend in New Mexico who live in climates that may be better for them. At any rate, we'll find a way to keep these heirloom varieties going in the U.S.

Many, many thanks for sharing them with me,

Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by geordiegirl on 11 May 2008 9:17pm
sorry not to reply earlier, everyone: been away myself for 8 days (in Italy) - Geraldine, glad yours have started showing & WONDERFUL that you have spread them around like that.Truly Diversity in action! I hope you will get decent crops & want to keep on trying. Do let me know!

Pete we've never tried them in late summer but you have a go & let us know! They may love your late-summer climate & you'll have an extra crop. Do pl;ease keep me posted about this!
Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by Lounge Trekker on 12 May 2008 5:08am
Hey Linda! I hope you had a marvellous time in Italy. Please give those peas and I a bit more time. They will be reaching for the sun soon and I'll snap some pictures. I have worked hard on my garden but I still feel a month behind!

I have those Zukes started in pots, Geraldine. I'll see how they do before I locate them. I hope to have lots of soil to start some beds elsewhere in my yard. Can't let a single sunbeam go to waste. I understand butternut squash are a different species and I won't have a cross-pollination issue. Does anyone know about this?

Now that most of the heavy work is done, I can relax and enjoy planting.

Re: Message for Sighthound and Loungetrekker by geordiegirl on 12 May 2008 4:46pm
Yes, indeed, Pete, it all happens at once when winter virtually gives way to summer without spring to moderate it...I am delighted to hear you are Out There enjoying it all.
Love to see the pictures, though it'd be best if you email me direct, then husband will pick it up for me. Please mark the subject PALIN so it won't get deleted!
Continued good luck - I will keep asking about the garden in general -
PS: yes, thanks, Pete - had a great week in Pisa. More tourists having their photo taken holding up the leaning tower than you can shake a stick at.
Re: Message for Sighthound and Geordiegirl by Lounge Trekker on 26 May 2008 4:29am
Good news! Every single Heirloom Pea I planted has germinated and is making an impressive thrust toward the sun. Thank you Linda. They have found a good home in which they will be nurtured to fruition. I simply needed this motivation to allow space for them.

Hey Geraldine! It was only my carelessness that kept the success rate of those French Heirloom Zucchinis below 80%. That is still pretty good, and may climb with more time...and water. I started them in small pots until I prepared the garden beds for them and I'm afraid some of them were allowed to dry out. Thank you, I look forward to watching them perform, and of course eating them. I've been very happy with the flavour of the zukes I've grown the last few years. I think the 100% natural fertilizer...seaweed, has a lot to do with it.

Quooosh!(*draws fresh flute of bubbly*) Here's a toast (*hoists frosty glass of Champagne high*) to friends all over the world!

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