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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: something i made .... by Spursfan on 26 April 2008 8:01am
We are a talented lot on Palins!! We have a famous author (tucsonmike) and a famous artist (Vibhas).

Well one day anyway....

As for me? ;) Talentless hahahaha!!

Re: something i made .... by kazzzz on 29 April 2008 12:03pm
Would it be a bit vain to tell eachother what we're all good at? I'm game if you lot are, we all know eachother pretty well! We could say something about ourselves, and about someone else we know quite well here maybe?

I'm pretty good at needlework (cross stitch, tapestry ( I'm making a purple quilt for Ava at the moment too) and stuff like that.

Patty is good at making home made sweets and confectionery! Mmmmmm!!!
Re: something i made .... by peripatetically on 29 April 2008 12:26pm
Yes, I'm good at that Kaz, and guess what? I'm very good with anything artsy. And needlework, like you, is a life-long pasttime of mine. I've cross stitched AND counted cross-stitched. I do knitting crocheting, sewing, needlepoint, crewel and regular embroidery. many items have been given away as gifts, breaking my part parting with them. I've knitted fancy Christmas stockings, each having different designs and colors. I've made slippers, a gorgeous bell pull of linen and wool, neck scarves, furniture scarves, sweaters, a shawl, mittens . As a child, I did the usual toaster cover, pillow cases and such as learning pieces. Have graduated from all that long ago. HAHAHAHAHA. I made a sampler, many decorative pillows, and pictures, which have been professionally framed to do them justice. No doubt I've left out some things. In fact, I'm sure of it. One other item off hand was a decorative bed neckroll sewn with lace and white cottage eyelet and satin ribbons If these things haven't been given as gifts, I am still using them. I find all this so relaxing and it gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment,

I'm also good at photography and interior design. Oh yeah and ordering other people around! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

And, oh yeah, people claim I am very creative, extremely imaginative. maybe too much so? HAHAHAHA) (in process of writing fiction, but delayed. Too busy)

Kaz is great at making beautiful baby girls! I'd say 3 proves it!

Being really really organized is one of my best characteristics.

Now, everyone--- SHOOT! Tell us about yourselves. I mentioned a couple of the most obvious about myself from my standpoint.
Re: something i made .... by Spursfan on 29 April 2008 12:29pm
Aww my fave colour is purple (and shades such as mauve), Kazzzz! Will oyu make me one too hahaha! Well done anyway.

I'm good at nothing! Or should that be 'for' nothing hahaha.

I mean, I'm writing a novel, but that's probably c**p too, just ask Mike and Johnny who have seen a bit! The first 35 pages are with a publisher at the publisher's request after reading a synopsis but....

I can't draw or paint, can't really sew (though I do my best if necessary), can't sing (I remember one of my two best (and dearly loved) schoolfriends saying when we were about 15 'I like your voice' with the emphasis on the 'I' as if noone else would so I haven't sung in public since!!! We are still good friends today, luckily hahaha), can dance 'ok', can follow a recipe but don't enjoy it - luckily I am married to an ex-chef or we'd live out of the microwave etc etc.

Re: something i made .... by suzulu on 30 April 2008 1:53pm
I'm good at making a mess of things. LOL!
Re: something i made .... by kazzzz on 30 April 2008 2:16pm
Ooh Anne I can't sing either OR dance! My kids can do both, they deffo didn't get that from me.
APPARENTLY Vibhas is better than eating chocolate than I am. Them's fighting words!
Re: something i made .... by Spursfan on 30 April 2008 3:06pm
Perhaps we ought to have 'The Great Palinite Chocolate Eating Contest'?

Of course, I would come last...(ahem).


Re: something i made .... by Spursfan on 30 April 2008 6:50pm
This could get VERY messy!

Personally I don't know what you see in chocolate, V! (cough) ;p
Re: something i made .... by Lounge Trekker on 19 June 2008 10:47pm
I did post two pictures!
Re: something i made ....I found them Vibhas! by Lounge Trekker on 19 June 2008 10:48pm
I found them! Watercolour-sketches I did a few years ago. They were lost in my cave until I excavated them.


And the water garden...made that too.

Lounge Artiste
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