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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: What happened to John? by bIG bLOGGER on 17 July 2008 3:45pm
mrsthing:I'm amazed! I never knew surgeons operated on wallets;how long (approx.) does the operation last? LOL
Re: What happened to John? by Katia on 17 July 2008 4:52pm
bIG bLOGGER, may I interfere, excuse me! At least Monty Python definitely knew all about wallet surgery. It is called *cashectomy* and the term is in the Pythonisms dictionary - go see :-)
Re: What happened to John? by mrsthing on 17 July 2008 5:43pm
The wallet surgery was featured in one of the shows.... ;-)

JC posted a link to an article on his blog, and some members of the public forum on his headcast site have been finding more--stuff other media sources printed, not stuff he encouraged. I think it's tacky that he's publicizing it, but he may feel defensive because his ex is being so vindictive (why? I don't know, but she apparently had long-standing issues with his mother and with Camilla) and greedy. She wants 2 houses, half of his income since they got married in 1992, and $150,000 per *MONTH* in "maintenance". He sold his Montecito ranch at a rock bottom price to help finance this, and now she's said she's thinking about suing him for selling it too cheaply! A friend of his quoted her as saying, "I'm going to take John for everything I can get--he won't know what hit him."

When he married her, he talked about how contented he was at last. It's sad when what's supposed to be the love of your life turns into such an ugly nightmare.
Re: What happened to John? by Katia on 17 July 2008 6:21pm
It is just a few months since we talked about the McCartney's... I had thought nothing could have been more sad...

An idle thought (more related to this site probably): what Michael thinks when he sees it all in the media now. I am afraid John would not talk to him about his personal problems like he used to do thirty-five years back when he was in the mood...

Re: What happened to John? by mrsthing on 17 July 2008 10:49pm
I'm not sure John has much choice about what the papers decide to print. Michael probably understands that.

Michael steadfastly refuses to discuss other people's private misfortunes publicly, and I admire him for that. At the same time, having let them into my living room and my heart, it's hard for me to ignore the news stories.

I'd bet JC would talk to MP if he wanted to and had the opportunity. From all accounts, despite the gently traded barbs, they remain good friends.
Re: What happened to John? by ilikelaughs on 18 July 2008 12:13am
Thanks Palinites I knew I could trust you all for Python-updates.
Re: What happened to John? by kazzzz on 18 July 2008 11:09am
Mike you misquoted...

"Men...can't live with them can't kill them" :)

I think you'll find that's correct ;)
Re: What happened to John? by kisch on 18 July 2008 11:14am
reading all this stuff really made me a bit depressed...
I hope he'll be alright.
how great not to be rich and famous.
Re: What happened to John? by mrsthing on 18 July 2008 4:00pm
I said to a friend the other day, "Man, anonymity and whining about the price of gas are looking more and more attractive."
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