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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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To googlebot by mrsthing on 7 August 2008 11:10pm
Ordinarily, I wouldn't post something like this publicly, but in the absence of a private message system, here goes.

googlebot, a true friend wouldn't have made a complaint post on a friend's memorial thread. Your announcement of Sally's death was done in such a bitter and mean-spirited way that it was hard for us to believe you were being honest. I was not harrassing Sally's family; I sent one very short, sensitively-worded email. Her sister very much appreciated my concern.

I was going to send her another email directing her to Sally's memorial thread, but I'm not going to now.

And I'm sorry to post this and leave, but my computer is going offline while I'm on vacation, so I won't be able to respond to whatever anyone says.
Re: To googlebot by googlebot on 8 August 2008 12:25am
Did I mention your name? Don't take things personally.
Yes, my announcement was bitter. This was due to the upset that Sal felt due to people ON THIS SITE. Her family were very upset to read some of the remarks that were made, and even more upset when they received a number of emails from site members asking "is sally dead?". Hardly thoughtful.
Re: To googlebot by tucsonmike on 8 August 2008 4:19am
Googlebot, I don't know why you keep wanting to pour gasoline on a raging fire.
If her family is so upset with us, they know where to find us. I would speak with them.
Again, no one on this site would deliberately smear Sally. Since you have decided to make yourself the self appointed spokesman for her family, not much we can do?
If you dislike us so much, why do you even bother? (I am not taking it personally, mean "us" in a generic sense). I know nothing of her family and would have had no idea how to get in touch with them.
Re: To googlebot by googlebot on 8 August 2008 1:58pm
Michael, I'm not "self appointed". I was actually asked by her family to give you information about her passing as she had mentioned the site.
What do you want? Her family to log in to this site and see criticism of their daughter? I know her sister has already seen it and also read emails that were sent by users of the site and was greatly upset by both. Maybe I should get her parents to read it and they too can be reduced to tears by people criticising her in public and in private.
I am bothering to say how I feel because it's obvious that you fail to understand just how much you upset her and no doubt, you'll do the same to someone else one day. You need to realise that the things you write on threads and in emails last, and there is a real person at the end of the line, and telling someone they have "failed" and that they have "let you down" stays with them. Then sending them emails reinforcing that view, referring to them as "selfish" and "pathetic" is bang out of order.
Some people don't deserve that. Sal certainly didn't. She tried so hard, of her own volition, to help and all she got was a kick in the teeth by some selfish people.
You obviously don't know people on the site as well as you think you do, Michael. There were some very deliberately worded smears and emails. I'd go as far as saying "nasty". So hurtful.
Re: To googlebot by tucsonmike on 8 August 2008 2:39pm
Googlebot, OK, If I saw such emails to her family, I would be horrified and would take that person to task.
What Sally did with that card was wonderful. I really did speak with some people offline.
Again, if I saw such emails as you mention, I would be saddened.
What is your relationship to the family anyway?
Maybe some people thought Sally "failed" but I certaily did not.
I have been on this site for three years now and have made a lot of friends.
I meant it when I said if any member of her family wants to email me, I will listen.
The State Motto of Missouri is "Show Me."
The last thing as a group we want to do is be that hostile to anyone who joins otherwise:
1. What's the point?
2. Mr. Palin is one of the nicest guy's out there. What would stop him from deciding, "this is more trouble than it is worth," and lift the site?
Re: To googlebot by Katia on 11 August 2008 5:14pm
I think Googlebot has stuck to the single-voiced but repetitive tune in the Project Palin thread. I can give you an example, full quote including the caps lock:


I sort of dismissed it at the time because it was just a single voice, a tedious tune repeating that they were "feeling let down". A great example of enormous selfishness, bitter jealousy and petty bitchiness just for the sake of it and yes, never thinking that there is a real person on the end of the line, who has feelings. Let's be fair, there were no other distinct cries of "disappointment".

There seems to be a generalisation mistake - Googlebot, please, go back and read the thread. You know who it was anyway. All the others were grateful and supportive.

Mike, it was so nice of you to speak out, but your conversation seem to go on in a vicious circle and you are getting nowhere with Googlebot. Sorry.

I would have never spoken about it, but I've got so fed up with this plot of silence and I see no point in keeping quiet about it any longer. After all I DO suffer from *general* accusations!

I know that if a single word is being said here against that person who bullies people, there is a massive wave in support of her. So I expect myself being severely told off - please go ahead, I won't be answering, can't be bothered. Thanks. End of rant.
Re: To googlebot by Spursfan on 11 August 2008 5:44pm
I am NOT a bully - unless that means that I will make a stand and state my point of view. Why should everyone elses' view be ok, but I have to shut up?

And yes I am STILL disappointed - I was basically TOLD that PP was on its way to me - but I never got it. I STILL feel let down over it, I was looking forward to contrbuting to PP and was excited about it - why shouldnt I say so? Is this site being censored by fellow palinites now so that we cannot speak our minds?

Don't say I should have kept quiet just because Sally was ill - I am sure she would not have wanted that, people pussyfooting around her. I have an illness myself.
I have held my tongue both on this thread and other relative threads out of respect to Sally and have basically 'kept out of it' but you have resurrected the 'argument' and I am going to defend myself, of course.

No-one is saying that Sally didnt do a brill job organising this for MP and no-one is/was blaming her for people missing out on contributing. But that does NOT stop me from feeling let down, especially when I was told, on asking when it would arrive in my neck of the woods, 'tomorrow?'.

I am ready for all the posts putting me down (you have opened the flood gates for the resident trolls Katia) but I have broad shoulders and can take it.

[And for the record I am not jealous/selfish/bitchy or anything else. I am just an honest person who speaks her mind.)
Re: To googlebot by googlebot on 11 August 2008 7:03pm
Respect? After seeing the state your comments and emails got both Sal and her family in, it's obvious you don't know the meaning of the word.

You want to let rip? Go ahead. I know a few people who would have a few home truths to tell you after the nasty things you wrote. Perhaps I should publish them?

Oh, and no one mentioned your name. Guilty conscience?
Re: To googlebot by Katia on 11 August 2008 7:35pm
Stop it Googlebot for God's sake!! I meant to end the series with my post, not to wind it up. Please, we are not in court after all! And this is becoming really boring.

Anne, you seem to have missed the point. PP was not done for you. Or for me. Or for Sally. It was for Michael. And getting it to the *final* addressee ON TIME (otherwise it would not make sense at all) was a clear priority, it's as simple as that. And believe me, your bitterness about "not having signed" (God, now that's the end of the world!) is just not worth it. It IS petty if you ask me. You know what I would have done had I missed my opportunity? I would have sent a personal greeting card to Michael - yes just THAT simple thing, and pleased myself.

And finally, I do not expect any posts "putting you down", not to worry. Funnily enough, by the way, you think only "resident trolls" could do that. Now I know how to name people who do not share my opinion.

Sorry if I have been rude. Didn't mean it really.

Re: To googlebot by googlebot on 11 August 2008 7:53pm
Boring? Tell that to Sal's family, who had to read a load of what can only be described as vicious bile when they got access to her inbox.

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