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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: "English" questions by MMMmmm... on 6 December 2008 7:58pm
Patty - I think you misunderstand my points. I was just saying that generally more people use irony in Britain than here. I bet if you ask a lot of Brits who've visited or lived here they would say the same thing. Sarcasm is used a lot more here than irony. I'm not saying that irony is not used too :)

Here's what the BBC says irony is:


mrsthing can ask John Cleese what he thinks about American's use of irony generally :)
Re: "English" questions by peripatetically on 6 December 2008 11:09pm
Well, whatever you say. : ) I haven't taken a poll as to how much irony is used in the USA or who uses it the most. Why would there be a reason for anyone to comment on th e fact that irony has taken place? I notice it often but don't say, "Hey, that's ironic" I might say something, but definitely not always. Is there a point in mentioning it? I agree that people use a lot of sarcasm too. Two different things.

I read some of the site you posted, but not all of it. I was just saying that Americans do use irony but don't always remark upon it as such. I can't see any reason to do so. I think it is understood outright. We are probably agreeing. Not sure. lol
Re: "English" questions by kazzzz on 6 December 2008 11:18pm
I rarely iron anything, well not unless
I'm going to a wedding or something.
Re: "English" questions by peripatetically on 6 December 2008 11:21pm
I almost never iron either Kaz. I bet I don't get the iron out more than twice a year.
Re: "English" questions by johnnythemonkey on 7 December 2008 12:14am
Old wrinkly Patty !
Re: "English" questions by peripatetically on 7 December 2008 12:26am
Wash clothes properly, dry only for a few minutes on correct settings, hang immediately and properly. Voila! You won't usually need to iron.
Re: "English" questions by mrsthing on 7 December 2008 12:32am
I'm going to buy a t-shirt I saw that says, "As a matter of fact, I DID sleep in these clothes."

I never iron anything, because it usually looks just as bad in a different way when I'm done. I can't make straight seams on pants and skirts, I've never figured out how to do shirt collars or the tops of pants, I iron wrinkles into the fabric that WILL NOT come out. I'm really much better off just being slovenly. I never go anyplace where anyone cares. :-( Churches and restaurants are all quite casual around here.
Re: "English" questions by MMMmmm... on 7 December 2008 9:51am
When I have tried - I iron exactly like mrsthing's first line. Luckily in Portland it's fashionable to go to dinner in your pajamas or - whatever. We have nude bike riders here - but they have to wear panties :)

I think that many Brits may have a more refined idea of what irony is, as compared to most Americans. I have no judgements about whether that's good, bad, or really matters at all. :)

Re: "English" questions by bIG bLOGGER on 7 December 2008 3:32pm
Hey,Thanks for your enlivened debate,guys,on the subject of 'irony',I think that has 'ironed' out all the problems...
Irony is best viewed/explained by giving practical examples,e.g.

The great statesman,ADLAI STEVENSON(1900-1965) once said:
"A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree,and then climb up on the stump and give a lecture on the subject of conservation.."

--That sums it up rather neatly.And Stevenson was an AMERICAN!
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