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  The Chatter Box : Blathering On
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Re: Favourite Movie Moments by ilse on 13 May 2003 12:09pm
just thought of it today- the scene in Gosford Park when they go hunting and all the pheasants are falling on the two american guys- priceless!
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by irishgirl on 14 May 2003 6:10pm
the scene in the Princess Bride where the albino torturer starts talking in a scrachy voice the coughs and he's fine. and also the miricle max scene.
my fave is the opening credits in the neverending story. very cool.
when Neo just made an agent explode and he looks up at the other two LIKE THAT and they both run. WOW!
what else, ah yes, python, i have so many favourites for that. my fave sketch is the homicidal barber then for some strange reason they start singing about a lumberjack (hahaha canadian thing)
My fave scene in The Holy Grail is Tim the Enchanter, (with nasty big pointy teeth!) and my fave Michael scene is Castle Anthrax. "I can stand the peril" "No, you can't it's too perilous"
My fave life of brian scene is actually a deleted scene on the DVD. It's the suicide squad "Suicide squad, attack!!"
My fave movie moment in fierce creature is Michael's pet tarantula he named Terry (haha did anyone else get that?) and when he shows it the John Cleese.

and I think that's it, anyone else think so?
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by MelissaNIN on 16 May 2003 4:09am
deleted life of brian scene? i bought the dvd but not sure that mine has it. is there another version of life of brian on dvd that's a special edition? unfortunately if there is one, i don't have the special edition. narf.
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by notquitenglish on 17 May 2003 7:17am
And Young Frankenstein, with Igor going "Frau Brookeh!" or whatername was... and the horses.... and yeah, I love Princess Bride, too. It's a family tradition. If we think something is boring, we say "To blathe" in our Billy Crystal voices. It's terrific.
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by ilse on 17 May 2003 8:24pm
young frankenstein, when they're traveling to the castle:

and of course igor's hump moving around!
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by Dianne on 18 May 2003 5:11am
Erin - do you mean the extra scene with the suicide squad or the bit at the end when Brian is on the cross? I know there was more, but it was deleted before the movie was shown to the public.
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by MissFruitcake on 18 May 2003 7:41am
Here a few of my favourites:

A Fish Called Wanda:
"Sing it!"
"The caaaaa, the caaaaaa"
"No hurry..."

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels:
"May I take your trident, sir?"

The bit at the end of Jean de Florette where Manon sees the men digging up water and you hear a scream and they say it's a bird. Powerful stuff, ne c'est pas?

Re: Favourite Movie Moments by emartin on 19 May 2003 8:23pm
My favorite movie is "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain" and my favorite movie moment is when Ian Hart's character finally goes to the top of the mountain! So good! Actually the whole movie is amazing, too many moments to mention!
also the ending scene in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", love Jimmy Stewart!
Re: Favourite Movie Moments by Pole_2_Pole on 19 May 2003 8:33pm
My favourite movie moment would have to be in 'A Fish Called Wanda', when MP drives over Kevin Kline with the steam roller, and he sinks under the wheels and into the cement. And MP loses his stutter! Or, the entire film..!

Oh! And the amazing tension grabbing sequence leading up to the assasination attempt in 'Day of the Jackel'. Edward Fox was superbly suited to that roll. I've watched that film so many times!
Until later, Ed
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